Stephen A. calls out Kwame Brown’s NBA career: ‘You weren’t very good’ | Stephen A’s World

Stephen A. calls out Kwame Brown’s NBA career: ‘You weren’t very good’ | Stephen A’s World

Stephen A. calls out Kwame Brown’s NBA career: ‘You weren’t very good’ | Stephen A’s World
Stephen A. Smith calls out Kwame Brown and breaks down some of the biggest bloopers during his NBA career.
#StephenAWorld #NBA

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41 Responses

  1. Iballright Celebs says:

    Everyone has a blooper reel . Prepare for the mommas cooking 🍿

    • Nupe 1911 says:

      @FactsOnly i get u… but understand .. sports shows been doing this for decades.. its part of it.. we can’t complain about something knowing before we did it would go if it don’t work…

    • Jwda thefax says:

      @Marland Townsend They actually talked about that all the time homie keep up.

    • Dee Vee says:

      @Thahellutalkinbout Dosen’t matter they coming him on a negative way now. T-mac never said his name or tried to single him as they did. There were multiple players involved in that trade bruh

    • Jwda thefax says:

      @Matt Barnes 😂😂😂foh with your fake rant.

    • Young King Gaming says:

      @Kenny Rene 😂😂😂 I see what you did here lol

  2. Jake Burstyn says:

    Charlemagne talks about Kwame’s family members


    • SheepDoggy Blahhh says:

      @grandtrunk708 man we all better then SAS

    • Praises says:

      SAS: Misuse of a platform for personal vendetta. Very unprofessional. Curious as to why you always think it’s necessary to scream and yell and talk over people to make your point. It really shows a lack of ability to express yourself in a clear and concise manner. Maybe anger management issues.

    • MC says:

      @Maurice Chatman 😂 great point about all the smoke’s name, I guess they’re snowflakes that want others to take the smoke but not themselves

    • 1stname brandon says:

      Yes, but after Kwame got personal with people though wrong or right.

    • MC says:

      @1stname brandon charlamagne the lesser charge god went personal with him first before kwame directed anything at him

  3. Byron D Allen says:

    This dude just straight up lied in y’all face. Stak5 said he got some dudes for him and he’ll catch him in traffic, Barnes invited him to his 🍆, Charla spoke on this man family business and said he would choose violence like his dad did but Steven A said they said nothing personal. This is lesson 101 on controlling the narrative to persuade you into viewing something a certain way. Y’all really out here proving this man point cause he never disputed that he didn’t live up to expectations.

    • BEAST TV says:

      @M A shut ya mouth boy

    • Raymond Thomas says:

      @Ronzo Jay really if so why say anything enjoy the fruit of your labor

    • Raymond Thomas says:

      @Byron D Allen what are you doing about that instead of gossip on here

    • Phil B says:

      @I V not all men box. But we fight real good. Ya dig?

    • Raymond Thomas says:

      @Aj English they draft him off of potential I always say go for the sure thing because he might not reach it two I never said barnes had to be jordan or kobe he was a defensive players he wasn’t drafted with the number 1# either but find more excuses for him. Stephen Jackson average 15 a game better than brown ever now get off your knees

  4. TheLegendOfKoop says:


    • Lonnie Knight says:

      @li_ professor boy stfu

    • Lonnie Knight says:

      @Midnight Rambler same place u did

    • Midnight Rambler says:

      @Hunchoz x wrong.The colleges were losing revenue with all these superstar athletes bypassing them to go straight to the league and they needed to get the majority to agree with the one and done rule they were putting into effect.But keep believing the narrative you’ve been brainwashed into believing 🤷

    • T O says:

      @Danny Fraser As a journalist you don’t answer questions or report news from a biased standpoint as its morally unethical… how can he stand there in front of students that i can guarantee you 99.5% of those student he was speaking to will require 20 to 30 years to pay off their student loans or even go into bankruptcy, or will never make $60 million in their lifetime… and telling this same student a boy (teenager) that bought a house for him mum and brought financially stability for himself and family over 12/13 years is a failure…wow…somethings some living people are just zombies like SAS.

      If you were my child and listened to SAS say that as a student in that school, when you got home from school that day or semester, i will put you in the washer and your brain and dry you in the sun to make sure you remain positive and focused on who you are and your goals instead of following SAS to the next Blackman bring down.

    • S W says:

      He will NEVER answer that

  5. Double M says:

    Steven A tries to invalidate and make Kwame look crazy from the jump by making a bold faced lie that all these guys weren’t personally disrespecting him. A quick YouTube search will show that all of them did personally disrespect him.

  6. mel brooks says:

    I don’t even watch ESPN anymore. Doing his master’s bidding. Good job Stephen. Smh.

  7. kenneth kado says:

    He earned his 63 mil entertaining us in the last 3 weeks right there. Yall need y’all truth sometimes

  8. Tanyaonpurpose says:

    This host is a Disney villain. He used a huge platform for a personal attack on KB. I hope the hero wins in the end. Maybe KB will end up with SAS’s job.🤔

    • nicole charles says:

      KB has already Won!

    • Midnight Rambler says:

      ESPN is crashing and burning.They have the lowest ratings they’ve ever had.I hope this was the straw that broke the camel’s back cuz they have ruined sports for alot of people with their woke garbage.I went from watching sportscenter multiple times a day to not watching ESPN at all for a few years now after it got political and turned SJW….

  9. Joe 47 says:

    ESPN allowing Steven A Smith to do this just proves Kwame Brown right. My people open that third 👁 to the 🐃💩 all news and media push. 🏹🔥

  10. Curtiss King TV says:

    This is what hurt looks like in 4K. But this don’t hit like Mama’s Cookin. Get ready for your BBQ Stephen A.

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