State of Play | February 23, 2023 | [ENGLISH]

State of Play | February 23, 2023 | [ENGLISH]

State of Play returns with its first show of 2023! Get ready for new looks at some anticipated upcoming releases, as well as a first glimpse at five PlayStation VR2 games set to arrive later this year. Then, settle in for more than 15 minutes of all-new gameplay details and updates on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the next game from Rocksteady Studios.

It all begins this Thursday at 1pm Pacific.

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48 Responses

  1. AMetalWorld says:

    You really love to see the disparity in gameplay in suicide squad, like how with Harley Quinn you can use her patented guns to kill enemies, or how boomerang uses his classic guns to shoot people, or king shark’s famous guns that he uses to gun down foes, or even deadshots iconic guns – ok that one fair enough ig

    Really makes them feel fully realized as their own individual characters. Excellent design theory on rocksteady’s part

  2. Alcoop says:

    Rocksteady making suicide squad live service shows that even the best devs can fall to horrible trends

  3. michael bustamante says:

    Man, the suicide squad game is nothing close to what I’d expect from the studio that made the Arkham games.

  4. Josué García says:

    When will devs understand that we don’t want live service battle pass systems in full priced games

  5. LaserBeam says:

    Capcom deserves a rest after carrying literally the entire presentation on their back.

  6. cosmosofinfinity says:

    Humanity reminds me of Japan Studio’s output, I am totally on board with that crazy concept. Like the experimental days of the PS1, PS3, and PSP. Like The Last Guy mixed with Tokyo Jungle mixed with Echochrome and Intelligent Qube

  7. Felipe Aidar da Silva says:

    More and more this game feels like the avengers game.

  8. Gaven M says:

    This State of Play really made me feel like watching something else

  9. Matt The Radar Technician says:

    Suicide Squad being a live service has almost completely dashed all my hype for the game.

    • jimmy carpenter says:

      Honestly on games like this I don’t mind so much. You can completely ignore that aspect and still enjoy the game. It was the same with Avengers. The single player campaign was fun for me. I never spent extra money past the initial 60. Like I’ll buy Suicide Squad but probably never play online and definitely never pay for a battle pass. Battle passes are dumb in every game across the board. You are essentially paying to feel rushed to grind to unlock things before it expires. So you’re paying for things you may never unlock if you don’t have the time.

    • Kx xK says:

      @Russell Lapua people don’t wanna listen. Like you said, it couldn’t be more obvious and now it’s confirmed.

    • Russell Lapua says:

      Really? It was painstakingly obvious what kind of game it was when those screenshots leaked. And to think I got shot down for saying it was going to be exactly like this on Reddit.

    • simao pinto says:

      @Raul Adamson It’s an actual game instead of this messy piece of 💩
      Not the best game, but at least they got it right in terms of gameplay

    • Matt says:

      @Swmpzor do realize that is Avengers was done by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos right?

  10. AxelTheRoyalNine says:

    I’ve seen 2 to 3 minutes of RE4 and that game some how showed so much to excite me in such a small amount of time. How is that even possible.

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