Stephen A. breaks out a cigar to celebrate the Cowboys’ playoff loss | First Take

Stephen A. breaks out a cigar to celebrate the Cowboys’ playoff loss | First Take

Stephen A. Smith dons a cowboy hat and breaks out a cigar to celebrate the end of the Dallas Cowboys’ season on First Take.

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81 Responses

  1. Toby Creation says:

    *Can you guys imagine what ESPN would be without Stephen A?* ???

  2. Manny Manhattan Music says:


  3. Juan F. Montenegro says:

    I don’t get the hate. Cowboys did decent but at the end of the day the Rams were going into the game as the superior team, performed as the superior team, and everybody knew this. Cowboys were the underdog some hoped would make the upset happen, but they were not expected to go and win guaranteed

    • TypicalSlacker says:

      Louis is right. The Cowboys have a huge fan base and any time that the Cowboys actually lose (against the #2 NFC team that every Cowboy fan knew was going to be an uphill battle to beat this time around) the jealousy from the haters comes out as they celebrate and use “Cowgirl” as if the Cowboys were one of the worst teams in the league, which obviously isn’t true because other teams have been consistently much worse for years.

    • Michael Herd says:

      Part of is because Rams have been the better team all season, yet people were constantly talking about the Cowboys run game and defense. Talking about how this was one of the worst matchups for the Rams. Constant talk about the Cowboys beating the Saints and the Bears beating the Rams.

      Yet the Rams not only won, but won in the exact way they weren’t supposed to. They weren’t supposed to be able to run on the Cowboys. They weren’t supposed to be able to shut Zeke down.

      The Cowboys were overhyped because of that Saints win, while the Rams have been under hyped for two seasons straight now because of their massive turnaround. To a lesser extent, the same thing happened with the Chiefs and Colts. The hot team was overhyped against the team who consistently showed up throughout the season.

    • Anthony Sallustio says:

      It is what it is, Rams were the #2 in the conference and probably the 3rd best team in whole league but because the Cowboys lost to them its a choke job, it is what it is, Cowboys bring ratings if not idiots like Stephen A. would be out of a job. Other fan bases hate them more than they like their own team and that’s sad in itself, just imagine how pathetic you have to be to wait until Dallas loses to celebrate anything, #AmericasTeam

    • J J Cashmaster says:

      Why arent they talking about the colts getting wrecked by the chiefs and not being able to get a first down until the end of 2nd quarter? Or how about the chargers getting raped by the patriots? Those teams got wrecked, cowboys actually put up a good fight and lost decently

    • Michael Herd says:

      J J Cashmaster Probably because the Chiefs and Patriots have been good for years. The Rams only got good last year, and people are still adjusting to their new status.

      Plus, the Cowboys had a bit more hype than the Colts or Chargers. Not only because of their name, but because their defense was supposed to be a direct counter to the Rams offense.

  4. Chris Grant says:

    It’s 32 nfl teams but espn loves them some cowboys win or lose they talking about the cowboys views ?Chargers & Eagles silence but they will do 4 videos today just on the cowboys watch ?

    • Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN says:

      Ok? Steelers got talked about for months even after they missed the playoffs.

    • Ghana Serapis says:

      +Matio Williams That’s why get national TV rights year after year. Decade after decade. Its not any team you root for. Only the team you spend your time and energy hating. We don’t mind that you jagoff into a Cowboys sock cuz your grandpa banging your little bro instead of you now. Keep the merch sales going. Phuck off slug.

    • Matio Williams says:

      +Ghana Serapis OMG you cowboy fans a pathetic go jerk off to those old dusted up superbowl titles.your team is a perrineal loser these last two decades and you want to talk about views and mechandise that’s all you can talk about that’s your only claim to relevance look at you cowgirl fan deflecting and ignoring your failures sad really.instead of focusing on views y’all should be focusing on titles i know y’all haven’t seen one in a while losers

    • Guitarslingin Zombiekiller says:

      +Malik Will and your team is ? asshole

    • Xavier Stamps says:

      +XXX mf they always in the media for whatever reason and dumb ass fans like you are the reason. Dallas didn’t do shit since the 95 season and ya’ll swear up and down ppl hating. Hating on what?

  5. Snipers Get Dome says:

    Before this week stephen a was 0-9 when choosing cowboys games since week 8….I wouldnt be celebrating if I was him

    • Adam Silver says:

      Snipers Get Dome cowboys fans always say something like this that’s why y’all been trash forever

    • cpk1994 says:

      Doesn’t matter. Another year, no Super Bowl for the Cowboys. 23 years and counting. That is what matters. They are NOT America’s Team.

    • Mike Gonz says:

      Yeah he ain’t shit saying we would lose to Seattle so his opinion is trash.. Not valid

    • glace5620 says:

      Agreed, plus this f*** has 6 or 7 favorite teams(Steelers today, Eagles next day, Patriots, Jets, Giants)…get the f*** outta here lol

    • Adam Silver says:

      Mike Gonz you really bragging about barely beating a Seahawks team that lost their whole defense? Cowboys fans are weak lol

  6. Bruh Man says:

    But Skiuuup, SAS be stealing my moves

  7. GrindTime says:

    Stephen a Smith tryna act like Shannon with his props stop it you puppet

  8. Stanley Robinson says:

    Wait a Minute..I thought Stephen A. Predicted the Cowboys were going to Win the game,? What’s in that Cigar Steve ?

  9. 675gilly says:

    First thing that came to mind was Ole uncle Shae

  10. Jordan Key says:

    SAS tryna be like Uncle Shay lmaooooo sorry ass

  11. Durkio B says:

    It only took 500 wrong predictions to finally celebrate

    • Anthony Mercado says:

      Durkio B not true he knew come playoff time cowboys would lose . Accident waiting to happen .

    • Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN says:

      N it only took one loss to destroy the faith of every cowboy in the nation.

    • KERLOND says:

      +Anthony Mercado
      He knew come playoff time ?….He said all season long that the Cowboys would not be in playoffs….Then he said the Cowboys would lose to the Seahawks, then he said the Cowboys have 75% of chances to beat the Rams….

    • subjektproductions says:

      He predicted the cowboys would not make the superbowl every year, seems right to  me lmao

    • AJ Lee says:

      He won’t be completely wrong unless the cowboys win a super or at least make a nfc title game.

  12. Ben Dizon says:

    Does a wild card win really count as a TRUE playoff win? Lol

  13. Young OG Official says:

    Molly stfu. She wanna prove she know something so bad ???‍♂️

  14. Raivons R1 says:

    I learned today that Stephen A Smith doesn’t know how to celebrate

  15. Aaron Rodriguez says:

    Shannon Sharpe ain’t the only mf who smokes cigars people. Shannon Sharpe took SAS whole loud mouth tv persona. Skip needed another SAS and settled with Shannon Sharpe remember that. Let my guy smoke a cigar. Square ass mfs ?

    • Henry Ortiz says:

      no bro Shannon has been that loud since he was playin in the NFL. Shannon got kick of the other show for being to real. Rembert that he was dating all the woman on the other network.

    • subjektproductions says:

      SAS has ALWAYS been a TV loud mouth……They are both almost the same. Its fine with me lol

  16. Whos house RAMS HOUUSSE! says:

    Dallas fans are still at the stadium waiting for their defense to show up.

  17. 404 Da Don says:

    use me as a ” Molly STFU ” button ! maybe ESPN will actually see this and tell her to keep her mouth closed interrupting ppl smh

  18. Troy Hawkins says:

    They always cut her off when she is talking I love it but you guys better watch out for the me 2 movement chicks lol.

  19. Caleb Davis says:

    This is why I love SAS ???

    • KERLOND says:

      Caleb Davis
      He said the Cowboys would not play the playoffs
      He said the Cowboys would not beat the Seahawks
      He said the Cowboys are more talented than the Rams and had 75% of chances of winning

  20. Bflo23 says:

    Cowboys = Accident Waiting To Happen.

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