Steelers vs. Patriots Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

Steelers vs. Patriots Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the New England Patriots during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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77 Responses

  1. Ari says:

    Seahawk fan here – but BRADY is the GOAT – hands down!!! Anyone who says otherwise is living in another reality.

    • Demaurié Webster says:

      @Trev Mac not to mention a HOF on every position on their defense but one. There was no free agency back then so Montana literally played with same team until he got traded because of Steve

    • Trev Mac says:

      @Demaurié Webster Only an absolute fool disputes who better correct? I have Montana as my number 2 and Elway as my number 3.. Elway can be disputed but what Brady has done past the age of 37 makes any comparison or debate about Montana void. Brady wins the Super Bowl MVP at age 39 and then a league MVP at age 40 then another Super Bowl at age 41. Meanwhile Montana was long out of the league by that age .I also like the famous line “Yeah but Montana was undefeated in the Super Bowl 4-0” – so was Bradshaw 4-0 .. but it’s better to win 6 Gold Medals and 3 Silver Medals in the Olympics then 4 Gold Medals *undisputed*

    • Demaurié Webster says:

      @Trev Mac exactly, so was Bradshaw and Aikmen. Montana even got benched for Steve Young 3 TIMES in a season, young was also physically and mentally better and faster, then eventually got booted out then Young and 49ers set offensive records which eventually got broken by the Pats, and Peyton’s Colts and Broncos. So how can you be the goat if you weren’t even the best QB on your team ?

    • Trev Mac says:

      @Demaurié Webster i will give Montana this though — if it wasn’t for Montana we might not have *THE GOAT BRADY* when i think about Brady talking about how much of a fan he was of Montana growing up in the Bay area i think he was inspired as a kid to grow up and play football like his hero. These people (usually old people) who think Montana is better can never get past the age argument. What one *Brady has done after the age of 37* which is impossible to argu against unless you are either insane or jealous Brady hater or a troll. It’s unmitigated and undisputed. I was odds on even all these years until the 28-3 Super Bowl comeback — that was when any debate ended and put Joe into the number 2 spot in my opinion

    • jusayen so says:

      @OTF BREEZY ….Correct. When the Steelers blitzed, it was so hard to tell because Brady quickly found a open receiver, even if he was barely open! Only by watching slow motion replays, could I see which extra player(s) were blitzing since Brady got rid of the ball so fast, and the camera had to quickly switch to his target. Brady doesn’t even have a rocket arm or speed, and still is so dangerous. It’s feasable a man can be a grandfather by the age of 42….that’s what makes this all the more incredible to watch.

  2. the black guy who likes Eminem says:

    Tom Brady can play until he’s dead with all these weapons??

  3. Andrew Kelley says:

    I cant help but respect what Bellicheck and the pats have done

    • knight errant says:

      @James MacKinnon It’s BB, plus the other coaches he has around him, for sure. (And yes, of course he gets credit for assembling that staff.)
      If Scarnecchia doesn’t go to the Hall of Fame, it’s because the voters don’t understand coaching.

    • Ray Lat says:

      You respect cheaters?

    • Alphonsus Ho says:

      @Sasha Tamara Keegan this is why they thrive, yet haters hate when Patriots out smart other teams. Patriots are all about everyone doing their job, belichick takes note of anyone who Fs up this include blocking or even just recognition

    • Sasha Tamara Keegan says:

      @Alphonsus Ho And that’s why Patriots when championships and Super Bowls great coaching and leadership.

    • jusayen so says:

      @Alphonsus Ho …Well said. Belichick is why Brady didn’t care about taking a lower salary contract to help with the salary cap. But Brady also helps Belichick’s great coaching abilities. They are a two man wrecking crew, and don’t even think about upstaging eachother…..a two man team within a great team. I don’t think Andrew Luck deserved those fans insults for retiring. He no longer could enjoy playing with the mounting injuries, and why play and possibly do more harm than good to the team, if he’s not physically and mentally at what he considers, is acceptable. I read that he passed up tens of millions of guaranteed money. There’s nothing wrong about doing what’s best for yourself and the team.

  4. Matthew Monaco says:

    And to think brown thomas and harry weren’t even playing ??

  5. Fletcher117 says:

    First and foremost I’m a Steelers fan, the patriots were incredible and this could honestly be a perfect season in the making.

  6. curious pug says:

    Brady and his offensive linemen is such a luxury for the patriots.
    They are Unstoppable

  7. Clifton Brown says:

    Damn! Bob Kraft Bill Belichick Aka Master Yoda Tom Brady Running This Team Like Death Row Records!

  8. Bryan Urip says:

    I’m sorry but at those shifts by burk at 6:27 was just unreal ?

  9. Tony Hemetona says:

    Max watching these highlights rn ready to look like a clown tomorrow on First Take about how Tom Brady fell off

    • GreasonPH Tiro says:

      max be like.. tom brad is the goat I said that a millions times but… (insert crap)

    • knight errant says:

      One of the great pleasures of the last couple of seasons has been watching Kellerman form himself into a pretzel. This year should be the best of all!

  10. Pancak3s12 says:

    “Fault start offense all the linemen except the center” ?

  11. oopopp x says:

    “They ask me which one is my favorite Ring. I tell’em… the Next one.” — Tom Brady

    He said that 3 rings ago…. LEGEND.

    • Johnny Bravo says:

      Can’t ever out pass the fact that they cheated in the years 4 out of their super bowl runs and I’d doubt they stopped trying. In fact I’d say they’ve even upped their cheating. What their able to do doesn’t make sense in any way but cheating. Yes good players but just don’t count up.

    • Not Serious says:

      Johnny Bravo weak excuse

    • Jason Caban says:

      @supremesoldier354 eagles have won one SB since the merger but go off

    • Omni Pepper says:

      supremesoldier354 imagine trying to roast someone for not winning the superbowl 3 times in a row

  12. YTDarius says:

    It feels like the Steelers are missing an elite RB & elite WR to compete.

    • Ian S Martin says:

      Their Defensive line is good, but their secondary is having a hard time. In most of the big gain plays against them it looks like either the zone defense got opened in the middle or the secondary couldn’t react quick enough to a run play. On the WR side JuJu is good but he’s the only major threat in the passing plays. Washington needs more experience, Moncrief either needs more time in the system so he’s a bigger threat or may not be a good choice for #2. Holton has some good deep-threat potential. On RB, Conner had some good moments and is a bit of a threat in the backfield. He won’t be a major receiving threat but his movement with the ball when he does catch is something defenses have to be careful around. OL is still strong from last year but is showing some issues with trying to find replacements for a couple of still good but aging pieces. Ben can still run a decent offense and get some deep throws off, as shown from the Washington play where he went out of bounds, but has trouble without a consistent relieve valve, like a Brown or Jesse James .

      Overall it seems it was more like the Patriots being able to beat man-on-man early in the game brought out a zone defense they could abuse any holes on. Also some weird play calling for the Steelers, i.e. toss to Conner on 3 & 1 with the 4 yard loss. It looks like the Steelers could still put up a major fight for leading the division, enough strong pieces. Honestly its a lack of organization from the defenses back-line, and the Offense trying to build up a receiving corp strong enough that JuJu can transition into being a true #1. Right now Juju is just being smothered by defenses because of how much he excelled last year. If the steelers can develop their defensive backline, and build up their receiving corp then they have the pieces to make a strong playoff run

    • Gary Smith says:

      What a shame….

    • Rally Ross says:

      What about defense

  13. Miguel Nepomuceno says:

    when the best steelers highlight that night is a flag…

  14. Tochdog 21 says:

    Is this the cliff we’ve been waiting for?

  15. Julius Caesar says:

    All i saw was raw potential from this game.. good luck NFL..

  16. Lamarcus Brown says:

    Damn patriots already look in playoff form not good for the rest of the league!! ?

    • Damon Briggs says:

      kc don’t stand a chance there defence is still giving up 26points to rookie qb you cant beat pats with offence you need defence or bill will just put the game on your defence in the end with them gasping for air pats have it on both sides of the ball this year they are deep

    • Johnny Bravo says:

      Maybe but the Steelers looked as bad as a team can in every way.

  17. UsirRaMaroon says:

    CLICKBAIT title… there were no Steeler highlights. Should have read, ‘Patriots Week 1 Highlights’

  18. Animelytical says:

    Antonio Brown has never enjoyed watching a game so much.
    And Brady looked excellent

  19. samuelemb3 says:

    6:27 Rex making two blitzing Steelers tackle each other made me jump out of my seat.

  20. Jacob Freedman says:

    Imagine having the patriots steal your star receiver and then this happens ☠️

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