Steak & Eggs Snapchat Song Disney Parody

Steak & Eggs Snapchat Song Disney Parody

I was told I should mention my name. It’s Aaron Ridge.

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I’m also about to release an EP, so stay tuned for that !

I had a funny idea for a snapchat story, so I made it happen. People enjoyed it, so I saved it, and now it’s here. Enjoy !

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19 Responses

  1. Luke Brantly says:

    Hilarious ?

  2. William Hammond says:

    This is possibly the only good content to ever start with “_*____* be
    like.” But this was hilarious though

  3. The Revolution says:

    awesome video, bro

  4. Elijah Watene says:

    Lol hilarious

  5. sanman338 says:

    GG MA8T

  6. Keisha Hall says:

    lmbo love it

  7. snowball581 says:

    I’m surprised he has a gas stove.

  8. LLIMIT says:

    Why are people making comments about race when it’s just an entertaining
    video of a man making steak and eggs?

  9. ObsidianDawn says:


  10. _Vxrbal Rain_ says:

    “I season meat cause I’m not white” LMAO

  11. no name (incrediblyJUICY) says:

    That twirl at the end lol

  12. Tony Solis says:

    I don’t know what it is but,it make me so happy and the beat you can up
    with is amazing

  13. I AM Zero223 says:

    I will never look at steak and eggs the same again. Shot now I want Steak
    and Eggs but with French Fried Tatters.

  14. Tkeleth says:

    The whistled melody at the end fucking kills me every time. +1 dude

  15. notw 22 says:

    This is pretty great ??

  16. Steven Rogers says:

    Dopeus! Funniest stuff I’ve seen in awhile, man! How the hell did this turn
    into a “race thing” though?? I’m a conservative white dude in the military.
    I don’t put a lot of seasoning on my food. If the rest of you would learn
    to just embrace the stereotype and laugh at each other once in awhile, we
    could all get along a whoooooole lot better. Just sayin’…..

  17. Clorox Bleach says:

    Every white person mad

  18. Scattered Dreams XIV says:

    what song is this? it says it’s a parody

  19. OctaveWolfz says:


    Hello Friends,
    Oh one dressed day
    I am happy now to say
    that I am going to make some steak and eggs

    Clear the counter and make some room
    You’re the bride and you’re the groom
    and I hear-by pronounce you steak and eggs

    I don’t want to start fight
    but I season my meat, cuase I’m not white
    and that’s just how I like my steak and eggs

    Next we’ve got to grate the the cheese
    omolette du fromage may we
    Cause That’s just how I like my St and Eg

    Cutting up the peppers
    just a little not a lot
    Jalapeno peppers cause it’s better when it’s hot

    Crack the egg shells nice and quick
    Sorry little baby chicks
    I need your bodies for some steak and eggs

    Add the peppers and the cheese
    Mix them mix them if you please
    So I can hurry and eat my St and eggs

    Spatula, I cannot find
    “Here it is”
    Oh thanks, so kind
    And Now I’m one step clsoer steak and eggs

    Turning on the stove
    Heating up the pot
    Watch out for that fire
    Cause it’s very very hot

    finally on the stove
    Nearly there now here we going
    I’m almost going to eat my steak and eggs

    Even though I’ve too wait
    I’ll soon have brkfast on my plate
    unfortunate I need not starve all day

    And this will end my story
    an afternoon of glory
    I’m off to go and eat my
    Steak and Eggs