Steph Curry’s 2019 MVP chances are ‘slim’ – Stephen A. Smith | First Take

Steph Curry’s 2019 MVP chances are ‘slim’ – Stephen A. Smith | First Take

Golden State Warriors’ superstar Steph Curry dropped 51 points and canned 11 three-pointers in just three quarters as the Dubs routed the Washington Wizards Wednesday, 144-122. Curry’s incredible start to the 2018-19 NBA season begs the question: Is Steph on pace to capture his third NBA MVP award? Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman claim Curry’s chances are very slim because the Warriors are too unselfish, spreading shots around to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

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109 Responses

  1. Muni says:

    Curry averaging 35 pts on 55/53/92 while having 33 threes (most ever in 5 games) if he keeps this up and warriors win 70 games Curry will have his 3rd league MVP

    • GuessWhoNot says:

      Warriors crumble and go 55-27, lose in the WCF, break apart and lose everything.

    • Seraphoftheend Yt 14 says:

      Zy’Mir Cook yeah i too have that feeling hes gon go off like 2016 year during season where he had his best year but lost finals . He’s going to rectify that year by getting mvp this year and getting the ring just a gut feeling

    • SnapGoldfish says:

      Do people overlook the 55/53/92 shooting percentages??? People be quick to jump on Westbrook and others for there poor shooting but be hesitant to praise Steph for his otherworldly shooting.. they be like”so what he can shoot..big deal” headass niggas

  2. Lennart Rentzow says:

    On the one side SAS is correct, his team is so stacked and great, that nobody wants to call any single player on that team the MVP. But on the other side, if Curry DOES play even better than in his unanimous MVP season, than I think the sheer amount of undeniable greatness and statistical dominace might give him an actual shot. Nobody wanted to give LeBron the MVP in 11-12, because the Heat were the most stacked and hated team in the NBA. But LeBron still played so great that he could overcome that to win the MVP. Curry could potentially do the same.

  3. Lord Frieza Christ says:

    I’m glad First Take talked about Curry dropping 51 before they spoke about a mediocre Lakers team that beat G-League Suns

  4. Barnaby Blackman says:

    It’s unfortunate that due to KD joining the Warriors, Steph’s legacy is overshadowed by KD. Nevertheless, amazing game by Steph last night.

    • 1realVA OG says:

      Facts bro 👏👏!!

    • Joel Johnson says:

      +KayJ He did over shadow. If Bron joined Curry instead of KD u would agree. Please knock it off.

    • Brendan Bloom says:

      He could not be in a more blessed situation. A coach who gives him the green light and has him in a system to get open looks. Playmakers letting him play off the ball. Defenders allowing him to advoid tough match ups. Spacing giving him lanes. Defenses who have to worry about the 2nd best shooter in nba and the most ungaurdable scorer in the league.

    • ROMAIN WHITE says:

      The media s selling you ice cream my friend, even the finals MVP kd got should have been Steph. It’s a nike thing, curry is by far the most efficient player in the league, and the shit is not even close

    • Brendan Bloom says:

      +ROMAIN WHITE kds been more efficient the previous 2 finals where the defense is allowed to be more physical and he put up 50-40-90 clip in okc which lacked shooters and ball movement. Aka: spacing and open looks.

  5. Mo Stack says:

    If Kevin Durant never joined the warriors curry would have 3-4 league MVPs

    • WanderingDrifter says:

      unless Klay puts up 20, and curry puts up 51… oh wait.

    • Bill 11 Rings Russell says:

      Clorox Bleach curry has klay kd green and now cousins that’s way more than just a wade also without lebron the heat wouldn’t win shit without curry just watch the 2017 playoffs won in 5 against spurs and in 5 against the pelicans curry is not the most valuable player y’all kids need to understand this the pelicans without Davis would be 0-3 now

    • Nick Zhang says:

      Dark Prism get over what? Not even warriors fan and even if i am warriors won the two years? Dont understand what ‘gave cavs all the momentum’ mean? Full strength warriors up 3-1 with game 5 in Oracle wouldve won, just like rockets last year with CP3 wouldve won. Of course it doesnt matter but i was just making the point that all they had to do was retain that team.

    • Phillip Smith says:

      If he didnt stay wit thunder either

    • Phillip Smith says:

      Black Skip Bayless he dont have three rings now😂😂

  6. Emo DaDon says:

    Wait max hating on the warriors while simultaneously Praising LeBron and anyone else not in a GSW uniform? Just a regular day at LeEspn. Notice he says “The Narrative, It’s not steph turn” then proceeds to bring up the one time steph didn’t show up(injured) but never mentions LeBron lost 4 of the last 5 finals 😂😂😂

    • Bill 11 Rings Russell says:

      Craig Rahman multiple game 7s say otherwise

    • Bill 11 Rings Russell says:

      Craig Rahman and also lebron swept the hawks in 2015 and the hawks had 60 wins without love and kyrie both injured haha

    • Jacob Mendoza says:

      Abdullah, are you going to act like Dirk didn’t beat 3 all stars while he was the only all star on his team? Stop riding LBJ it is disgusting

    • Bill 11 Rings Russell says:

      Emo DaDon 2014 wade was injured 2015 kyrie and love were out 2017 and 2018 kd joined the warriors and ruined the gsw cavs rivalry cuz in 2016 it was fun 2017 gsw swept the west and won in 5 against the cavs and would sweep them if they would not drop a historical night with the most points in a half

    • ArtisticLooney says:

      Also people forget Bron is a finals vet while Steph was in his second finals at that time. The fact that he does what he does with less experience is incredible

  7. Lil Dagga says:

    Dude these analysts need to quit saying “because of the team he’s on”

    If we going by that criteria Magic, Bird, Kareem, Lebron shouldn’t have MVPs it’s like they discrediting him because his team good

  8. Replicant Roy says:

    Lol ESPN boycotting Steph, this mf Max Kellerman bringing up the 2016 Finals and saying that that is etched on our psyche, just to influence people watching this, even tho he was injured (Max himself has admitted it like a week ago) and has played great in the Finals afterwards, then Stephen A. brings up Kevin Durant to the conversation to again force people out of the ideia of him being MVP, this is blatant smh.

    • Brodie Jordan says:

      Frantz Ellister Lol stop making so much sense. If Steph was employed by Nike or didn’t have Nike’s top Employee(Bron) doubling him every minute in the finals there wouldn’t be this narrative lol
      & Lebron losing to the warriors I call it the “fuck it we gonna lose anyway, so let’s make sure my Nike teammate (KD) gets the shine”.

    • Frantz Ellister says:

      +That One Guy My statement is in no way an indictment on Kevin Durant’s skill. No one can deny how talented and skillful Kevin Durant is. My focus is simply on the media narrative, i.e. when Curry has a great night, it’s always subdued by the notion that he’s playing with three other all stars. (He played with two other All-Stars in 2016) Yet, Stephen A Smith did project that Kevin Durant would be a 2017-2018 MVP candidate despite playing with three other All-Stars.

      +Francisco Pizzaro His numbers will eventually go down. That’s not the point. They’ve projected Anthony Davis to win MVP, even calling him a top three player, despite his winning nothing. Curry is the only top tier player other than LeBron who has three championships and at least two MVPs in the 2010 decade, and he’s not going to get consideration? And the playing with other all-stars is a bullshit argument because LeBron played with Wade, Bosh, and Ray Allen–three future Hall of Famers–the years he won his MVPs.

      There’s no conspiracy because NIKE can’t break its own rules. And if you don’t believe me, look at the last 14 years and the award of Finals MVP–all of them are NIKE sponsored players. Yes that includes Andre Iguodala who averaged 10 points fewer than Curry, two assists fewer curry, .6 more in Rebounds, and won the award over Curry. If you don’t believe in NIKE’s influence on NBA, that’s your prerogative. But I pay attention to empirical data, the media, and the money, so…

    • kris fishburne says:

      +Sankeerth Koshy ok steph was hurt is that better? Clearly was not himself, had no explosiveness off the bounce or confidence in his legs

    • kris fishburne says:

      +Frantz Ellister facts and I’m a LeBron fan, if it wasn’t for steph LeBron would prob have at least 2 more rings right now, its crazy the media keeps pushing the same narrative, greatest shooter ever like that’s all he does, media putting people who have never won anything over steph in top player convo lol because honestly if they have to rate him he is the most impactful

    • kris fishburne says:

      +That One Guy always injured? Before last year he had been pretty healthy since his reign, and that adds to the point the team struggled and isn’t even the “warriors” without steph, kd said himself steph is the system, and the media pushes kd if you really watch ball u c what’s going on

  9. Wirefire101 says:

    BEST PG in the league not even close. Curry coming for that MVP boyyyyyyyyy

    • Faisal Salam says:

      +Sir Analysts I agree with you that they have the best chances of course but I think the point is that curry could still have a monster season and take the MVP. Of those three players you mentioned, only kawhi will he on a winning team this year.

    • Sir Analysts says:

      Faisal Salam he’s played like this the last two seasons and he wasn’t even close to winning mvp he will always be overlooked when it comes to regular season accolades since he’s on a monster team.

    • GuessWhoNot says:

      Kyrie > Steph

    • Justin Asante says:

      GuessWhoNot no

    • GuessWhoNot says:

      @Justin Asante
      Shooting – Steph
      Inside scoring – Kyrie
      Defense – They’re both pretty bad
      Ball-handling – Kyrie
      Passing – Kyrie
      Rebounding – Pretty close, but that one may go to Steph
      Athleticism – Kyrie
      Clutch – Kyrie

      Kyrie > Steph

  10. g g says:

    If Warriors are gonna win a championship this year and Steph Curry can keep his game at this level, then i don’t see a reason of why he shouldn’t win an mvp

  11. blackmanwithcomputer says:

    The MVP is Will Cain, for replacing Molly.

  12. Replicant Roy says:

    So Curry needs to check all these landmarks for him to be eligible for MVP, but Lebron can just be swept in the Finals, change teams and he is completely fine for it? FOH.

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Your missen point. Mvp is making players better. Curry does that but its hard to do that when you hav KD the maybe best player in the world.

    • WanderingDrifter says:

      Why does that matter tho? Y’all give it to a scrub who never wins the finals but won’t give it to someone who actually has potential to beat everyone and take the chip? only in basketball.

    • Lonzo Ball says:

      Are you dumb? Basically, Curry has to outshine KG on a nightly base while sharing 3pt shooting and touches with Klay. Then when Damarcus Cousin enter the line-up erase at least 18 shots and 20 points a night from what the rest of the starters would share. Plus Draymond needs to get his touches. Good luck stuffing MVP stats with that team. On the other hand, Lebron out in L.A is the number 1,2 and 3 option. He will lead the Lakers in points, rebs, and asst. He will carry the young Lakers on his back. Whereas Steph Curry will be just another great player on a team of great players.

    • nel3000 says:

      @Lonzo Ball but at the same time, doesnt that attest to his greatness when he can dish out performances like this while having such high caliber players? Pierce and McGrady just said that. It’s easy to stat stuff when you are the best option.

    • Lonzo Ball says:

      It would if it is possible. If Curry average 35pts 12 asst and 12 rebs this season, he should be right in the MVP talks. Think about it, last year Russell Westbrook averaged 25.4pts 10.1reb 10.3asst and he was only 5th on the MVP ballot. So yes, if curry can get them kinda stats every night, but Durant is the MVP of that team.

  13. MrAVGNdude says:

    *lebron joins Dwade and chris Bosh then adds ray Allen*

    The league nominates him as almost the first unanimous MVP and acts like he did everything by himself and gives him all the credit like he’s playing with scrubs

    *Steph Curry beats KD in the WCF and then is joined by KD the next season. He incorporates KD’s offensive while maintaining his own lethalness*

    The league say he has too much help to win MVP and credits his game to his teammates all of a sudden. Apparently now Steph is just a bum and KD makes him look really good as if he wasn’t a 2x MVP and the leader of the 73-9 warriors…

    • SShaBazzz says:

      +Young Jinzo21 The Heat did make the playoffs. What are you talking about?

    • SShaBazzz says:

      +Enlightenment .W you just a hater.

    • SShaBazzz says:

      +MrAVGNdude what I’m mad about, is people aren’t recognizing this GSW team as this era’s Showtime team. Everyone wants this team to break up. Are yall crazy. This is awesome. You can’t tell me Steph isn’t a transcend point guard and KD isn’t the reincarnated captain in Kareem Abdul-Jabar. Keep this team in tact.

    • Enlightenment .W says:

      MrAVGNdude rip your failed YouTube career. U tried

    • MrAVGNdude says:

      Enlightenment .W What career nigga? YouTube ain’t no job. I don’t make money off that shit. I’m not even a producer. I do the shit for fun. Thanks for checking me out tho. Check the SoundCloud too if you want lol

  14. Kobe Bryant says:

    Look I don’t give a damn.. If Giannis doesn’t lead Milwaukee to a top 3 spot while averaging at least 27 a game, he’s not MVP. If Kawhi doesn’t average 28 a game and the raptors finish first in the east, he’s not MVP. If AD doesn’t make the top 3 out west and averages 30, he’s not MVP. Steph has the chance to average 30 and shoot 50-40-90 his year and could possibly have the best record in the league. He HAS to be an MVP candidate.. You didn’t hold Lebron being on a super team against him in 2012/2013 so don’t hold it against Steph🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. Charlamagne Tha God says:

    How y’all got let bron win 2 MVPs with Wade and Bosh on his teams but say Curry can’t be MVP because KD is on the team…? Tf.. If curry is putting up numbers and winning, you can’t deny him his credit smh

    • Bill 11 Rings Russell says:

      Charlamagne Tha God kd klay green cousins if u want the whole picture also the bench with iggy the one that won the finals mvp in 2015

    • Bill 11 Rings Russell says:

      Charlamagne Tha God wade wasn’t the same after 2009 he declined

    • Doyoan says:

      Wade was hurt

    • Charles Cooks says:

      KD Thompson Boggie when he comes back…

    • Simon Park says:

      +Lionel Senga ik it’s early but you know Klay and Draymond are very off rn. Ik Klay will get his groove on again but him and Draymond will prob not be allstars. Also lets say Klay keeps struggling during THIS season, Draymond’s not very good offensively (good defense) and Boogie misses half the season . That will increase Steph’s chance.

  16. DJ Envy says:

    If Steph doesn’t deserve MVP, Lebron damn sure don’t either 🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. player nine says:

    Smh if Curry wins mvp these guys better come on here wearing his jersey and give him an apology

  18. DUBALLER says:

    Who cares what team he’s on?

    If you play like this, you’re the MVP

  19. Michael Land says:

    Everyone knows only LeBron James is allowed to win season MVPs with multiple great teammates. That’s just standard data!!

    • Phoenix Arclight says:

      Are you really gonna sit there and act like Mo Williams and KD are even in the same league? & You said “multiple great teammates” so regardless my point still stands, not all of his MVPs came will playing with other HOFs

    • Michael Land says:

      Phoenix Arclight nah don’t twist it now, just go ahead and take your L for the day.

    • kaitoukid8 says:

      +Michael Land he’s not twisting anything, just saying facts, you’re the one who should take his L for the day since you can’t argue against his point dumbass

    • Phoenix Arclight says:

      It’s not an L because your point is still invalid and just makes you look like a hater. You selected one player who has had great teammates to attack when said player has won MVPs without a stacked team and other players have won MVPs with stacked teams as well.

    • mawash0309 says:

      Michael Land really hahahahaha Jeremy Lin was an all star for a year also .

  20. TICKETtv says:

    Curry for mvp

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