Steelers vs. Packers Highlights | NFL 2018 Preseason Week 2

Steelers vs. Packers Highlights | NFL 2018 Preseason Week 2

The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 2 of the 2018 NFL preseason.

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100 Responses

  1. Jimmy Her says:

    Josh Jackson + Reggie Gilbert + Kumerow, are my stand out stars today. Let’s go Packs!

    EDIT: How could I forget about Oren Burks

  2. Daniel Chachanashvili says:

    give Jackson more playing time against 1st stringers, he’s playing better than House,

    • Jesse M says:

      He’ll do it with his physicality and over the top help.

    • Jesse M says:

      It’s early but I would almost bet a paycheck Julio will get guarded by Jackson in that game and will only get 2 catches and 4 looks.

    • Jimmy Changa says:

      Simple X. Why would they cut Davon House? He might not start but they not gonna cut him

    • Shat ho says:

      right now alexander looks better though, Jackson wasn’t too hot last game

    • cpk1994 says:

      Simple X. – House and Rollins aren’t going anywhere. House will absolutely be the week one starter at one of the corner sports. Rollins will be depth. Plus, Alexander has done squat yet while Jackson did his stuff last night against guys that will be pumping gas in two weeks.

  3. Devin Summers says:

    Kummerow looking like the #2 WR.

    • Dylan Bloomer says:

      20mfranklin Jordy was damn good. Kumerow looks pretty good this camp and they have almost identical stats.

    • Slim Vickins says:

      20mfranklin Lol Jordy was a top 5 receiver until his acl. And up until Rodgers went down last year, Jordy was still a top 10-15 receiver in the league. Jordy maybe the smartest receiver of this generation.

    • TheAndyk123 says:

      John Smith I think Kumerow will be stashed on the practice squad. My bet is GB will roster 5 WRs. Top 3 will be Adams-Cobb-Geronimo. GB drafted St Brown and Valdes-Scantling, and both of them play special teams, so they’ll rotate in the 4 spot. Kumerow doesn’t play special teams, which really hurts his chances of making the team. He’ll be brought up if one of those 5 gets hurt though.

    • Moritz Sk says:

      TheAndyk123 after those 2 games and impressing in training kumerow will definitely make the team

  4. T T says:

    Kiser is not trash and Steelers defense is garbage
    Their draft was pretty bad anyway

    • Lock.JoeHaden. 23 says:

      T T our draft was terrible tho

    • Pfsappa 907 says:

      Defense is trash … stop lol we top 3 in the league last year even after shazier got hurt … our run defense is trash…. run it back in the super bowl again there will be a diff outcome …

    • Alex7henry says:

      Illuminati Confirmed Players make/ miss rosters based on this. It doesn’t mean nothing. Stupid sayings like this give people excuse for players playing bad

  5. Mr. Vice President says:

    Jimmy Graham is going to be huge for the packers, at 6’7 he’s always a redzone target

    • Eric Trammell says:

      At 6’7 he might aswell be a starting small forward in the Nba

    • Slim Vickins says:

      Graham is neck and neck with Gronk when it comes to the best red zone target in the nfl! I love how the media has downplayed how good Graham is now that Rodgers is throwing to him. Just like they’ve underrated Adams, despite him being a top 10 wide receiver with the worst qb in football last year Hundley. Downplay the talent around Rodgers so that it makes the golden boy look better.

    • Slim Vickins says:

      Mr. Vice President Just like the disrespect the media gives Randall Cobb. He’s battled injuries of late, which is why #s have dropped off. Back healthy now, he easily could be the best 3rd option in the league! Not even a Brady fan at all, but it’s laughable how the media trashes the proven, elite talent around Rodgers, and frankly they’ve always done this bullshit, when in reality a guy like Cobb is actually even slightly better than the best receiver that Brady has thrown to in years, Edelman.

    • Jerad Jones says:

      Mr. Vice President YJMJ don’t sabotage us with presumption we need our guys healthy all season; especially Jimmy Graham.

  6. AKay says:

    Who else missed seeing Rogers do his thing on the field?

  7. Bogar says:

    6:36 *MOSSED*

  8. 3lement2010 says:

    I swear if we cut Kumerow for J’Mon “Butterfingers” Moore I’m gonna flip.

  9. Matthew Sanchez says:

    You know seeing a Packers Steelers super bowl would look kind of cool. I mean hey, anything besides those Patriots

  10. - PettyAtItsBest says:

    Man if the packers get Mack they will be a tough team to beat

  11. erzascralet48 says:

    Dobbs is looking a lot better than Rudolph, and that rotation of Rodgers, Hundley and Kizer is looking pretty sharp!

  12. Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#KissMeLikeMySon#WOAT says:

    A healthy Aaron Rodgers is a nightmare, especially that he has possibly a decent defense now that he won’t have to carry anymore

    • Slim Vickins says:

      Stockton 209 That’s forbidden. How dare you bring up facts that make the golden boy look bad

    • Slim Vickins says:

      Acepilot12345 Rodgers was trash vs the Falcons in the nfc champ game! He let Ryan bury his ass, then padded his stats late in the game once it was well out of reach and atl was in soft prevent. He sucked that game. He was absolutely terrible vs the Seahawks NFC champ game despite the shitty packers defense forcing 5 turnovers. As the mvp, to not close out a huge game with FIVE extra opportunities handed to you on a gold platter has to be the biggest choke job in modern history.

  13. Skittles Gaming says:

    Ab, Washington, and juju are going to make secondaries have nightmares

  14. Daddy SmokesYams says:

    lol How many times is GB going to intercept a pass in the End Zone just for it to be called a TD for the other team?

  15. Nothing Special says:

    Jake Kumerow the next great white WR in Green Bay. Also, just like I said last week… Davante Adams top 5 WR season coming up 🤫

    • Wheelio says:

      I don’t see it, because the Packers offense is more about spreading the ball. Graham will be taking a chunk of touches away from him.

    • Oscar Monge says:

      one good game and all of the sudden hes good? slow down buddy. also those commentators were so biased. also kumerow has an injury so 🙁

    • Slim Vickins says:

      Adams is already a top 10 wide receiver. He proved it by being elite with the worst starting QB in football Hundley. Dude has elite skill but won’t ever get his fair praise because the media will continue to downplay and underrate anybody that plays with golden boy Rodgers. They’ve been doing it for years and will never stop.

    • Demon Killer038 says:

      Slim Vickins b6444o3sq+×

  16. C Daug. says:

    Packers: “This isn’t even my final form.”

  17. Show Time says:

    No one is talking about James Conner. Smh

  18. Avery Hikina. says:

    Packers lookin deadly 👀

  19. Avery Hikina. says:

    Y’all think the Packers are gonna pull the trigger on Khalil Mack?

  20. mrslapside says:

    These two match up well.

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