Steph Curry & DeMarcus Cousins Postgame Interview – Game 2 | Warriors vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Finals

Steph Curry & DeMarcus Cousins Postgame Interview – Game 2 | Warriors vs Raptors | 2019 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game 2 Highlights | June 2, 2019 NBA Finals

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100 Responses

  1. El650Jefe says:

    Cuz only going to be playing better as the series goes on. We need that. Warriors dropping like flies right now. I feel like ima get injured just watching the games.

  2. David Daimari says:

    With Cousin back in line up I feel floor is balance in terms of size. Otherwise Gasol was just bullying them.

    • Jazlene Movie and Gaming says:

      WU SLAYER A freaking circus that keeps on winning. I’ll watch that particular circus any time

    • Lettuce Preey says:

      +dsal sa he doesnt guard well on the perimeter and hes slow. But he is smart enough to play the angles. I hate that Looney got hurt, but it worked out bringing in Bogut for rebounds and lobs

    • Renato X says:

      +dsal sa good as a PF .. awful as a C

    • WU SLAYER says:

      +Top Flight Security Of The World Craig except now the raptors worked so hard all season to get to the finals learning we just gonna hand it over to GSW again yes i am pissed if that happens

    • Kings the future Keep hating Bronsexuals says:

      WU SLAYER 3 years later niggas still butthurt that kd stay fuckin bron lmao

  3. KingWill Sports says:

    They literally threw everything at steph ,and they still lost

    • Hamish Fernando says:

      +Royal Digital Media that’s probably what the Blazers thought too

    • Royal Digital Media says:

      +Hamish Fernando Two good games – no blowouts. It’s the first to four wins: so no need to panic for either side. Unlike the Blazers, when the Raptor stars are not playing well they can still win. So the Raptors are more like the Warriors than the Blazers are.

    • Hamish Fernando says:

      +Royal Digital Media fair enough, agreed. It’s still anyone’s series

    • Shadow Ebo Lee says:

      +Dave Wight Am not even gonna waste my time arguing with u on the refs always against the Raptors..we all have eyes and can see. But your comment about Raptors being an inferior..I guess we’re inferior enough to be in the NBA finals? Inferior enough to whoop your GSW butt 3 times in the regular season? Inferior enough to whoop your butt in game 1 of this series? Lol, u funny bruh.. keep thinking the Raptors are inferior, we’ll be yelling checkmate soon. U too funny bruh. Lol. Smh

    • Shadow Ebo Lee says:

      +AOBeezy Really bro? Did u even watch the game at all? Lol. Smh

  4. Sir Sly says:

    “I’ve seen how quick this game can be taken away from you” -boogie

    That’s some real shit right there

  5. CPodtheGoat says:

    Demarcus came back swinging. What a great return. He lifts the team up off the ground with his presence on the court.

  6. nate canter says:

    Cousins was a monster tonight. Strong passing and rebounding.

  7. NIMIA GRAY says:

    Watch out!…Boogie is “not satisfied “ .. can’t wait for more Boogie minutes! Take care of yourself, Boogie.

  8. Tevin Chan says:

    I LOVE Cousin’s attitude. This brother really wants to make his team better.

    • Chet Walters Ink Specialist says:

      2:57 what’s with that face he makes tho

    • Thebotguy says:

      +Joe Cool Berry yeah now they only got 3 all stars!

    • KE TV says:

      Fam that’s what YEARS of losing does to you he’s humbled good for him

    • Despair says:

      It’s easy to be Demarcus when you’re going for a free ring. I would even accept the towel boy role for a free ring. It’s ridiculous. If it wasn’t for KD being hurt this would be a sweep.

    • Tevin Chan says:

      Despair brah you sound extremely ignorant. End of the day KD is NOT playing so those guys are working hard for these win. If this if that if everything. GSW literally playing with lone injuries. Kd, klay, loonie, iggy, cousins, steph (yes steph!!! His finger) so shut up.

  9. daddy walker says:

    Seriously how many players get that Steph attention they literally did box 1 defense to stop curry he had so much attention from beginning to end

    • daddy walker says:

      Top Flight Security Of The World Craig great point but listening to my espn analysts it makes sense if klay was in the game they couldn’t of ran it so it wasn’t that big of a deal like I made it out to be they did it cuz iggy Shaun dray and boogie aren’t high 3pt shooters they all can hit but not Steph klay kd level

    • daddy walker says:

      Gabriel Hernandez which games bro can u find it for me I believe u I do I just dnt remember it like this but again I’ve seen those games but not the specifics

    • Top Flight Security Of The World Craig says:

      daddy walker yeah I feel you. They DEFINITELY wouldn’t have been able to do that if Klay or KD was out there but I can definitely see why they had to double him. He’s unbelievable!!! He makes it look “Stepheffortless” ?

    • sakinah sam says:

      I guess Kobe and a.i don’t exist?

    • K. S. Alexander says:

      +sakinah sam…they’ve already mentioned Kobe…

  10. Yulia Yulia says:

    A true champion team will find a way to win no matter the situation…with or without KD.GSW is on its way to becoming a hall of fame team.

    • shawns bot says:

      +hiimphishy gsw could injure all their players and let their water boy play and u would still call them stacked. Get your head out of ur ass

    • Jonito says:

      +KVBVL people eyes see what they want to see 2016 the Warriors werent healthy either but no hater will admit that

    • Jonito says:

      +Baseball Sucks klay already said he is good to go, kd is most likely coming back game 3/4 and looney im not sure

    • Jordan eleven says:

      +KVBVL every year curry gets injured ATLEASE twice before the playoffs this year he got injured twice befire the playoffs then klay and curry rolled they ankle game 1 then curry dislocated his finger game 2 agaist the rockets still playing with 2 big as things on 2 fingers for them to still win shit just crazy

    • MrScans1 says:

      It’s evident that they can win without KD, but he makes it much easier. Whether any one likes it are not he is a part of their journey period

  11. Byte shadow4 says:

    With God’s Grace. I love how DC talks now. God Bless you more!

  12. SylvesterLuzon says:

    cousins has evolved.. i like his dedication to the team

    • Jazlene Movie and Gaming says:

      WU SLAYER I’m sure Cousins would have played had he not been injured( again ) so to say that he just sat there doing nothing and riding on the coattails of the Warriors is such BS. Haters have all been harping about KD and Cousins ever since they joined the Warriors even calling them snakes and I find it just stupid. If you have the chance to get that elusive ring would you join a team that you know won’t give you that chance even though you might be their biggest Star? Perhaps if your goal is to get more money regardless if you become a champion or not then you’ll ignore the chance of playing with the Warriors. It’s their choice so stop hating and get over it.

    • WarmBeer Gaming Dude says:

      Yes he has

    • Ben Mercer says:

      +WU SLAYER dumbass, no other team wanted him, so the Warriors picked him up. Cousins didnt seek them out.

    • Joseph Cox says:

      He was always like this. What was going down in Sacramento was never Cousins fault. He played hard every night there for peanuts and constantly got told they were going to build around him and it never happened.

    • Joseph Cox says:

      +Ben Mercer that’s not true he got offered more money to play with other teams. He took a pay cut to play with the warriors. But I do disagree that it was for a free finals trophy players that are as good as Cousins getting a free ring does nothing for their legacy, I think it was just so that he could focus on rehab and not rush back from an Achilles tear.

  13. R J says:

    I like how they give Boogie the ball down low. Now they have to double him, which frees up the splash bros. He just have to be smarter with the fouls though.

    • TIMOTHY CHENG says:

      He was aware of the fouls, but even a very slight contact, ref called the fouls. He was being singled out in pick and roll and guard was trying to get contact

    • Nina Maria says:

      TIMOTHY CHENG The refs were indeed pathetic last night. Their calls on both teams were questionable at best.

    • TIMOTHY CHENG says:

      Nina Maria Kyle Lowry was like Chris Paul, playing to draw contact instead of scoring. And cried like a baby. He committed his obvious 6th foul and complained

    • Cliff Bell says:

      I agree and limit Toronto’s offensive boards.

    • Miss SangriaSavage says:

      True, he can be a bit aggressive but at the same time they dog him on foul calls just like Steph because they are well aware of the threat of those guys so it’s best to get them OFF the floor lol

  14. 11Dubs30 says:

    You have to like Cousins with his humble, cooperative attitude. And the warrior’s culture brings out the best in him.

    • Whunter22 says:

      Mike Carter Not only are u the bad u may also get fined!!

    • Whunter22 says:

      11Dubs30 Yes your 2 points are soooooooo obvious that you didn’t need to make them??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

    • Mike Carter says:

      +Whunter22 they most definitely will fine you if you are disrespectful to the dumbass media I actually believe that they intentionally have the media ask them stupid questions just to piss the player’s off so they can say something negative about them and fine them I’m not even a player and I wouldn’t even want to talk to the white supremacists main stream media

    • Top Flight Security Of The World Craig says:

      WU SLAYER Raptors ain’t had fans since T-Mac and Vince Carter ??☠️. You just don’t like GS. Let me guess tho…. first you was a Clippers fan huh? Until they got beat up on so then you converted into a Rockets fan huh? Until they got beat down so you decided “fuck it, I like the TrailBlazers now” until they got absolutely MURDERED! But let me guess, NOW you a full fledged Raptors fan huh? Until they get that ass whooped then you’ll go back to liking LeBron and the Lakers next season ?. ???

    • juh joh says:

      Great people bring out the best in people, DC always had greatness in his heart. Being around bunch of incompetent people affected him. If he stays with the warriors i can see him being one if the best center of this generation.

  15. D-G says:

    I respect and appreciate how Cousins has been composed and professional and a good teammate all series and with the refs, despite the stress.

    • Mike Carter says:

      Yes because if you snap on the the white supremacists main stream media because they asked you a dumbass question then you are considered the bad guy and unprofessional as they like to call it

  16. swalker0731 says:

    Man they going back to Oakland!! I’m telling you right now GSW about to SHOW OUT!! I just got that feeling man that place gon come un glued

    • Top Flight Security Of The World Craig says:

      Soldierboi Dunkon’em I don’t care about no damn Lebum! ??? But I agree with you in the sense that he’s an amazing team player. So I guess sure an all-star (with GS) but not a superstar. Honestly, the only SUPERSTARS on GS are Steph and KD. Klay isn’t a superstar either. Maybe an all-star but he’s too inconsistent to be a superstar imo. So as far as bringing that energy, rebounding and assisting, I agree with you. Draymond is an all-star.(playing for GS) but I think he’d be just a good team player if he played for anyone else.

    • K. S. Alexander says:

      Yup, they’re about to SPANK Toronto…

    • jo jo says:

      +Smiley 1 get your stupid ass yall wasnt saying that in game one

    • Soldierboi Dunkon’em says:

      Top Flight Security Of The World Craig Yh I can see where you’re coming from, but as long as all these players are together ain’t nothing stopping them, tbh we might see gsw win the next three or four championships if they all stay

    • suns6thmann says:

      After they lose. ?

  17. Gail B. says:

    Great game DeMarcus. Good to have you back!!!

    • Ad Makaveli says:

      demarcus and klay were a great duo while steph was out hope its utilised more next couple games.

  18. Zoe Sh says:

    Do yall realize they played Box and one defense on this man lol. This man is truly revolutionary. Legend.

    • Robert B says:

      No faking illness and then going to the locker room and in privacy taking steroid or performance enhancing drugs is cheating. How can you not be sick after 12 minutes. So let us put this guy on drug test. If it is positive then let us strip him naked and put on a Victoria Secret thong and Bra and make sure it is pink

    • Robert B says:

      code pink bra

    • Pyr Leo says:

      Robert B lol as a doctor… we’ll stop wasting your time on YouTube, Doc and sign those control auth.

    • Zoe Sh says:

      @Robert B Do you idiots really believe that this man would publicly show signs of illness then blatantly go to the locker room to take something illegal while the world is watching?? He was still sick they just gave him an energy boost. Maybe some type of preworkout or IV or something similar

    • Robert B says:

      So u agree , how can a man go from very sick to very well in 12 minutes. Only a shot like opium , coke , metaphatamine, speed , cocaine , etc can bring u back to live. Have u noticed other symptoms of addiction. He is always droopy. His dad was a drug addict too.

  19. Josh says:

    Cousins is earning the right to be called champion. Great performance

    • robert Chin says:

      I am more impressed how a man so large compared to Lowry flew so far when touched – I gave cousins a 10 for the execution of the dive and nailing the landing. Looked like a soccer player diving.

  20. ajdoms4 says:

    Cousins maturity is ???? This team really changed him.

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