Stephen A. challenges LeBron to stop hiding on social media and refute reports live on First Take

Stephen A. challenges LeBron to stop hiding on social media and refute reports live on First Take

Stephen A. invites LeBron James to join him on First Take after LeBron posted an Instagram story discrediting ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reports about turmoil between the Los Angeles Lakers and King James.
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93 Responses

  1. Checks Over Stripes says:

    Yall want lebron to give yall more views so bad its it’s pathetic. Lebron isnt worried about y’all.

    • Oso Arrogant says:

      Yes he is worried about them that’s why he watching first take clown

    • justa nother says:

      He’s not worried about ESPN per se, but he does want to.get media attention. His star power is based on being at the forefront of EVERYONE’S minds, including Hollywood producers who want a big name in their productions. That and other business ventures are WHY he went to LA. It was the only logical place he could become a billionaire.

    • The S-MAN says:

      Big big facts bruh

    • Hyper Dhindsa says:

      +Yurhomi 24 Why wouldn’t you respond to a claim saying that you and your team are having problems and are butting heads from the world’s biggest sports network!!!

    • Chirayu Desai says:

      +Gordon Lamsy ur prolly a fat fuckin virgin

  2. Connor says:

    Stephen A been mad at LeBron ever since he told people to stop listening to Stephen A’s sources ??

  3. Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010 says:

    Stephen A Smith, LeBron doesn’t respect or like you.

    • DeWayne Phillips says:

      Jerico Thompson, Lebitch couldn’t win without kyrie Ray And Adam silver. The bitchass nigga lost to Dallas in 2011 where he was getting his ass handed to him by Jason terry! Shut your bitchass up and sit down and Quit talking basketball. You sound real dumb right now! #3-6 #leswept twice ??

    • DeWayne Phillips says:

      LionsPride, I’m speaking facts. You just mad your boo thang is watching the playoffs and not in them. This is the best year ever ?

    • DeWayne Phillips says:

      TheNarutodbzss19, No more emotional than you fagboys. Truth hurts huh

    • DeWayne Phillips says:

      Domeo, Is he playing in the playoffs?

    • DeWayne Phillips says:

      Hiei Jaganshi, In the weakass east. I’m not impressed. Where is his overrated ass at now that he’s playing in the west?

  4. Bruno Caboclo says:

    LeBron has more coverage than the nba playoffs

  5. EliteFlite says:

    shut up ESPN, Lebron will go on TNT not you.

  6. Rojelio Castro says:

    LeBron: There’s no trust issues between me & the Lakers. That’s not true

    SAS: Well first of all, you’re wrong

  7. Mark Readin says:

    When LeBron goes on, watch Stephen A switch to: “Our guest is a 4 time mvp, a mount rushmore player…what an honor, my brother”

  8. mrEFIP says:

    Stop stealing ideas from TNT lmao.

  9. ali gheee says:


  10. RickyStreams says:

    Stop trynna be like Chuck smh.

  11. Dhk4 says:

    SAS asking why they’re talking about Lebron smh. You talk about him every day whether he’s playing or not. Let him post a picture of a piece of pizza tomorrow, you’ll make a segment about, “Is Lebron not taking his offseason training seriously enough?”

  12. LaKobe Ball says:


  13. Fodor Davidson says:

    LMAO, espn exposed by their own cash cow LeBron!

    • Zarey Dastaryan says:

      I’m with Stephen a beg lebron do what you do best its not playing defense its recruiting

    • newyork1975ful says:

      +Zarey Dastaryan Do bosses beg?

    • Zarey Dastaryan says:

      +newyork1975ful lol he ain’t no boss and bitches do

    • wizg says:

      +Andre Riter It was actually Stephen A. Smith who created that “Lebron Controlling Narrative ” story after Lebron discredited Stephen A’s smith report on Lebron wanting to punch Kyrie for leaving cavs as fake news. He’s been salty ever since and always brings up the “control the narrative” anytime he’s mentioned

    • Andre Riter says:

      +Danyal Kazmi Lol obviously the media is going to reach and creates narratives in order to get ratings, that’s the business they’re in. Doesn’t mean LeBron still isn’t trying to control the narrative, which he clearly is.

  14. 100000 Subscribers with NO videos challange says:

    Stephen A sound salty as hell. LeBron ain’t gotta do nothing but stay in the gym. Talking is Stephen A’s job LeBrons is to perform.

  15. Devrick Thomas says:

    *”You don’t wanna make an enemy out of me…”* – Stephen A. “Let me be very very clear” Smith

  16. ChinafatowProductions says:

    damn lebron doesnt make the playoffs once and people start disrepecting him like he’s anthony bennet.

  17. King Heem says:

    LeBron not asking for attention. He’s been covered like crazy everyday since he’s been 16. Y’all talk about him for ratings

    • mansonlamps says:

      Lebron don’t want attention? Uh yeah sure he don’t .. get fucking real

    • Rhai Yan says:

      playoff mode activated isn’t asking for attention?

    • YS Dagetter says:

      All The King Haters but it’s not a record he haven’t broke in also it’s was his first year in LA in witout begin in the playoff the NBA still pay attention to his every move in comments

    • Joyce Stevens says:

      True that!!!

    • Travion Johnson says:

      King Heem which he’s never tried to stop until they not praising him. Does he call Shannon Sharpe fake news no cause he wears kneepads and praise him and pop excuses like popcorn

  18. ssimpson11234 says:

    Lol espn blaming lebron for the reason why they talk about him all the time smh this has got to stop

  19. Kenneth Jara says:

    First take is at the NFL DRAFT and they still talk about Lebron? BRUHHH!

  20. dom kennedy says:

    This is why LeBron doesn’t like you Stephen A, you been salty ever since he said don’t listen to your sources lmaoo

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