Stephen A. enjoys Max and Will debating Brady vs. Jordan | First Take

Stephen A. enjoys Max and Will debating Brady vs. Jordan | First Take

Stephen A. Smith sits and listens as Max Kellerman and Will Cain get heated about evaluating if Tom Brady’s career is as successful as Michael Jordan’s.

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83 Responses

  1. JoshOfficial says:

    You see that kids, he’s being compared to Jordan not Lebron.

    • Mark Leel says:

      +King Green rings don’t determine how great of a players you are it’s a team accomplishment not an individual one.

    • King Green says:

      +Mark Leel damn is like I’m talking to sheep,I never said rings make you great ,i said for you to challenge anyone for the greatest you have to win,so i said lebron needs at least 5 championships to be put in that mix, and that was my opinion, malone and Stockton have some of the best numbers, but they weren’t champions.

    • Mark Leel says:

      +King Green what you’ve effectively said is rings make you great. Your argument is about an acculturation of championships.

    • Sterling Jones says:

      Brady, Lebron is a better comparison. Jordan, Montana is the comparison. Jordan 6-0. Montana 4-0. Montana, one close SB. Jordan never had a game 7. That’s the comparison.

    • kobe Bryant says:

      +King Green true, lebron is no where near Jordan’s level

  2. King Dom says:

    “I’m aware of your physical presence as well.” ?

  3. D 17 says:

    Will was about to jump across the table and strangle Max if Molly didn’t interject. OMG LOL.

  4. Mickey Hartsell says:

    Wrong Max! In 2007 I thought Brady was the Michael Jordan of football. Every time I hear ur mouth move Max, I keep thinking you are more an idiot. 6 4th QTR comebacks in ALL 6 SUPER BOWL ‘S, nuff said.

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      Exactly nobody brings that up either.

    • Jason says:

      umVolk Brady has lost with several all pros on his team. Jordan won all but one year one of his teammates made an all NBA team. Just saying. Shit Stephon Gilmore the patriots all pro CB had more of an impact that game than Brady did.

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      Lmfao having the zero in championships just means you got eliminated earlier in the playoffs or regular season thats nothing to be proud of. Brady went 6-3 and put his team in the lead late in the 4th quarter or OT in every single super bowl. Brady played average cause the rams had a flawless defensive strategy and brady still found moderate success. I agree belicheck should get more credit for this super bowl but it shouldnt take away from bradys legacy. Its not like the falcons game and how we almost got blown out hurt bills legacy and thats much worse than what brady did on sunday. Brady broke the record for playoff wins in 2012 for christ sake he probably has doubled the past record at this point. Of course he isnt a better athlete to jordan but it IS fair to compare them although jordan would be higher just cause of his natural ability and his individual impact being more significant in basketball

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      Did his defense drive him down the field to get the game winning touchdown with 3 minutes left? How about that throw to gronk? I agree the defense played a major role in the win but you cant just cherry pick one game where brady isnt the one who carried the team (he did that all throughout this season and the playoffs) and act like that disqualifies the comparison of 10-15 year long careers. You’re isolating that one facet to help your argument while ignoring everything else. Nice try tho

    • Mickey Hartsell says:

      +hashtag underscore Jordan did play point guard you idiot, watch the video dummie. He made the point guard position as we know it,and u don’t know shit.

  5. Shlong Long says:

    Aaron Rodgers isn’t even better than Joe Montana let alone Tom Brady. Sit down.

    • kobe Bryant says:

      +Gabriel Mckelvey wtf, what football season did you watch.

    • James Folkerts says:

      The difference with Brady and Rodgers is Rodgers is a one trick pony. Brady lives in the post season. They have won 6 different Superbowls 6 different ways. Brady’s talent is winning the most important stat that matters.

    • kobe Bryant says:

      +MadaraDaGawdUchihaInvincible024 Rodgers is the better player, whennit comes to how good the player is, Rodgers is the best qb of all time. Brady has success over Rodgers

    • Sterling Jones says:

      +Violenza Fantastica LOL! I see you know NOTHING about football. Let me address your point.
      Joe played in the full contact era. Do you know what that means. QBs got hit and hit real good. YouTube Lawrence Taylor and see the Huge difference between the game now and back then. Brady crys when he get arm tackled… lol. Come on!
      Back in those days NO ONE threw for those years, why?? Because you could HIT people back then. We are in an age where you can’t hit at the line, you can’t hit the qb, you can’t lead with your helmet, this isn’t even the same game.
      You must have never watch any old school games or you are just Ignorant to the changes of the game, anyway, Joe has Never thrown an int in the Superbowl and Brady has thrown a ton. As far as he was a bum in his 30’s, that’s laughable. He was the one who brought them back in his last playoff stretch with the 49’s. George Seifert was the one who decided now to put him in and they lost with Steve young. Plz know your facts. And that bum took the Chiefs to the AFC championship 2x.. lol he’s 4-0 in the

    • fill up philip says:

      Rodgers isn’t even better than Mahomes at this point ?

  6. Matiyas Sterling says:

    Why are we having this argument. They don’t even play the same sport .WTF

  7. Jalen Frank says:

    Ik this is late but now I realize how different ESPN is without Stuart scott

  8. AnthonyGoesWild says:

    Brady is the Jordan of Football!

    • Kenny DaVocalist says:

      He’s the bill russell there players that are better rn and we’re back then mahomes, brees, Rodgers, manning we’re all more talent NOBODY was better than MJ

    • kobe Bryant says:

      Lmfao no, hes the bill Russell, Joe is the mj of football, rice is the Kareem, arron is the lebron. You cant even compare Brady to Jordan lol

    • Hoytshooter 1990 says:

      +kobe Bryant you can’t compare any football player to a basketball player stupid debate

    • Thurnis Haley says:

      You’re missing the point. Brady is an amazing COG in an amazing system but Michael Jordan was literally doing what he wanted to and no one could stop him. The end result of championships is the same but Jordan did it in a much more impressive fashion

  9. Celo Bernard says:

    Stephen A face when max and will were going at it mood

  10. Dija Creation says:

    Football ? and basketball ? aren’t the same

    • Violenza Fantastica says:

      +Sir Aaron Rowell Patriots notoriously have a bottom ranked defense every year similar to the Chiefs. It’s really karma that they pulled through this year. And yes a player has more impact in the NBA, which in my opinion makes it even easier to win in that sport. In the NFL there are so many factors that can keep you from winning, like last year when Tom broke the all-time single game passing record, and still lose because of shitty defense.

    • kobe Bryant says:

      +Violenza Fantastica you realize it took several years for the superbowl to even exist after us football became a sport, same with basketball.

    • kobe Bryant says:

      +Violenza Fantastica having a bottom ranked defense doesnt mean your defense cant come in and win the game LMFAO I’m sorry but Brady sint even the mj of football, hes the bill Russell of it, rice is the Kareem, Joe is the mj, and arron is the lebron.

    • Rj iBravo says:

      Are you sure?I don’t think so

    • kak sanca says:

      More people in this world know MJ than TB. Basketball is well known sport than football and this is a fact. It is unfair to TB to be compared with the greatness of MJ

  11. Gabby85 says:

    Jordan vs Brady? More black vs white programming. lol

  12. Dhk4 says:

    I disagree with Will and haven’t even watched this video yet

  13. Jeffrey Ingram says:

    Max got will heated!! Wow Stephen A facial expressions are priceless!!!!

  14. alex Miller says:

    This sounds like a bunch of kids fighting, I don’t understand how people truly enjoy watching this stuff.

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      People like to hear others thoughts on things theyre passionate about. Its a way to get your own added knowledge and get some entertainment out of a good ol fashioned argument. These two always go at it usually its more calm and civil

  15. Ben Hudson says:

    God… Molly started talking and it was like nails on a chalkboard

  16. International Oppa says:

    How about Wayne Gretzky? That is the real G.O.A.T. comparison to Jordan.

  17. allison baum says:

    Max has no confidence anymore! His eyes are open book. He won’t last much longer. When is his contract extension?

  18. bobby moore says:

    why aren’t these fools mentioning Floyd mayweather, hes been dominate longer than anybody ever, and I cant stand floyd

    • Tony Bowyer says:

      +Richard Nguyen the only reason Floyd’s competition didn’t look that good, is because Mayweather is just that great. Everybody is going to look like a second class fighter against Mayweather.

    • logan 48227 says:

      A lot of people view Floyd’s accomplishments as part of a carefully managed career. They say he waited until the big names were past their prime to fight them. Ali & Tyson beat the best when they were at their best. Floyd supposedly didn’t.

    • dereck rivera says:

      +logan 48227 you’re the first person I’ve seen make this comment and I definitely agree.

    • pat22nasty says:

      logan 48227 FACTS

    • Thurnis Haley says:

      Dominant? He’s undefeated but certainly not dominant. I’ll never respect him after he gave Ortiz that cheap shot and ran from explaining himself. The might be the most decorated Champion of all time but he definitely not the GOAT

  19. eid811 says:

    Michael Jordan is the Wayne Gretzky of Basketball.

  20. Mr Q Ceaz says:

    Awww snap it is some Mayonnaise Mayhem on First Take today ladies & gentlemen lmao!

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