State of the Role: Critical Role Return Updates

State of the Role: Critical Role Return Updates

Creative Director Marisha Ray has a special update on the return of Critical Role! The good news: it’s almost Thursday…

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57 Responses

  1. Libby Bard says:

    The effort and lengths they’ve gone to just shows how much they love us and the game of D&D ❤️ right best start catching up…

  2. Emily Jones says:

    Marsha: Critical Role is returning July 2nd!
    Me: _sniffles_

  3. Roman Rickley says:

    CRITICAL ROLE IS GONNA BE COMING BACK, When quarantine hit I was on episode 19 and through quarantine I’m currently on episode 75. Thank you guys so much you have helped me though tough times during quarantine

  4. sperocras says:

    Thank you so much for this update, for coming back, and most of all: for making it very clear that you’re doing this because you *want* to and not because you’re feeling pressure to do so. That was an incredibly important part of this message, so thank you for including it. Take care, everyone, and stay safe out there!

  5. Caeden Brusett says:

    “sLAsh” got me. I wasn’t expecting it, and it got me.

  6. retromoc9 says:

    I never thought I would miss “ the slash “

  7. wahsohkwiios says:

    Did anyone else legit start crying when she said “is it thursday yet?”

  8. TnT chicken says:

    Man, I can’t wait to hear Matt’s evil laugh of joy as he pulls out all the ideas he’s couped up, Lauras happy smile that brightens my day, Liam’s emotional acting that makes me feel. Sams jokes that make me laugh, I’m so excited 😀

    • Big Dream says:

      I agree! (Almost. Sam’s humor and mine are often incompatible — but he brings some great moments, so I don’t complain!)

  9. Joshua Dixon says:

    Me: ew social medial updates
    Marisha: We have a newsletter!
    Me: it’s like they love me.
    Also Marisha: we love you.
    I’m crying. These people are wonderful

  10. Haru17 says:

    Narrator: It was, in fact, Thursday.

  11. James Girden says:

    Please, please use two cans and a long string for the whisper moments.

  12. Mathew Belemont says:

    If talison isnt wearing a plague doctor mask every episode I cant even

  13. SubatomicSeal says:

    Matt: “How do you wanna do this?”
    Sam, probably: “WHAT!?”
    Sam: “WHAT!? I CAN’T HEAR Y-WHAT!?”
    Matt: *”I SAID-“*
    Sam: *”WHAT!?”*

  14. Scott or something says:


    I just want them to all wear character masks. I want Travis to have a green mouth, Laura needs one that’s blue with frosting on the lip, Sam needs one that’s reversible in goblin and halfling.

  15. Kirdan Angbandu says:

    It’s so incredible how you folks at Critical Role think that people like me, who started with CR2, haven’t spent quarantine binging Vox Machina

    • AssassinLupus7 says:

      Aside from the canon oneshots, I actually finished the last main episode of Campaign 1 today.

    • Jake Fehr says:

      I caught up to Campaign 2 just before the shutdown, and now I’m at episode 60 of Campaign 1

    • Rebekah Higgins says:

      I’m super unlucky because I caught up on both campaigns literally a week or two before quarantine.

    • LydiaTereK says:

      Rebekah Higgins omg i have similar exp, I caught up with both campaigns the day before they’re supposed to air episode 100, I was like, “finally, after 5 months of binging, I shall watch it live” and then a pandemic happens 😅

  16. Dan Piano says:

    Marisha has a criminally underrated level of charisma. She made an empty room feel high energy.

  17. Dylan Wolfie says:

    The gang’s gonna be spaced out like students at the SAT

  18. Daman Wiseman says:

    It kind of just hit me that, the players and even Matt dont know how the campaign will end. So missing their weekly game is a cliffhanger for them too.

  19. Jacob Beckham says:

    Marisha: “So THAT’S who’s on the Tal’Dorei council… Good to know.” Matt at home: “So the Tal’Dorei council has been assassinated… Good to know.”

  20. Joshua Genal says:

    “The creature lunges at you!” “What?” “He lunges at you” “He throws a sponge at me?” ” NO he LUNGES at you!” “Oh” *Taliesin rolls a nat 20 and has nobody to high five*

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