Stephanie McMahon announces WWE Evolution: Raw, July 23, 2018

Stephanie McMahon announces WWE Evolution: Raw, July 23, 2018

WWE’s first all-women pay-per-view event will take place on Sunday, Oct. 28, streaming live on WWE Network.

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64 Responses

  1. Elite Ninja says:

    Who thought evolution was going to return?

  2. Agnik Halder says:

    Meh… Skipped

  3. Zangoose _ says:

    This segment was bearable until Stephanie opened her mouth spewing nothing but cringing “woman empowerment”.

  4. Youtuber says:


  5. Konikus2 says:

    Honestly? I don’t really care…..

  6. Moses SOJ says:

    wwe is boring these days. im just being honest

  7. Harry Cooper says:

    I won’t be watching

  8. Daysleeper1990 says:

    WWE: “I’ve got it, we’ll do an all women PPV”
    Fans: “Um, can’t we just fix the women’s storylines and make them more prominent on the main sho……”
    *WWE puts their finger over your lips*
    WWE: “Women’s revolution”

  9. IceG says:

    I thought this was gonna be another triple h Batista and Randy Orton evolution team lol

  10. JoshMartinezJM says:

    Woman Reigns!!

  11. Bandhan Jha says:

    Still every female wrestler have to show her cleavage every night. If you want a revaluation then first stop forcing them to wear revealing cloths

  12. The Roman Reigns says:

    Who miss Bra & Panties Match ?

  13. The Roman Reigns says:

    Plzzzzz WWE I want this Match
    *Bra & Panties*
    Who else want ?

  14. justinebiebervevo says:

    *_2018 is year of revolution!_*

  15. Jack O’Connor says:

    feminism at its highest power lol

  16. Nikola Krastev says:

    Lets be honest the women are still treated like divas and this ppv is gonna suck. I mean they have so many amazing women wrestlers but we have bliss and carmella as champions.

  17. ShadowRealmFox says:

    As long as the PPV is just a once a year event and the PPV itself is 2 or 3 hours.. do that and this PPV will do fine. Also… Becky should be SD’s Women’s Champion… just saying.

    Didn’t AJ Lee start that hashtag… Stephanie please don’t take credit for something you didn’t do.

  18. Kevin Huber says:

    cringe and cheap. That’s all I have to say. Good bye WWE.

  19. Kevin Huber says:

    CM PUNK was so right with all of his promos…

  20. kartik 7204 says:

    I think there should be mix storyline with male stars and female stars
    So then it will ne good

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