Stephen A.: Cavs ‘were an absolute disgrace’ in 2nd half of Game 2 vs. Celtics | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A.: Cavs ‘were an absolute disgrace’ in 2nd half of Game 2 vs. Celtics | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith joins SportsCenter to break down Game 2 of the Boston Celtics vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers, saying the Cavs “were an absolute disgrace” in the second half and LeBron James needs to play better.

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113 Responses

  1. riqo steel says:

    “CAVS IN 4” 😂😂😂😂

  2. Jeeby. Tube says:

    Once again it’s never the Celtics fault once they win it’s always the other team beating there self

    • Lil Wayne Carter says:

      Jeeby. Tube just look at the numbers to every game. You guys still don’t notice something?? Wake up!!

    • Americamera_Jay 84 says:

      Travler Simpon so for 2 str8 Games Cavaliers weren’t playing Defense c’mon bruh. It’s the Cs Defense. Y’all said the same shit about the sixers. And there a reason Bron just ain’t steam rollin to the cup. He is gettin tired. I mean He was balling 1st quarter. He didn’t slow down Bc he wanted too. Man was exhausted. C’s in 6

    • Americamera_Jay 84 says:

      Myjoyisful lol

    • Jaime Osorio says:

      mmn 000 yeah because teams just simply “give up” 😂😂 the type of excuses ya come up with

    • Bryan Martinez says:

      Travler Simpon because they have no defense , that’s been the case all season long, they just happened to “turn it up” the first two series, but their playing a well coached celtics team that can expose that defense

  3. Lebron James says:


    • hacked account says:


    • Jack Schwartz says:

      angela meynell Love wasn’t inconsistent in Minnesota where he lead the league in double doubles a couple times. His defense isn’t the greatest tho. What’s bad is their team chemistry. No movement going on a lot of shooters standing still. LeBron going iso like Westbrook or Harden. There’s a reason LeBron loses to team ball teams like San Antonio and Golden State.

    • LetMeGet Ughh says:

      Unbiased Basketball Stan love didn’t ball out lmao he was missing open ass shots and dissapeared for long stretches. When LeBron sat love couldn’t keep the team alive alone. He started making em later but he should have had 30 the way they guarded him. Single coverage in the post, open jumpers ECT.

    • LetMeGet Ughh says:

      Jack Schwartz he is driving and kicking to shooters lol they’re not making shots besides korver. And the cletics are containing the drives pretty well but throwing multiple bodies at him and ignoring the Cavs shooter

    • LetMeGet Ughh says:

      Jack Schwartz he was consistently losing and missing the playoffs though. Good stats on bad teams

  4. Ice Cube says:

    This dude at his house 😂

  5. Lebron James says:

    Any team I should think of going to this summer?


    C us Rise!!! baby….

  7. King Kunta says:

    Never Credit the Celtics Stephen. Always make excuses for your predictions


      King Kunta idk if hes lebron fan or lebron hater

    • The Joker says:

      Celtics could win the championship and he would still say it was the other team that lost it and will give no credit to celtics

    • mike johnson says:

      The Joker of course but what do you expect? He’s supposed to be a knick fan and it seems he’s happier when we do bad than good. He’s a joke

    • Sam C Gamer says:

      ThisIsAgui but every time the Elton’s beat a team it doesn’t have to be because of the other team’s “poor performance”

    • Eddie R says:

      Karl Tanner, the FOOKIN LEGEND Celtics are not beating the Warriors if they make it to the finals. Keep dreaming

  8. Pick N' POP says:

    Stephan a smith is so annoying. He is dope and I respect him but he’s just so Annoying 😂

    • Pick N' POP says:

      Yrvin Alexander Lopez nah. I’m a fan of all teams. I rooting for a Celtics series win. I like all teams nba fan not team fan

    • Yrvin Alexander Lopez says:

      Pick N’ POP same here, i like to watch them play but i hate cavs fanbase because they are toxic af.

    • Carl Arce says:

      Lol. None of these guys get the reference

    • LeNever B Jordan says:

      Pick N’ POP Don’t let SAS distract you from the fact that JR Smith played 27 mins and had as many points as the fans in the stands had. That’s okay, they’re down 0-2. But wait til I.T. gets back. 😳😳😳

    • Luis Gutierrez says:

      HAHAHHAHA thats exactly what I said lol!

  9. Raphael Champion says:

    Interesting Facts: All of us watching the game sitting here with the same amount of points as JR Smith

  10. Caleb Wong says:

    SAS is going off tomorrow on First Take

    • lil.dripptv says:

      Caleb Wong don’t know what more u could ask 😂😂

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      If he goes on. Today he let Will Cain fill in. I wanted him to get on Max about the Warriors. Will put him in his place though.

    • Jason Morrison says:

      Don’t let this distract you from the fact that J.R. Smith was as absent as LeBron’s hairline, and your grandma scored just as many points as him.

    • Jon Davis says:

      Caleb Wong he goes off everyday lol are u knew?

    • V T says:

      It’s a scripted show geared towards sas having shouting antics and having max say stupid things so sas can make bogus facial expressions…its all for show!

  11. Hooked on Chronics says:

    Boston is just a better TEAM, doesnt matter if LeBron is the best player.

    • LeNever B Jordan says:

      Hooked on Chronics Don’t let LeBron distract you from the fact that JR Smith played 27 mins and had as many points as the fans in the stands had. That’s okay, they’re down 0-2. But wait til I.T. gets back. 😳😳😳

    • Donald Alexander says:

      Hooked on Chronics Just think if Hayward and Kyrie we’re there.👌😋

    • Donald Alexander says:

      Ballin Too Why the hell you think Kobe, wouldn’t pass the rock at times. Kobe felt like, and I absolutely get it. He felt like he could miss just as easily, or not, as those other players on his team. So why then is the Queen passing when he can see their not hitting? I’ll tell you, because he doesn’t want anyone to say Bron won’t pass the ball. Shit Kobe didn’t care, and I love him for that. You might not know, but 🐦 Bird used to call McHale the black hole. Meaning when the ball went inside it never came back out. Man you have to be selfish for the betterment of the team at times. Best advice you can give a good player in high school, shoot the ball.

    • J Swish says:

      McStrokeAvision Maybe you should stick to another sport other than basketball because you are very wrong. LBJ got his teammates open looks and he gave Kevin Love the ball everytime he’s in the post when he had the matchup advantage

    • Joe Asuncion says:

      kevin Durant Really? He was in a slump, you’re gonna bring up the timberwolves? Now what is he getting over the last 2 series? Yup, that’s what I thought.

  12. Comradcommodore says:

    Can we stop with JR Smith finally? Dude eats up 25+ mins a game and does absolutely nothing, his scuffle at the end of the game was essentially the nail

    • LeNever B Jordan says:

      Comradcommodore Don’t let SAS distract you from the fact that JR Smith played 27 mins and had as many points as the fans in the stands had. That’s okay, they’re down 0-2. But wait til I.T. gets back. 😳😳😳

    • Zombieghostkilla 2323 says:

      Jordan he acttauly umm how lol 42 10 12 he shouldn’t even have to do that

    • Louie Varela says:

      matthew brack stfu. On Jordans nuts and I bet you never seen him play. Gtfoh

    • Mr Toast says:

      Jr has been trash his entire career. You can never count on him to score more then 8 points a game and get no more then 2 rebounds and assists. Hes litteraly there to take horrible shots and to stand in the corner to distract a defender.

    • Zombieghostkilla 2323 says:

      Ballin Too kobe couldn’t win with Nash or Dwight so he’s trash and don’t say Nash was old he was averaging 22 year before and Howard was best center in the league at the time

  13. Duncan MacDonald says:

    42pt triple double performance and you still need more from Lebron Steven A? Come on man. Celtics are better then we thought they were. Give the respect where it’s due.

    • Tony Flakes says:

      He did that shit 1st half mostly… Got hit in the face and gave up… Walks the court, got tired first half… WA k ass… Mj would never…. Never allow that shit

    • Steve Gerrard says:

      Duncan MacDonald Lebron can’t win, when it comes to his haters. Last game he scored 15 they said he was lazy and not interested. This game he gets a 42 point triple double and they say he’s stat padding and he needs to do more. Whenever they lose it’s always his fault

    • Jack Schwartz says:

      Yeah 42 point triple double but the team chemistry is awful. LeBron needs to do better where stats don’t show such as facilitating offense, getting easy shots for teammates, setting the tone on defense and not turning the ball over so much. Westbrook gets a triple double more than half of his games, yet they still lose.. but definitely the Celtics are a great team and deserve credit. They are outcoaching the crap out of the cavs lol

    • Francisco Pizarro says:

      Steve Gerrard Lebron has been one of the worst ranked defensive players all season but I understand. Triple doubles and turning the ball over 7 times a game is more important than wins lol

    • LeNever B Jordan says:

      Don’t let SAS distract you from the fact that JR Smith played 27 mins and had as many points as the fans in the stands had. That’s okay, they’re down 0-2. But wait til I.T. gets back. 😳😳😳

  14. AyooCJ says:

    Lebron had 42, 10, and 12 and here Stephen A is here saying they need more from him 💀💀💀

    • Lions Mane says:

      AyooCJ he needs to put up 63, 18 and 16. No excuse

    • Ariel Fernandez says:

      J Jac 2v5 who tf you think supposed to win that game ?

    • TOPXLeDGeND says:

      King Jay exactly they expect stupidly insane efforts from him but don’t blame Jr and Hill for getting only 3 points between them in 60 combined minutes. And Jeff Green 6pts 5TO. Korver had 4mins 35sec where he was good the other 17 he didn’t score a point. Did amazingly in those 4 mins but outside it was absent. Love and James vs celtics for a majority of the game.

    • Ariel Fernandez says:

      ohhh yeahhh he scored 21 in the first half and had nearly half of the teams points by half time, that’s exhausting to half to play that way for an entire game and the Cavs absolutely needed each of his 42 points because with out it they would’ve been blown out by way worse than 13. But instead of coming after Lebron let’s focus on the rest of his team since people love to say that it’s always about Lebron and his team never gets credit

    • D Clop says:

      That’s because he faded and became less effective as the game went on.. something he does often in the playoffs.

  15. Alan Martinez says:

    SAS just got on his shirt and jacket on cause behind his phone camera it’s him in boxers tryna get some sleep lmfao

  16. bang nguyen says:

    jr and lebron put on a show with a 42 points combined.

  17. james khing says:

    JR SMITH must be suspended. that was some BILL LAIMBEER level dirtiness.

    • Vanilla Theis says:

      shoota in da building shoota in da flesh He did get a Tech for jawing at Thompson

    • tom11zz884 says:

      Please, people played like this routinely during the 1990’s NBA.
      Today’s players and the NBA is so soft.

    • LetMeGet Ughh says:

      shoota in da building shoota in da flesh he pushed a guy midair for no real reason and no attempt to get the ball. That’s a flagrant and could have easily turned into an injury

    • LetMeGet Ughh says:

      tom11zz884 this is a flagrant foul in the 90s too and somebody might have scrapped him. Y’all love overrating the physicality of the 90s like there was no rules.

  18. Maurice Braxton says:

    Should’ve kept D. Wade…

    • Cve Muzic says:

      Maurice Braxton I just commented the same thing bro! Shits crazy knowing he wouldn’t have back down from the challenge and at least put in 15pts or more💯

    • Maurice Braxton says:

      Right! I’ve never heard of a game where Wade scores 3 or lay a goose egg like JR.

  19. KZ1994able says:

    Basically what hes saying is Lebron has to be Kobe-esc in game 3

    • Kareem Holland says:

      If he’s kobe-esc they will lose by 40

    • Donald Alexander says:

      KZ1994able If he’s supposed to be better, then Kobe, why then should he be Kobe-esc/Kobe-est? I’ll tell you, he ain’t better than Kobe. Hell Kobe wouldn’t be have’n it.

    • Ghost Boy says:

      Justin Stupart he had 42 points but he’s not a scorer…ok kid.

    • Marwan Nakouzi says:

      frizider ledeni bron is averagin 33.5

    • Justin Durham says:

      He doesn’t possess the skills to become Kobe at all and that’s easy to see. Why is everyone avoiding the obvious, which is LeBron ran out of gas in the first quarter. These fake journalist painting the narrative that LeBron is a highly conditioned athlete, but can’t get pass the 1st quarter with being gassed for the game. MJ and Kobe had the stamina to put on performances for all four quarters.

  20. Joe Murray says:

    JR SMITH does not deserve the money he is getting.

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