Stealing from school is the new tiktok trend

Stealing from school is the new tiktok trend

devious licks 😈

ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA (wakeup sheeple)



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49 Responses

  1. ShortHax says:

    Can’t wait for the licks to make a TikTok academy with all the stuff they’re stealing

  2. Anne says:

    The interesting thing is, I’m a public high schooler. Our school is known as one of the “good ones”, but we’re still really underfunded and often short on materials. We had a (home) football game against a private boarding school where half the kids are millionaires, and this morning half of everything was gone. Soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, eyewash stations, music stands, 2/3rds of the balls, even the urinal dividers. I’m pro-sticking it to the administration, but it’s not rebellious when it’s kids with an Olympic size pools in their backyards stealing soccer balls from a public school.

    • Max Molasses says:

      I went to a private school and this 100% sounds like something the boys in my old school would do 🙄

    • Tighe Lutz says:

      Ugh, that sounds about right. As someone who used to go to a rich private school (and then transferred, thank god), this brings back some memories of things that happened there.
      Rich kids often don’t have any actual risk in there lives, so they create their own trouble. That’s what that was. Really shitty and ungrateful of them, but I guess I shouldn’t expect much more from kids, realistically.

      It freaks me out to imagine how I would have turned out if I would have stayed there for more then just my freshman year. Public school was the best decision I ever made… by a wide margin.

    • inscribed says:

      @I once killed A man with my shoe yeah that stuff is paid for with taxes. Stealing from schools is just dumb

    • 𝗟𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗲 彡✩ says:

      F 🙁

    • Mica says:

      @em ma rich people are cheap because they’re hoarders of wealth, not because they manage their money well

  3. a sock says:

    While I still genuinely hate that I was homeschooled and how many problems it has caused me in life. Sometimes I’m cool with it. I never had to worry about soap getting stolen out of the bathroom or not being able to go use the bathroom

    • IceCranberry says:

      You also couldn’t get bullied. Signed, someone who was bullied in school and it still affects even my adult life now.

    • Worst Username In the World says:

      as someone who lives in the only country where schools haven’t been opened up yet, I know how it feels to be extremely thankful to not deal with this sort of BS while it’s still an ongoing trend

    • a sock says:

      @IceCranberry I’m sorry to hear that. Although I didn’t have to deal with it much, homeschoolers do actually bully other homeschoolers! And yes, it’s just as sad as you imagine.

    • gtaviper says:

      I was home schooled and damn was it a better education. I did go to school for the last 2 years and it was hell

    • Lisekplhehe says:

      @a sock I mean probably. But there is a different dynamic than being on the lowest of the social ladder in a big school. Nobody wants to be associated with you, even if they sympathize with you, because they don’t want to be bullied. That fucks up your self esteem, it’s quite lonely. You truly feel like the lowest of the low.

  4. Wonderland Sweetheart says:

    I’m happy to have gotten out of school when I did to avoid this disaster because I have no doubt my high school is doing it. And knowing the student body vibe, they’re going to continue doing it even long after the internet is over it; it won’t be the first time new freshmen keep the “tradition” alive upon hearing about the exploits of their upperclassmen. I feel so sorry for all of the students in any school who just want to get through the year without issues having to deal with BS like this.

  5. Allira Lancaster says:

    When the principal said “or do you want to go to a place where you have to sign in and out to go to the bathroom” that bought back memories from my primary school. people were writing on the walls so we had to go thru a stage of needing to sign our names/date/times just so they can find out who did it. it was never fun and just straight up annoying.

  6. Emma Brown says:

    The safety scissors one actually pissed me off, because there’s a good chance the teacher bought that with their own money. It’s sinful how much of a teacher’s supplies they have to pay for themselves, especially with Joe underpaid they are.

  7. TierZoo says:

    Back in my day if we wanted to train thieving we had to steal cakes in ardounge

  8. eva says:

    the first two or three were pretty funny but as it progressed and escalated, i just felt frustrated especially for the teachers. good thing there’s a new trend arising called the angelic yield and i find that to be the better trend out of the two

  9. PotaterTot 21 says:

    At my school, the girls bathrooms are almost untouched while within literally 2 days of the trend gaining traction, all but one of the soap dispensers in the guys bathrooms were gone, something like half of the mirrors were gone, and miscellaneous door handles were ripped strait off of doors. Slightly unrelated note, at our homecoming varsity game, our student section was so bad that videos recorded on the other side of the field were deemed unusable due to the insane amount of swearing directed towards them, so in response to this, the students can now be kicked out with no refund for swearing and yearbook was told to refrain from taking photos of them for the next game.
    I really despise this generation sometimes.

    • Tighe Lutz says:

      Honestly, as someone who’s older now, I totally get why kids do shit like that. I think in some sense it’s better to get all your devious urges out before there’s any actual consequences for them, because later you’ll actually get in serious shit for the stuff you would have gotten away with back then. And it’s, ya know, kinda fun.

      However, I feel the need to state the obvious: what I just said _only applies to victimless crimes!_ If your “devious urges” consist of things that seriously affect other people, see a therapist instead of acting on them.

    • The conspiracy says:

      Same thing at my school. The 2 of the guys’ bathrooms have literally been shut down, and from what I know the girls bathrooms were completely untouched.

    • Bë Ëh says:

      Now how do you steal a giant bathroom mirror out of the school, without being caught red handed then and there. 🧍‍♀️

    • RustedGaming says:

      Oh no swearing 😵

  10. blah says:

    I’ve recently seen people posting their “angelic yields”, where they bring something to school. My favorite so far has included adding wind chimes and a boss baby poster in a bathroom stall

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