Steam | How accounts are getting hacked. (FIXED)

Steam | How accounts are getting hacked. (FIXED)

This is how accounts are getting hacked.
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19 Responses

  1. Bartosz says:

    What about steam guard? didnt you ahve steam guard enabled?

  2. Alex Liao (wagagagaggag) says:

    +Bartosz Not sure if you r right or not. But the fact that people get their
    account hijacked as well as items traded and sold is prevalent among this

  3. UriTheBanana says:

    i like how when there’s a steam security breach 12million people just freak
    out xD

  4. Alex Liao (wagagagaggag) says:

    +Nikita Evdokimov My password was changed on July 23rd.

  5. Nikita Evdokimov says:

    +Alex Liao Only if your password was changed in last 3 days

  6. Paul Hosking says:

    Crazy bug, fail open pw reset in #Steam gave access to anyone’s account.
    Since patched

  7. DarkPatro56 says:

    I draw the line at respecting Valve at this point. Unprofessional greedy
    TF2 received that crappy skin update which proves Valve didn’t even cared
    to come up with something more unique other than copypasta the whole CSGO
    skin idea into TF2; whenever Valve game (especially TF2) gets a major
    update, it usually comes with more bugs/exploits than actual content; paid
    mods scandal; source of shitty indie games; crappy hit detection in their
    FPS games and now this exploit… Can’t remember all bad stuff Valve did/is
    doing but without a doubt there’s just too many of them. Definitely not a
    professional approach, definitely greedy.

  8. Jakub Skákala says:

    VALVE, shamed for this.

  9. Megakev says:

    But you can just change back the password right? They cant change your

  10. Gregg Arens says:

    You cant maybe trade, but what if the one who did it, uses a public
    detected hack while playing and gets the account banned.. so fucked :p

  11. Luxuria Aihne says:

    My account got hacked yesterday and he changed my steam and email
    passwords. What should I do now?

  12. Xaero says:

    Well, this is why you use steam guard and authenticator. Nobody can hack my

  13. vBDKv says:

    These poor sods will now post on forums: Account hacked and vac banned.
    Steam zombies (aka the moronic steam fanboys) will type: No, steam is
    secure. You cheated. Deal with it.

    Fucking valve.

  14. Lexe2009 says:

    screw you for causing more grief you idiot.

  15. PAN CAKES says:

    well ive almost got hacked today, and i believe its the same one. some
    screeshot link, then you start losing access to everything in your computer
    because its beeing controlled on another pc… i think

  16. Simon Karlsson says:

    Wait? What if you have steam guard? Then you need to log the mail.
    So you could hack people who didn’t have steam guard on?

  17. TheTeslaGamers says:

    The hacked person’s stuff.

  18. The Shape says:

    thx is help me :3

  19. Matipff says: