Stephen A. has an announcement: 76ers are going to Eastern Conference Finals | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. has an announcement: 76ers are going to Eastern Conference Finals | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith says he has an announcement: The Philadelphia 76ers are going to Eastern Conference Finals.

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86 Responses

  1. Juan Romo says:

    Bro Stephen a you were hating on the 76ers the beginning of the season bro

  2. The Kleb says:

    After hearing the list from Max I agree, this streak isn’t special at all 😂

    • YhwachPoetry says:

      Celtics Fan Since August 23, 2017 KySexual #11 you are a true moron lol. And you clearly don’t watch the sixers. First of all, Embiid will be back for the first round, sixers have already confirmed it dumbass. Second of all, the reason the sixers schedule is light NOW is because it was one of the toughest earlier on you idiot. They went into the all star break a seventh seed while playing one of the toughest schedules with a rookie leading the charge and their number one pick on injured reserve you asshat. Third of all, did you just tell me to live in the present and in the same breath bring up dwade as a champion? LMAO as if him having three rings stops him from being an average player at best right now? Did you say Hasaan Whiteside? Did you watch the sixers vs heat this season? Lol you don’t watch basketball, you just talk. Go sit in a corner.

    • YhwachPoetry says:

      Celtics Fan Since August 23, 2017 KySexual #11 and btw, I see why your upset, with kyrie and Hayward being done for the season and all, so Boston is dead in the water, but that’s no reason to hate on my sixers asshole lol.

    • Celtics Fan Since August 23, 2017 KySexual #11 says:

      YhwachPoetry Who tf cares about the beginning of the regular season? Stop making bitchy excuses. You guys beat the Rockets, Mavs, Pacers, Hawks, and Jazz in a 5 game streak in October and November. You guys then lost by 8 to the Warriors, and then beat the Blazers and Jazz. After that, you guys quickly lost traction losing to below .400 teams, but quickly gained steam again in January beating many good teams.

      Stop making pathetic excuses.

    • Lontay187 says:

      YhwachPoetry the sicers tho..😕

    • YhwachPoetry says:

      Celtics Fan Since August 23, 2017 KySexual #11 excuses? Lol last I checked we were the third seed and trending upward in the nba standings. Third in power ranking, and heavily favored to upset the Cavs…..what excuses bih? You are a Celtics fans bozo 😂😂😂. Gtfoh. Ain’t no excuses needed when you laying waste to every team they put in front of you. I take pleasure in making morons such as yourself salty. Cry some more for me please

  3. hassan haulcy says:

    Bruh don’t hop on our bamdwagon. U weren’t with us we were trash who don’t ride wen we’re winning. Stick to da knicks

  4. Brooks Orlando says:

    Ben Simmons will be the best player in the NBA within the next 5 years…and yes I do know AD, Giannis, etc. exist. This kid is somehow even better.

  5. LegendofVII says:

    Finally somebody mentioned the teams they beat.. They only beat 3 good teams out of 14

    Update: Not a hater, I think ben simmons is no joke & embiid.

  6. Dale Miller says:

    Unless LeBron joins Houston next year he’s not winning another championship.

  7. Sakuragi10 says:

    Thumbnail lookin like SAS is looking at his crush.

  8. Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman says:

    Tj Mcconnell is his name

  9. nope says:

    Trust the fcking process

  10. DAPPA DON says:


  11. Emmanuel James says:

    Simmons and Embiid became what I envisioned Wiggins and Towns being in only a year

    • Logan Kennedy says:

      Emmanuel James 😂😂😂 bro I swear, like Wiggins used to get talked about just like Simmons

    • Keyon Jackson says:

      Logan Kennedy yeah Wiggins was extremely hyped and Towns is doing his better but Wiggins is still a streaky player that should be better specially defensively

  12. Yurhomi 24 says:

    There is no regular way you can explain the thumbnail bru

  13. DJ Frequency says:

    Raptors are gonna demolish the entire conference and dethrone the king

  14. ATSE SHADE says:

    Max always spitting facts

  15. thejaw15 says:

    Its kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t. They win and its cause the schedule is easy, if they lose its because they are inexperienced, not playoff ready, not a contender. What do y’all want?

    • Ah Umm says:

      Thats hater language for denial just like they did the Eagles with their easy schedule and not beating anybody!

    • Nasby Béli says:

      thejaw15 Its funny honestly. Its like when a team goes on a streak, they blame how easy it is cuz of the schedule but u cant control that. Its like they expect them to lose those easy games yet its expected at the same time for them to win cuz Philly is just the better team. Do u want them to lose or win those easy games? It really doesnt make sense.

    • Mark Martir says:

      Nasby Béli They just taking away from them. However, it takes a certain type of mentality to win 14 games straight, specially with some winning teams along the way.

  16. nmj530 says:

    Stephen A: I am not going as far as to say they are going to the Finals.
    Molly: The Finals? Slow your roll…

  17. Duc Luc says:

    It’s very simple, anything SAS says just go against it and you will be right

  18. YaBoiiG says:


    • Polish Sausage says:

      Yeah he is! Never played in the NBA before this season fool!

    • Luis Berrios says:

      So what?

    • Gordon Stark says:

      YaBoiiG you know it don’t matter really because if Ben would of played last year he would of coasted right to rookie of the year with ease. This year’s draft class is way better and he is still in the lead for Roy. Just mad deep down you know he will win over whoever you want to win. I don’t want to hear that shit about practice and film either Ben was always going to be this good people act like these NBA players haven’t already been working their entire lives for this. Yeah because Ben would of never been good without the red shirt year shit just sounds dumb af.

    • Goku Black says:

      YaBoiiG Who is Been Simmons dumbass?

    • Goku Black says:

      YaBoiiG Ben* Simmons is technically a rookie so yeah again DUMBASS

  19. Nicholas Kotlarczyk says:

    Thumbnail is definitely a meme.

  20. Drop the Bassline says:

    Sorry Mr. Smith but my boi Giannis will have something to say about this. Just wait 🙂

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