STAYC(스테이씨) ‘Teddy Bear’ MV

STAYC(스테이씨) ‘Teddy Bear’ MV


Single Album
[Teddy Bear]
‘Teddy Bear’ MV

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#STAYC #스테이씨 #TeddyBear
#수민 #시은 #아이사 #세은 #윤 #재이
#Sumin #Sieun #ISA #Seeun #Yoon #J

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33 Responses

  1. tru io says:

    лучшие девочки вернулись со свежей и легкой песней!!! так держать, мы вас любим

  2. YouTube says:

    all of the teddy bears are soo cute 🧸

  3. Eli says:

    Vamos Dar 10 Milhões Em 24 Horas… Nossas Meninas Merecem

  4. Henrique Sobrau says:

    A Sieun deixando o fandom todo de queixo caído quando ela começa o verso dela da música fazendo um rap 🤯.

  5. Luan · My Idol 🎤 says:

    3 milhões em 7 horas! STAYC GIRLS is going up!

  6. avic Reykj says:

    I was not expected that Sieun could rap. She isn’t only a main vocalist. Every member in this MV was shining at the whole time.

  7. santi_once2015 says:

    Chicos , tenemos que llegar a los 10m de vistas en las 24hs , hagámoslo por las chicas

  8. BlackpinkistheRevolution says:

    STAYC has returned with another masterpiece like always!!! Let’s keep str34ming this gem together

  9. Naoki Abe says:

    Como siempre mis niñas de Stayc sacando temazos, el MV tan colorido, la animación que implementaron tan linda, los outfits y las escenografías, el coro Teddy bear es tan pegajoso, feliz por su regreso, necesitamos llegar a los 10 millones en 24 horas swiths!!

  10. Starry night 💫 says:

    For new SWITH :)))))))))
    0:10 : Isa (Lead vocalist)
    0:18 : Sumin (Leader, Rapper, Vocalist)
    0:26 : Yoon ( Lead vocalist)
    0:36 : Seeun ( Vocalist)
    1:12 : Sieun {Main vocalist, (but rapping like a legend)
    1:22 : J ( Maknae, Vocalist, Rapper)

    They don’t have a official main dancer. All of them are great dancer!!!! And it’s a VISUAL group.. Every member is visual ( I mean look at ma gurls!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Stan STAYC for a better life!!! 💅


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