Stephanie McMahon sends Ronda Rousey crashing through a table: Raw, April 2, 2018

Stephanie McMahon sends Ronda Rousey crashing through a table: Raw, April 2, 2018

During a face-to-face encounter before WrestleMania, Team McMahon stands strong.
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69 Responses

  1. Sethu Madhavan says:

    “So who the hell do you think you are?”
    “She is Ronda freaking Rousey.”
    *Epic cringe*

  2. Santiago Cervin Garcia says:

    Triple H looks so worn out. Wtf

  3. clint wilcox says:

    This is how you know what era someone started watching the WWE. If you like Ronda, you didn’t watch the Attitude Era. If you witnessed the Attitude Era, you understand how awful she is. She couldn’t hang w/ Trish or Lita & Chyna didn’t need guys to so clearly flop to get herself over. Chyna looked genuinely strong. HHH looks like he’s playing w/ his kid, pretending to be hurt, because she’s not capable of even looking menacing. Like the end of her UFC career, cause “she can’t go back in time”, she’s just an overhyped media creation

  4. Juan Miguel Enriquez says:

    Kurt & HHH’s hair are amazing lol jookeee, at least they’re more brighter than Rousey’s future xD

  5. EZ Justice - Mobile Gaming says:

    I want to see Thripple H vs Ronda Rousey so bad

    • Jakekk says:

      EZ Justice – Mobile Gaming My friend is doing an iPhone X giveaway his channel is called
      “Fortnite withtheboy5”

  6. dannybob42 says:

    I dunno where Steph was pointing but it certainly wasn’t the Wrestlemania sign

  7. Alex Kass says:

    Kurt will take care of business.

  8. W Masih says:

    Double R vs Triple H

  9. W Masih says:

    Fake table covered with foam

  10. BLOODY Gaming says:

    I think Ronda Rousey thinks Wrestling is real😂😂

  11. Andres da Costa says:

    At the end of the day I’m just happy to see my favorite MILF back in action.

  12. Aaradhan kishore says:

    If you want kurt and ronda to win give me a big *HELL YEAH*

  13. Raimon Ivan says:

    Nobody will ever compare to the level of badass of Steph (and Triple H)

  14. CK Exploring says:

    Got to remember, Rousey went from actually fighting to acting give her time to develop!

  15. Windshield Washer Cocktail says:

    Wait, when has WWE staredown ever ended up “the classy way”?

  16. SAD DIL DHILLON says:

    *This is Scripted but only for our entertainment*

    • Johnnm Holtschneider says:

      Every one knows

    • Eddie Bowles says:

      SAD DIL DHILLON, thank you for revealing this astounding revelation. We have been living a lie our entire lives until now. Thank you so much.

    • Leem Wills says:

      SAD DIL DHILLON we all know

    • Thats just my opinion; How about you? says:

      Longarms, I actually have a couple of friends who think it’s real, LOL. One of my friend’s {with a heart condition,} was having trouble with a guy and I offered some advice on taking the other guy on, he told me, “I’m not worried, I watch pro wrestling all the time.” O-Oh Key, they did fight for about a minute but out in the front yard so the cop’s were called right away, and they both went to jail overnight. IF you really want go fight someone, why do it were you can easily be caught, I don’t think either one of them wanted to get hit.

      Saying that wrestling was just entertainment was what kept Vince Mc Mann from going to jail for rigging the game a few years back. The blood is real but, they get paid B-I-G Money to let the other one mess them up.

  17. rXcksty says:

    WWE keeps pushing the double R’s:

    Roman Reigns
    Ronda Rousey

  18. Lance Sicat says:

    Kurt looks like Dana White

  19. DeadHaxRKS says:

    Triple H is my all-time favorite wrestler and I’m done seeing Triple H turning into a jobber

  20. Our Founding Liars says:

    Ronda Rousey… RR… Radioactive Reptilian. Stephanie sensed her connection with the Reptilian world order and took the matter into her own hands. Keep asking questions. Investigate Ronda.

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