Stephen A. fires back at Derek Carr: ‘Max did not call him a quitter’ | First Take

Stephen A. fires back at Derek Carr: ‘Max did not call him a quitter’ | First Take

Stephen A. Smith comes to the defense of Max Kellerman after Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr took exception to comments Max made.

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44 Responses

  1. God Z says:

    Damn molly is pretty dumb she says it’s ok to say a wr quit but not a qb, she says u can’t prove Derrick quit how do u prove someone like Odell hasn’t quit before

  2. Jimmy Vo says:

    Derek Carr is TRASH…1 of the most overpaid qb in the league.

  3. Hugh Jaynis says:

    Shut up Molly, getting real tired of listening to you interrupt and flap your gums.

  4. Samuel M. says:

    Where’s Lavar Ball when we need him, Molly stay in your LANE!

  5. Marky Mark says:

    Molly is like nails on a chalk board

  6. Terez flanagan says:

    molly always reminds me why I stop watching first take…they need a mute button for her

  7. JG fit says:

    Molly needs to take notes from Jenny on FS1 undisputed. She interrupts these guys way too much.

  8. agrey832 says:

    Why is Molly even there? I mean seriously, why? Smh

  9. Deleno Ahk says:

    I use to like Molly but she wants to be herd to much.Now

    • Angel Reynoso says:

      Ever since she got married to the guy that took 81 points from Kobe she’s been acting like she owns the place

  10. Rael Candelaria says:

    i wish Molly was a quitter so she can actually quit

  11. Ty h says:

    Why is Molly there?? She should NEVER be able to speak in serious matters. Jesus freakin Christ she SEEMS TO ME as if she be clueless as fk!!!

  12. Mr. Know Nothing says:

    Molly is embarrassing herself.

  13. TaeeGuwopp says:

    Yeah it’s time for Molly to go

  14. Mike Miller says:

    Who let Molly out of the kitchen.

  15. Nasir Hussein says:

    Molly needs to be replaced.

  16. Kelechi Uradu says:

    Molly has to go she brings up no facts, only opinions and she is defending Derek Carr like he is in the right. And the whole time Derek Carr is wrong and is just being emotional.

  17. Sid Nickels says:

    Why is Molly on this show? She adds absolutely nothing.

  18. Rashad B says:

    I don’t watch this show no more bc the voice of Molly is SOOOOO annoying…. MAX is right Carr is a quitter AND he cried on the field, smh. Chucky will cut him before they move to Vegas ⌚

  19. sex machine says:

    Molly is a hater! She don’t support her own coworker! Smh!

  20. YurssTruly says:

    Derek Carr was sacked 51 times , 51 times . 51 times . Left tackle right tackle both rookies. Inside interior line injured. Wide revivers all injured. Still manage to beat records? Still manage to set a completion w out an interception record? Manage to throw over 4,000 yards career high. 2017 season broke his back missed one game and instead of resting he came back and played rest of the year w a fractured back. Broken bones in his back and still PLAYED. Y’all gon tell me he a quitter? No heart? That he trash?. Have y’all seen the receivers he had to throw to besides Jared cook and jalen Richard????! Has Derek got the chance to settle into a system yet?I mean he’s had to switch coaches and OFFENSE of systems w diff coordinators every year? I feel bad for carr, he is a elite and such a great QB and leader and he gets so much hate and disrespect from pple and these espn talk shows. They don’t know WTF their talking ab. Y’all think they know what they talking ab? They don’t pay attention to shit !! They give opinion NOT FACTS ! pls stop ✋? like max said he didn’t watch the second half of the raiders season. Pls don’t speak on my QB if your stupidity ass don’t KNOW wtf your talking ab. All of those who hate on my QB Derek Carr watch when he bounces back and will prove all of you he is capable of winning championships games ! Don’t be dick riding. Don’t even buy jerseys . Pls don’t. You un loyal fans and all of you dumb fucks who don’t watch Derek Carr every game or just sees dumb ass opinion on the internet. PLS don’t call “DEREK CARR” trash. ??‍♂️ #Raidernation4life ⚫️⚪️?

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