Stephen A. GETS EMOTIONAL as Shannon Sharpe agrees over AD take! 😂 | First Take

Stephen A. GETS EMOTIONAL as Shannon Sharpe agrees over AD take! 😂 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe talk through whether the Lakers can count on this current version of Anthony Davis this season.
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48 Responses

  1. Atrain A says:

    To be honest I’m tired of this discussion. AD has been in the league for over a decade now. He’s not going to change, all you can do is hope he can show up for the right time at the right moment for the playoffs. It is what it is. If LeBron wasn’t on this team, I don’t think anyone would be still having this conversation.

  2. Greg says:

    In the bubble they had Davis play the 4th and they had McGee and Howard so he wasn’t banging with the centers as much so he was able to roam around and help defend and they actually had decent guards that could defend Bradley and KCP. None of the lakers guards can guard anybody 😓

    • Rodrick Tyrone says:

      AD also had 2 months off before entering the bubble. Otherwise he would’ve been hurt or fatigued/inconsistent

    • David Damiao says:

      Well they do have centers/bigs that serve the jobs that McGee and Howard had. Darvin Ham needs to start giving them more minutes tho and quit playing AD at the 5. And also we still have Gabe Vincent who’s brightest spot rn is defending guards/wing players. Don’t forget Vando is otw.

    • Neil Truick says:

      @Rodrick Tyrone Let’s also not forget the maximum travel in the bubble was a casual stroll. Out of the hotel room by 3:00, back in the hotel room by 9:00. No buses, no airports, no shuttles, no Uber…he was playing in what amounted to a resort tournament. Of course he was rested…

    • boxingspecialist40 says:

      Thank God he wasn’t banging with Howard

    • LazyCrazyGuy says:

      ​@David Damiaocan we stop with this Gabe Vincent scrub. He had one good series in the Heat run. Then dropped off and never showed up again. Everyone hype him up to be some kind of Danny Green type player when he’s not that’s why the Heat let him go. He’s a glorified scrub.

  3. Sean Gouch says:

    At some point we have to believe AD, he consistently shows us who he is. He gets bashed for not meeting others expectations who don’t want to admit they were wrong about him. Y’all made him a superstar then attack him when he’s not. He’s just a player

  4. OHiWONder Gaming says:

    The Nuggets game came & went. Last night we couldn’t stop the Kings from scoring inside & we failed to close out a very winnable game. Also, LeBron had too many turnovers. The media rode Russ every single day for these things & LeBron has 13 turnovers in two games.

    • Luis Teal says:

      I’ll take turnovers when lebron is keeping us in the game dlo has turnovers and plenty of terrible horrible and ugly shots that should be called turnovers every night!

    • j spi says:

      @Luis TealI know but like 8 turnovers come on lebron

    • GotThatDawgInHim says:

      @Luis Teal13 turnovers in 2 games is pretty crazy

    • Luis Teal says:

      @GotThatDawgInHim it is crazy and he does need to turn it over less but what i am saying is without lebrons contributions these games would be a lot worse meanwhile I am begging for dlo replacement who shot selection is abysmal and he’s also holding back AD

    • Thrilla604 says:

      no guinea pig for the media (russ) now its ok to lose to a malik monk carried team down the stretch

  5. Ronniedonny says:

    AD is to passive. He’s just a nice guy.. doesn’t have the dog in him. He needs to step up and demand the ball!!

  6. Merci Sadiki says:

    He said, “when I was 38 I had to warm up, to warm up” 💀💀😂😂

  7. SP 29 says:

    AD is super talented and people expect him to takeover but he doesn’t have the will to do so. That’s who he is and player’s character doesn’t change.

  8. Jeremy Crumpton says:

    “I had to warmup to warmup” 😂😂😂

  9. B2BClutchYuh says:

    Yesterday’s game is unacceptable when you have the best 2 players fouled out and still can’t close in OT. Majority of the blame is on Darvin Ham but AD gotta stop being passive and demand the ball. He barely got touches after Sabonis was fouled out and even had Harrison Barnes guarding him for a stretch.

  10. SS says:

    If the lakers as a team knew how to get him the ball especially with the opposing team going small because of foul trouble he woulda had 40 and 20 and got the W

    • WhatsMyShot- says:


    • Adrian Payne says:

      Facts that’s all Coach Ham fault we up 5 in OT and less than 2 mins both kings stars out of game No excuses lakers should have won it watching my lakers blow this game coach let Gabe Vincent log 32 mins smh way more than Rui and the man wood who was perfect from the field smh and gave only gave us 2 points smh in 32 mins COACH HAM BLEW THIS GAME

    • Quatro Bajeena says:

      Here we could with the finger pointing and blaming. It’s like that’s all Lakers fanboys do. Tough when up.

    • SS says:

      @Quatro Bajeena watch the game

    • Jay Spazz says:

      @Adrian Paynekinda but he had to do that bc he’s there best defender as a point guard

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