State of Play | September 13, 2022 | [English]

State of Play | September 13, 2022 | [English]

Rated RP – Mature
With Tokyo Game Show around the corner, it’s time to recognize the amazing contributions of Japanese game developers and studios around the world. Our next State of Play hits Tuesday, September 13 with about 20 minutes of updates and reveals for 10 games coming to PS5, PS4, and PS VR2.

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32 Responses

  1. Internet_Aussie says:

    As a history nerd I love the last ronin going over satsuma rebellion and including key figures such as commodore matthew perry that’s so cool!

  2. faboo2001 says:

    After finishing all of the Yakuza games during the pandemic and hearing how great Ishin, I was extremely surprised and happy to see the trailer for it. Can’t wait to play it!

  3. MatTheMetalHead01 says:

    I was already hyped for Ragnarök but that trailer cranked that hype to 1000, I cannot wait to play it!

    • Rommel Bonsun says:

      @Wallace Sousuke I wish I could buy PC for $900 build but I don’t have owned PC paid games, Since steam dollars cost a lot for $10 USD cost $14, unlike Nintendo and Sony $10 USD store cost like $11 only in my country.
      I don’t even want to share my card information. Most of the games I brought from digital are always less 80%.
      Since PlayStation store it’s not available on PC maybe Epic games, emulator, online games and others would do but I still prefer my paid games.

    • Wallace Sousuke says:

      @Rommel Bonsun $800? Here a PS5 costs a bit more (823 bucks and up). 1900 is a lot, he either bought from scalpers or during the pandemics/crypto craze, when GPUs got way too overpriced.

      But as of now, for the price of a PS5 you can buy a nice 6 core Ryzen + a520m mobo, a 2060 Super or a 6600 XT and still have 100+ bucks spare for other parts/upgrades.

      With that combo you can easily play everything maxed out in full HD 60+ FPS or even at 1440p 60fps on high/custom settings (the visual quality is already great on high settings specially when compared to consoles)

    • Rommel Bonsun says:

      @Wallace Sousuke they might have the same price even in my country PS5 dics edition $800.
      I know someone who owned 3070 Ti with all complete parts and cost him $1,900. The part’s was only standard, not even the highest but still pay $1,900. Only the GPU and CPU he owned was expensive.
      Most PC gamers I know only play Online games. Also if Sony were smart they could build game cartridge slot with NFC reader build in, and download the rest in the internet for update, once the sensor detects the game NFC it will play automatically or else I will just buy PS4/ PS5 jailbreak since disc drive and CMOS battery are bond to failure.

    • Troy's Sports & Games says:

      @best-girl-ilulu I really dont know of a single xbox fan who ACTUALLY believed that Halo would beat any Sony exclusive. I play both consoles and have always preferred my Xbox for exclusives and 3rd party games. Really only use the PS5 for exclusives and they have NOT been impressive so far. Not saying that Xbox has either btw. Theres just something “off” about this upcoming GOW. Some of the settings/enemies look a bit too “scifi”. Add that to the Santa Monica being TWICE as woke as they were as a team in 2018.. with even MORE sub-par female devs.. and it makes me question what this game is going to be like. Trailers have deceived us all many times. People should keep their expectations in check.

  4. RensOriginal says:

    “Death can have me, when it has earned me”

    What a line 🥹

  5. Revenant Gaming TV says:

    “Death can have me, when it has earned me!” Yeah that line just gave me the chills. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game!

  6. Thepikminbrawler17 says:

    For every anime JRPG that comes to the Switch, PlayStation gets another Open World Action game set in Feudal Japan

  7. wacktastic1 says:

    we were blessed with Playstation’s State of Play and Nintendo’s Direct in one day. I’m real excited by games presented in both.
    -I’ve seen Like a Dragon or some variation years ago and was disappointed it had no western release, glad this one is coming over.
    -Ragnarok = hype as always
    -Rise of the Ronin looks like if Nioh went more a realistic route
    -Tekken 8 looks fantastic!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      @android2x yeah people these days just engage in console wars, like literally fighting for video games…….humanity is doomed (joke)

    • mohammad mirza says:

      @android2x i hated this state of play

    • Petr Rut says:

      I mean no offense but I was cringing the whole Tekken 8 segment. I guess it is not for me but man was it bad.

    • lphjustin says:

      Nintendo’s Direct was a little underwhelming tho, was expecting them to show at least a Zelda/Metroid remake/remaster or a new Mario/Donkey Kong game. Not complaining, it’s just my expectations were too high since they have not held a full direct since February and I thought they would have more to show.

    • Guyinapandasuit says:

      Like a dragon IS those old games you saw years ago, just in the new dragon engine.

  8. MoonStarInc! says:

    A short one, but a ton of great looking games. Not a VR guy really but even they don’t look bad

  9. linger4605 says:

    Can we all appreciate how it clearly states if it’s gameplay, cinematics and if PS5/PC captured. Very honorable thing and I appreciate this! 👍

  10. Anthony Cruz says:

    This was HYPE AF I tried not to watch it, but I’m even more stoked for this game now!

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