Steph Curry’s play has been ‘extremely’ disappointing in the NBA Finals — Skip Bayless | UNDISPUTED

Steph Curry’s play has been ‘extremely’ disappointing in the NBA Finals — Skip Bayless | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss Stephen Curry’s NBA Finals performance, so far. Hear why Skip has been ‘extremely disappointed’ with Curry and believes he has performed lower than his resume dictates.

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Steph Curry’s play has been ‘extremely’ disappointing in the NBA Finals — Skip Bayless | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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89 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    How would you rate Steph Curry’s Finals performance?

  2. FoshoTheOne says:

    So Jeremy Lin really about to be a champion before Melo… thass tuff…

  3. Think Tank says:

    ‘I’ve been distracted by my publicity seeking thirsty wife”

    – Steph Curry

  4. 38 Che says:

    Steph been ballin it’s not his fault the raptors just playing good defense??‍♂️?

    • Paco The friendly Taco says:

      I mean since we talking numbers, KD averaged more points, rev, and blocks, and shot better from the Free throw line. Yeah, the same year that he blew a 3-1 lead in the finals.

    • Paco The friendly Taco says:

      Yeah their offense was so successful that last year they missed 27 straight threes, and this year they couldn’t beat a Durant less Warrior team.

    • WTAP says:

      @Paco The friendly Taco 1. You are trying to define an entire player/team around one game? How old are you man? Legit question cause if you’re young you’ll come around then more you learn ball. If you’re older…. well ain’t no hope.

      2. Their defense lost them the series this year. Their offense was more than fine.

    • Paco The friendly Taco says:

      Really? Because all year I was told that their defense was really improved due to guys like Ariza and Tucker. Yeah that 1 game essentially defines their offense chuck up threes. And it’s won them, what exactly? The two teams in the finals right now utilize something called the mid range? Ever heard of that? It’s not all about chucking up threes because they increase your percentage.

    • Paco The friendly Taco says:

      I noticed you purposely neglected the 3-1 lead blown in the finals

  5. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    “Klay came along and steph got out of the car and left klay in the car by himself” Shannon ??

  6. Barbos1993! says:

    Skip is in rare form today lmao

  7. Dat Dude says:

    Time for another fantastic episode of *Here’s Da Thang Skiup*

  8. BrucemanorManMan says:

    ???? now everybody see how Lebron fans feel when he does everything but the other team is just better ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  9. SexAddict says:

    It’s pretty simple. Kerr is being out coached. The warriors look confused on the court and the offense looks out of sync. Steph needs to make shots period. That’s how Golden State wins by simply bullying you offensively.

    • Kelly C says:

      @Life in K-Town I think Steph has also been playing hurt

    • Michael Haefling says:

      @Kawhi Sexy Laugh Leonard also, there have been bad calls against both sides. I remember a charge go against the Raptors when the Warriors player was in the restricted area. Or Lowry getting a foul called against him when he stripped the ball clean. You can’t blame the refs when they are consistent on both sides.

    • R T says:

      not really. He just has no bench. Have you watched Livingston? They really miss Duran and they haven’t the depth this year as formerly imo. The coach has been great but Toronto plays that same style and has defended very very well against the perimeter.

    • Elton Francis says:

      @LeBron James Oh shut up. TALENT wins games. If Coach pop was so good, and he is good, how come he has NEVER gone to the finals in the last 5 years. Its simple, he doesnt have a deep team. No matter how great you are at coaching, if you dont have talent and a deep roster, you aint winning no chip.

      MJ that you all call the GOAT ws getting swept back to back years in the FIRST ROUND by the Pistons, even though he averaged 30+ points in the playoffs. This went on until Pippen came and matured into a great player. SO I dont wann hear that excuse.

  10. Marcelo Soprano says:

    Aeyesha Curry Effect Tonight 4-1

  11. ssimpson11234 says:

    Toronto is just the deeper team it’s nothing against Steph. But the media needs a scapegoat

    • Emet Echad says:

      Rick Sikora I’m not discrediting them, they stepped up. what I’m saying is the media and nba fans can not start changing the narrative, gsw where heavy favourites to win with out kd. that isn’t the case now they’re yelling curry has no help, it’s a bold face lie, like you said give the raps the credit. That’s what I’m pointing out, that doesn’t take from the fact, the team is driven through one player khawi

    • Jamie Sinclair says:

      Scapegoat? They praised him in the Houston and Portland series, talked about running away with the MVP, FAVORITES without KD, and now he can’t do the same thing and he’s a scapegoat? It’s a fact not an excuse

    • Honestly Speaking says:

      If steph can get all the praise like he did in the portland series when hes on ? then he can take real critism when he aint producing or doing enough. Its only fair

  12. Frandon Frank says:

    I swear skip see the most ridiculous thing sometimes, Steph Curry is doing everything in his power to help the team win. It’s time for skip to give credit to the Toronto Raptors for playing great

  13. Jabrony Lin says:

    Patrick mccaw is legit about to 3peat ?

  14. Daniel Lugone says:

    Sacrificed depth to get KD. KD out with injury. Simple as that really. It’s still a team game.

    • GodSon says:

      KD is not the reason why their team is losing and the bench is bad. Their bench has always been avarage. That is why they lost 3 in a row to the Cavs. The guys they had are no longer in the league. Leavingaton, Bogut and Looney are bad.

    • Malissa James says:

      Daniel Lugone Period‼️

    • Donald Smith says:

      @Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot They won 2 chips…..with KD…..

    • Donald Smith says:

      @GodSon Thats not true. They sacraficed players like mo speights, festus Ezeli, Harrison Barnes, and possible role players in the future to get KD.

    • THAT GUY says:

      @Brent Thompson what? Y’all don’t think they stand a chance? All I’m saying is there’s a chance. They went through the West pretty easily without him. They’d get to the finals all I’m saying is they’re still a championship team without him, even if they’re not guaranteed a win. If y’all don’t think the Warriors are capable without him, you don’t know basketball.

  15. Tom Casey Music says:

    Steph Curry ends world hunger…

    Skip Bayless: “The most impactLESS ending of world hunger I’ve ever seen.”

  16. Thamon Wright says:

    Warriors don’t have the bench they had before

    • Nathan A. Torres says:

      Or defense. Kinda reflects on without kd presence and mainly role players like iggy etc bein old/banged up. Let alone there not as great bench

    • Play That Again Bruh says:

      Lollll when they went 11 deep in the sweep vs the Blazers they had depth now they suddenly don’t?

    • Nathan A. Torres says:

      @Play That Again Bruh whoever watch finals, knows blazers are low basketball IQ team unlike raptors and play through there guards. Which was easy for warriors guard and just warriors always had they number. with or with out KD.

    • Juvonne Merriman says:

      Play That Again Bruh don’t compare trash with the raptors. How the blazers get swept 3 str8 yrs

    • Ethereal Punishment says:

      I was saying this for a while. In order to win it all you have to be the most complete and balanced team and warriors don’t have balance nor are they complete. They will lose this series even if it goes to game 7.

  17. MrTdollarsign says:

    Instead of blaming Curry, how giving the Raptors some damn credit for outplaying the warriors and making plays when they count

    • W2 says:

      MrTdollarsign it’s defn not curry’s fault. championships are about luck just as much as quality. warriors are very hurt. raptors less so. AND the raptors are awesome right now, playing very well. it’s a perfect storm.

    • Robert Gaines says:

      Thank you people don’t understand that

    • Robert Gaines says:

      @Natural Born Hustler✓ if they wasn’t injured they still would’ve lost simple fact is they never played a defensive team ever like Raptors then on top of that Kwahi shut down KD before earlier this in overtime and when KD for OKC people forget Kwahi shut down KD and LeBron the same year and won a title. Don’t get me wrong GSW is a helluva shooting team but defense wise always been spotty but it really shows now that why they got KD because Cavs played defense….this always been the motto ….Offense sales tickets, Defense wins CHAMPIONSHIP…hate to say it’s showing now

    • Elton Francis says:

      @Robert Gaines you forget that KD and his OKC team beat Kawhi and the Spurs in 2016, that same year the Spurs had the better record and Kawhi was playing well and was a top 3 defender in the league. Dont pick and choose selective info to confirm your bias.

    • Robert Gaines says:

      @Elton Francis pick and choose but KD lost to the Warriors and could’ve won KD went to finals and lost against the Heat and Kwahi did too both lost but here’s the difference Kwahi play better defense then KD….but bump that Kwahi beat him this year in overtime plus 2016 Parker Duncan and Manu were all at the ending of their careers Facts OKC couldn’t beat the Spurs was losing every time played in playoffs the only OKC got off was the only year they played Miami in finals and they never seen another finals since then so you pick and choose what you think a Spurs team in their prime or a old Spurs at the end of their careers….you would pick that year 2016….lol

  18. Barry McCockner says:

    Welcome to lebrons world. No matter how much you do and how well you do it. People are gonna never give you credit.

    • deon brinson says:

      *skip bayless never gonna…….

    • H Britt says:

      Lol Lebron is generally regarded as the great nba player of his generation and a global icon not only in bball but the sports world in general. What do you mean he doesn’t get any credit.

    • Jon Jones says:

      @H Britt this year they blamed lebron for everything even when he was injured,

  19. 32Spoiled says:

    Shannon makes sure to show all 83 teeth when he talks lol. He’s still the man tho

  20. MrZablon says:

    “You can make stats do whatever you want to do” then why’d you average 1.2 points in highschool skip???

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