Steelers vs. Bengals | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights

Steelers vs. Bengals | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights

The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 13 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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95 Responses

  1. jayvang33 says:

    This game had more hits than the Beatles.

  2. MetaTaylor says:

    Did they change their format? This is not like their normal highlight reels. This is trash.

  3. Okay_Then says:

    Steelers are the dirtiest team in the league.

  4. AB84 THE GOAT says:

    One of the most brutal football games I’ve seen


    • Shindler39 says:

      I am praying indeed for Shazier. Having said that, Football is a violent sport were hitting hard is part of the game, if you want to play in the NFL you know the risk. If it continue that way, it will become flag Football and the NFL will go down, people will be watching Rugby instead

    • PRHILL9696 says:

      Almost up there with the 1984 Bears Raider game

    • Nosde 23 says:

      That hit on Brown in the endzone was nasty too

  5. Lil Don says:

    Bengals blew a 17 point lead

  6. SteelCityFilms says:

    Burfict is the worst. Literally the only the guy in the NFL that deserved that hit

  7. Meme Iselfaneye says:

    I remember when the game was 0-17, someone said “Go home Steelers fans, it’s over.” To which I of course replied, “It’s the Bengals.”

    23-20 final score, Bungles gonna bungle.

  8. awesomeOrlie says:

    Didn’t like the commentary…. sorry 😕

  9. Fifaking OVERPowered says:

    Pray for Shazier 🏈🙏

    • Richard Harper says:

      Yea we do need to pray for him, dudes so stupid he leads tackes with his head. I mean like you learn in grade school to lead with your shoulder and wrap around.

    • Random Videos says:

      Yeah I’m not a steelers fan but I feel so bad for that had to hurt!

    • Luke Harris says:

      Yeah contusion is right. What I meant when I said “he’ll be ok” is that he’ll be able to walk again

    • Luke Harris says:

      Richard Harper, actually I was taught to lead with your head and whichever way it glances off is the shoulder you tackle with, an of course you then wrap up.

  10. Jay petty says:

    pray for shazier

    • Rattah says:

      Jay petty he’s fine…they declared it a spinal contusion he’ll be back in a week

    • Jumbo Catfish says:

      Rattah no I heard he might not ever play again. He might jave temporary paralysis and have to learn how to walk again

    • Rondell H says:

      Shazier epitomizes the stupidity of today’s NFL defender, leading to make a tackle with your head down.  He’s very lucky he wasn’t paralyzed.

    • Philip Marsden says:

      It is amost impossible to feel sorry for someone who deliberately goes out to hurt an opponent and badly damages himself instead.

    • Jay petty says:

      Philip Marsden He talking towards the waist. his helmet just hit outer body. was not trying to hurt him. he has never been considered a dirty player.

  11. Nay Nay says:

    I need the next highlights to NOT have these annoying commentators talking.

  12. Allmighty Cornholio says:

    Could you please upload the highlights as we know it?!

  13. Michael Conley says:

    Wtf is this commentary? This better not be the new format. Loss of views in your future if that’s the case

  14. Spyder says:

    Take commentary off

  15. Joey Boy says:

    Whats up with the commentary. Just show the highlights.

  16. Ted GQ says:

    Playing COD is making JuJu agressive

  17. redhurricane24 says:

    Juju is a real one after laying out Burfict.

  18. Christian Francisco says:

    I don’t feel any sorry for burfict, now he knows how ab feels when he got hit by him.. and if ab was still healthy I think we would’ve had a chance to beat the pats and take it home 🤷‍♂️

  19. Pubert Janus Slurpinstein says:

    This is the worst highlights vid they’ve made yet

  20. XxBlue WolfxX says:

    Yay Steelers won! 😃 Vontaze Burfict needs to stop. #PRAYFORRYANSHEZIER #STEELNATION

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