Steph Curry reacts to Kevin Durant’s comments on the Warriors not accepting him | The Jump

Steph Curry reacts to Kevin Durant’s comments on the Warriors not accepting him | The Jump

Rachel Nichols catches up with Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry at the team’s $1.5 billion new arena, the Chase Center, to talk about Kevin Durant leaving for the Brooklyn Nets and KD’s recent comments to the Wall Street Journal about being accepted by teammates and the team’s motion offense. Curry also reiterates his commitment to Team USA for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and gives Rachel a tour of the arena.
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95 Responses

  1. Django Skywalker says:

    Jesus Christ what did Kevin want……??The whole team to text him good morning and good night everyday.??‍♂️

  2. Mike Lawry says:

    She’s really a dope interviewer she ask all the right questions

  3. Wookiee says:

    A man like Curry hit KD with the that’s tuff ??

  4. California Cowboy says:

    Its clear Kevin Durant is bipolar or something he has some form mental illness

  5. Dnaking R8mg says:


    Curry is one of the ?

    • Domz Has Black Forces says:

      @VeloS this mf ronald definitely a 12 year that gets all his basketball knowledge from 2k

    • BigMac N Cheez says:

      Curry definitely capable of being top 5-10 fs tho. Kd is gone so more spotlight is on curry. Unanimous mvp for a reason man don’t sleep on him

    • Patrick K says:

      FBI that’s crazy he got a MVP for “just shooting” I would like to see JJ reddick and Korver get a MVP and average 30ppg since they “just shoot” too

    • Slender says:

      Ronald ???

    • TheGoat mane says:

      @FBI you clearly dont watch bball. He can shoot from anywhere, created his own shot, play the passing lanes, great playmaker, finishes at the basket through traffic, can pass the ball, can get u 6 to 7 rebounds & you cant foul him cuz its automatic lol. That sounds like the best player to me ??‍♂️

  6. DJ Whitlock says:

    How could you hate this man ??‍♂️

  7. Marques Smith says:

    Ironic how Kevin Durant called them his “brothers” like he did when was with Russell Westbrook and right when something goes wrong he jump ships and start bashing his “brothers”

  8. fckoff 76hansolo says:

    If I didn’t live in okc I think he’d be my favorite player, he may like to show boat on the court a little but at the end of the day he’s a humble dude who shows up to interviews in a track suit and has no ill words or thoughts about anyone else

  9. Gabe Hernandez says:

    Kevin Durant is a Narcissist. I wish more people would understand what Narcissism is.

  10. Beauty of Grace says:

    KD is history now, we’re going forward without you, boy bye your loss ?

    • Thunder 2025 championship I’m orange says:

      Nelly Davis without kid you only would have one ring

    • Nelly Davis says:

      Thunder 2025 championship I’m orange like I said Kevin would have zero rings. What part of that don’t you comprehend. Warriors already proven they could become champions. No one cares about a dynasty. You are missing the important point.

    • December 2016 says:

      Thunder 2025 championship I’m orange youre an idiot and moron. with kd, westbrook, melo, harden, george, all those stars came to okc and still you have zero rings. take it to the bank mf ?

    • December 2016 says:

      Nelly Davis you have point, and okc still has no ring with kd, westbrook, harden, melo and george ?

    • 88GURP says:

      @Thunder 2025 championship I’m orange Dubs would’ve had another ring only thing that can beat Dubs are injuries and we had hella injuries for the 73 season Finals

  11. jason benson says:

    I don’t even think kd even believe what he said. Us warriors fans took him in instantly

  12. Marcelo Tavares says:

    “I dont care what plays we ran, we won two championships”. Simple as that. The objective was accomplished.

  13. Andrew Deleon says:

    Kevin Durant is just selfish , Plain and simple

    • Steve J says:

      He’s disturbed. But, still responsible for most of GS success. You lost to LeBron Kyrie & Love after only ‘1’ victory vs just LeBron ?..

      And had to literally beg KD to join you cause otherwise LeBron would run through you in the Finals again, there’s no matchup for him ‘besides’ KD in the league and GS knew that..

      Such a fake team..

    • Andrew Deleon says:

      @Steve J But Kevin Durant was planning on joining the warriors before they lost to LeBron James.

    • A1since Day1 says:

      Andrew Deleon I’m not a warriors fan but this is just true and ESPN dodges that narrative

    • Steve J says:

      Andrew Deleon Nope, plus so?

      If that was the case (Who cares), what would they even need KD for if they won that series? Right, wouldn’t make any sense..

      Plus how does that disprove anything I said, it’s still very true I’m afraid..

      With KD: 8-1 in the Finals

      Without KD: 9-10 in the Finals..

  14. Sametschki says:

    Steph and Klay these two gonna destroy them all??

  15. G. C. says:

    Emotionally brittle KD a child stuck in a 7 foot body

  16. Lavar Stark says:

    We All Wanna Play Iso Ball But Id Rather Have Some Championships To… SHOOTS FIRED

    • j 314 says:

      Not really. GS playing iso ball thru KD is what got them to the Finals the last two years.

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      @j 314 – Wrong. They did that when it was called for, as opposed to using it as the main strategy like other teams. Warriors don’t play one way, they adjust to the circumstances. That is why they have the most wins in a 5 year span in NBA history.

    • Kameron Pettigrew says:

      @j 314 what ab the 2 years before KD tho? ?people really act like KD didn’t join a 73 win team. Dude didn’t even get double teams cause Steph and Klay are too deadly..

    • Lawrence Smith says:

      Yeah shots family spell how you talk i guess.

    • Tanner Meyer says:

      Their ball movement offense is one of the best looking offenses ever. Not just shooting 3s but slashing to the paint on back cuts and the constant movement and passing is hard to stop especially with guys like curry and klay draining 3s. KD iso is definitely really good too but to me that only works for so long. Id Rather get everyone involved in the offense.

  17. Nix 41 says:

    Durant is a fn snowflake. He really thinks everyone should unanimously think of him as the best.

  18. SrustinLim says:

    This guy is all class. Pretty much this generation’s Tim Duncan.

  19. Somregularguy says:

    It really bothers me that the warriors carried KD to 2 rings and he still talks smack about them

    • I DONT LIKE24 says:

      @Steve J so you think we wouldn’t have won with our 2013-14 roster

    • I DONT LIKE24 says:

      @Steve J did u forget lebron loss Kawhi Leonard when he was spurs wth Tony parker and etc

    • I DONT LIKE24 says:

      @Steve J kd wanted to come to warriors because how they played the game and liked Steph

    • I DONT LIKE24 says:

      @Steve J dont say kd carry us if say that he could have carry okc to a champion and super Sonics to

    • Kevin Andrew says:

      @Steve J Contradictory to discount the Warriors championship against the injured Cavs, but then bash them for losing to the Raptors with tons of their own injuries. Can’t have it both ways, they had more injuries than just KD in the finals and still took it 6 games.

  20. Ultimate Warrior says:

    Dam i need Rachel’s legs wrapped around my neck while im eating her poon tang pie

  21. shopwiguk says:

    She’s really a dope interviewer she ask all the right questions

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