Stephen A. Goes Off On Will Cain Over Jay Cutler | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Goes Off On Will Cain Over Jay Cutler | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith goes off on Will Cain over Jay Cutler after Will says Stephen A. has been too hard on the new Miami Dolphins QB.

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20 Responses

  1. ESPN says:

    Do you agree with Stephen A. or Will?

  2. John O'Malley says:

    Stephen A is forgetting about fit. Cutler has done his best work under Gase, and a reunion can only benefit him. They had no reason to sign Kaepernick over Cutler.

  3. Fawaz says:

    aw shit “white privilege” stevan a went to far #colinkap

  4. Gerard says:

    STEPHEN. A. = GREATEST RACE BAITER in U.S Sports History !!!!!!

  5. shade the champ says:

    Will Cain is trash. He only comes on this show to get roasted.

  6. SwiSh says:

    _Stephen A Smith bringing up race again. How surprising_

  7. burhan ghney says:

    leave it to stephen a to bring up race…smh

  8. Shaq The Goat says:

    you know Stephen a wants to slap the shit outta will lol

  9. B P says:


  10. CRSM Enterprise says:

    Stephen a was right before he said white privileged

  11. The Big show says:

    “White privilege” yea ok Stephen god forbid NFL teams don’t want their fan base divided by the distraction of a man who wears socks with pigs as cops on them

  12. Seymour Butts says:

    skip and shannon show shits on this show…ESPN fallin off

  13. DaReal BallHog says:

    Stephen A got destroyed

  14. Gerard says:

    STEPHEN A. always trying to bring RACE in every stuff!!! Fuck his affirmative action black ass

  15. Steve says:

    His argument was credible until he said white privilege

  16. David Lee says:

    I like will cain, but I hate when he disagrees just to “embrace debate”

  17. Efo- Baby says:

    Cutler is GARBAGE!!

  18. D.L. Taylor says:

    Stop acting like it’s NOT race. Every race looks out for its own race except BLACK people. Kap would have a job if all the black players stood up and said they refuse to play if Kap isn’t employed this season. Kap would get signed in a heartbeat then! But black people don’t want to stick together on this. You see white people looked out for their own!!!! Gave Romo and Cutler TV jobs and they don’t deserve SHIT.

  19. F Meh says:

    Damn Stephen A roasted that white trash Will Cain! Man that felt good!!

  20. Will Ibanez says:

    It is white privilege. Kaepernick has done way better in his career than Cutler. Imagine option plays with kaep and ajayi would be lethal

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