Stephen A. declares Damian Lillard & Giannis will be the NBA’s BEST DUO 😎 | First Take

Stephen A. declares Damian Lillard & Giannis will be the NBA’s BEST DUO 😎 | First Take

Stephen A. declares Damian Lillard & Giannis will be the NBA’s BEST DUO 😎 | First Take
Stephen A. Smith argues that Damian Lillard & Giannis Antetokounmpo will be the best duo in the NBA, while Shannon Sharpe makes a case for Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray.
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37 Responses

  1. Bragging Rights Sports says:

    It’s either Jokic/Murray or Dame/Giannis. I could go either way, although I’m very interested to see what happens in MKE with Dame/Giannis.

    • Frank ### says:

      Street basketball scenario, Giannis and Damian > Never lose.

    • Bragging Rights Sports says:

      @Frank ### Streetball is not how you win in today’s NBA. Just ask the Nets, Clippers, and Bulls about that. The thing that bothers me about the Bucks is Father Time being against them, and Boston having a cheatsheet on how to beat Giannis.

  2. Max Jaeger says:

    As a Wisconsinite, just like Oregon we appreciate our players way more than big markets. This is legit the best fit for Dame and we could not be happier to show our love to them.

    • EX Demokrat says:

      True my kids and I went downtown to welcome him.

    • Darrakkii says:

      bc small markets get them once in their history and big markets get them once every 20 years, so yes you appreciate it more because you’ve had less for the last 40 years

    • Darrakkii says:

      i mean the lakers went from Kobe to LeBron in 5 years lmfao

    • DJ 9one says:

      As a raptors fan I agree because ever since our golden age of raptors basketball died down after winning the chip in 2019, some (not all) of our fanbase has become very spoiled recently, if we don’t get another superstar they’ll whine and complain about Masai Ujiri not getting one and will totally discredit the players we have on our team, y’all deserve dame more than me we do, he in the best situation cuz u guys are in win now mode and right now ain’t our time, just getting dame wouldn’t really move the needle for us cuz we just gotta keep developing

    • Joshua Alicea says:

      @Darrakkiilet bro cook👏

  3. Francisco Miguel Rosa says:

    “The best duo, individually, yes, but I think the best duo is Jamal Murray and Jokic” That’s a real student of the game

  4. Rahiem Montgomery says:

    Thank you Shannon giving props to the nuggets people keep forgetting Murray and porter are still young they just gonna keep getting better especially now with finals experience

    • eye yam TG says:

      Yup, people forgot nuggets won it all without much consistency from MPjr, porter n murray are both capable of 50-40-90 and porter cooks when hes on, just something about being a yellow skinned lightskin.

  5. Al farouq Aminu for 3 says:

    Bucks switched point guards, everyone else on the bucks has played together. damian brings potent offense but he also brings leadership, he carried a franchise for a decade. dame ia the real deal

    • Sincere Vybez Ent says:

      It’s diff when the point guard changes tho, but it should be exciting. You guys lost more players than just Jdrew Holliday so other guys will have to contribute more from the bench. But I think you may miss some of the defense of Holliday. Boy was locking up 1-3 respectively for most gms and he took the hardest matchup a lot of nights on the perimeter. Dame can’t do that now, but he’s more potent on offense so we will see.

    • RAntinatalism says:

      Dame said he is playing with the best player in the league…. So he went to Denver?

    • eye yam TG says:

      Damian carried the blazers to what, Numerous playoff exits?

    • Sincere Vybez Ent says:

      @eye yam TG lmao u cold blooded bro lmfao. Maybe he didn’t win a chip but he still carried lol, he just wasn’t good enuff to get thru the west without a solid no2. CJ was more of a 3rd option guy and they really needed a solid no2 or another 1 like Dame. Gotta remember what the west has looked like the last 10 yrs. They lost to some pretty good teams, some of which won the chip that year or made the western conference finals. Rockets, Grizz, Warriors 3X no shame in that, Lakers, and Denver. Plus it wasn’t like it was ever because Dame didn’t ball so gotta give em credit for pushing them as far as he did.

  6. Michelangelo says:

    One thing people forget too is Dame’s range is actually a bit better than Curry’s. Curry is the better overall shooter, but Dame actually shoots better than anyone once you go crazy far out.

    Steph when he gets hot just becomes ridiculous from everywhere, but Dame averages better from ultra deep.

    Which means that Mr Greek Freak is going to have a LOT of room in any series since even if Dame isnt on fire, you still have to defend really far from the basket

    • eye yam TG says:

      Let him shoot all them half court heaves he wants.. this isn’t a game of horse.

    • Greg Bors says:

      @eye yam TG”That’s a bad shot!”
      – Paul George 😂

    • Michelangelo says:

      @Greg Bors I was just thinking the same thing lol. There’s plenty more examples of games with defenses thinking “let him chuck them.” Usually they change their tune after they realize he’s just going to keep making them lol.

      That series was a rare exception. I think Lillard was actually over 50% from that range over the series and PG still gave him enough space for that shot and complained about it afterwards hahaha

  7. Eric Lani says:

    Jokic and Murray still on the throne. Let’s watch them play a game before we crown them

  8. Michael S says:

    It’s just like Dame said. On paper that combo is crazy – I just wanna see it first. I agree with Shay that Jokic and Jamal are tried and true.

  9. Monroe Kitty says:

    Giannis has an @mazing personality.. as a Milwaukee native and Bucks fan I can truly say our city is lucky to have him.

  10. Moni💕 says:

    Like Dame said, him and Giannis are an attractive duo, but they have to get the work done. They haven’t played a single game yet.

    • Dustin Sirois says:

      haven’t played a game together but the bucks as a team have alot. That Celtics team looks scary too man. Not sure i would say for sure the bucks are a better team then the Celtics at this exact moment.

    • Xavier B says:

      Either have nuggets this season

    • Chronoless LW says:

      @Xavier B I’ll take a Duo who has been together for a while over two just recently put together. Remember people were crowning Kevin Durant and Devin Booker last year…. guess what the excuse was after they lost to the nuggets? Kevin Durant and Devin Booker didn’t get enough time to build chemistry.

    • Xavier B says:

      @Chronoless LW suns got eliminated with two starters out..jokic won 2 mvps in a row and got eliminated with twice with teammates hurt

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