Stephen A. hyped over Kevin Durant’s Game 3: He was an absolute superstar | NBA at the Mic | ESPN

Stephen A. hyped over Kevin Durant’s Game 3: He was an absolute superstar | NBA at the Mic | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith gushes over Kevin Durant’s performance in Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals, saying the Golden State Warriors wing was an absolute superstar against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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97 Responses

  1. Kevyn Battle says:

    lol why didn’t Lebron try to defend KD?
    How can you be the best player and sit and not try to defend KD going off

    • Sanji Allen says:

      Kevyn Battle Exactly straight passive mode Lebron not even top 3 in my book. Jordan always checked the best player on the court.

    • Danny J says:

      Kevyn Battle he didn’t want none of KD.. Tyrone Lue fucked up too, when you see a player getting hot you gotta double team him and try to stop him. LeBron should’ve stepped up though

    • Javier Sánchez says:

      Sanji Allen Scottie pippen always held the others teams best player. Every once in a while jordan might switch. 85% of the time it was pippen. Cavs can’t afford to put bron on kd they need Lebron’s points on offense. Guarding Kd would just ware him down more.

    • Kevyn Battle says:

      im talking about at the end of the game. with 1 minute left. Lebron ran away from guarding KD. tired of the excuses. lebron is one of the most physically gifted athletes of all time. 6’9 250. if you are the GOAT you guard that man! period! that dagger 3 could have been contested better but lebron ran away from the challenge

    • Your Dad says:

      Javier Sánchez Wrong, wow your ignorant. Mj locked down magic Johnson in the finals other than game 1 , but Pippen had to guard him because mike got in foul trouble. Mike guarded Gary Payton, he guarded Clyde drexlyr, he guarded John Stockton. Stop it

  2. junior ochoa says:

    But did yall see how lebron ran away from the kd matchup right before he hit that clutch 3? Kobe and mj would of gaurded the hottest man on the floor. Smh

  3. tfie says:

    Lol no 1 cares about KD joining warriors he about to have 2 rings

    • Entertainment 247 says:

      No 1 cares about you , you fell off my guy #nolife

    • Chris Robinson says:

      tfie i do

    • MikeBNumba6 says:

      Jon Arakawa if you want to say that then sure. Same as lebron quiting against Boston.

    • ThatOneSportsGuy says:

      MikeBNumba6 Did Bron have a all star teammate like Russ? Nah. Bron also didn’t join the team thay beat him. He also formed a superteam, he didn’t join a superteam, there’s a difference.

    • MikeBNumba6 says:

      ThatOneSportsGuy lebron didn’t have an all star pg chucking low percentage threes and playing hero ball.

      Forming a super team and going to one is the same thing. Lebron did not bring those guys to the cavs. He went to another player’s team. A player that already won a ring and bought another with him. If you want to say what KD did was worse then fine.

      That’s the same thing as saying player x murdered one person and player y murdered five people. Both are murderers but one may be considered worse.

  4. Mariah Lin says:

    No shit sherlock. KD has always been a superstar. Haters don’t look at the big picture and always zoom in on the bad games.

  5. Abdul Sadib says:

    I saw the black mamba in KD tonight

  6. Russell Adkins says:

    LeBron scared of KD when under pressure. KD an assassin deadly with the jumper. Bron can’t check him.

  7. Brooklyn says:

    This one is LEBRONS fault.. I dont wanna hear shit about TEAMMATES.. Rood was balling.. JR was balling.. Love was doing well LEBRON SHRUNK !! the whole fourth quarter he played nervous and scared they had a chance to win

    • Triiippyfelix 303 says:

      Brooklyn facts

    • Lillard Time says:

      How about Lebrons weak ass defense? He was hiding all night long and never took the responsibility to man up with KD. He was switching on every brush screen then retreating under the hoop and standing around watching his teammates get torched. How many dunks and layups did the Cavs give up tonight. Sure he had 33 but his shot selection was garbage down the stretch and he was too passive most of the game. Bottom line is he is a major negative at this point in his career on the defensive end and that’s only going to become a bigger problem as he gets older.

    • Michael 1 says:

      33pts, 10 rebounds(3 less than his SOFT Center Kevin Creampuff), 11 AST.

      I’d shrink in the 4th quarter too if I had played this many minutes over the course of the playoffs, carrying teammates who offer no significant defensive presence regularly….with only two teammates that can REGULARLY offer some offensive production(Love), assistance, or hell…Relief(Hill). Only one(Love), if you consider the obvious value of points in basketball.

      Go look at GSWs box score and tell me a 33 year old man shouldnt be worn down by that. Everyone on the team could find the space or the talent to sink critical shots. Even Curry’s poor performance was highlighted by some deflating hits. Meanwhile, LeBron is listening to JR scream his name in distress like a woman on defense.

      MAYBE if Lebron was 25(maybe playing for San Antonio, Los Angeles, or Houston) he’d have the ability(or the energy) to show up in the 4th QT against the GSW.

      Lastly, the OP is a fucking moron. JR put up 13 points in 33 minutes and was TRASH on defense. Only hood should be commended, 15 in 26 min.

      Korver was garbage, Hill gave James breathers but was garbage, Green was trash, James sucked from 3 but facilitated as usual, and Thompson gave his usual effort but did little in the most important stat.

    • Nelo Breeze says:

      Garland Carter you tell me exactly how is LeBron better than MJ and Kobe? 🤔 Cuz let’s face it..HISTORY isn’t gonna be kind to LeBron..hes gonna be known as the guy who has all the stats (stat sheet stuffer) and records but also the guy who chokes in the finals and shrinks in big moments. In the end thats ALL that matters to history…The rings.

    • Michael says:

      Brooklyn dude bron never shrinks, glad to know you’re terrible at sports

  8. blanchecolombe1 says:

    Same people praising Curry are bashing him now, smh
    You don’t understand that the Warriors are a team
    We don’t rely on one player, so consequently the leader
    can change from one game to another.

    • TRENT SE7VEN says:

      Y’all gay

    • Mr. Hackley says:

      Why they bashing him??

    • kublaikhan1215 says:

      blanchecolombe1 Damn straight baby 😎🤘🤘

    • kublaikhan1215 says:

      TRENT SE7VEN Fuck yeah We’re happy 😎🤘🤘

    • Rejo Thomas says:

      This is the corrupt media . They would be talking good about you for one day and talk bad about you the next day and throw u like a garbage that’s life. Look at Trump’s life the media is so corrupt that they talk good about him for one day and the rest of the days that talk bad about him. Corrupt media that’s all. Both Curry and Trump are Strong minded people they should stand strong and fight the corrupt media

  9. Shannon Huard says:

    Micheal Jordon is the greatest of all time , no debate, lefraud James. is not even in the running , Kobe Bryant is closer, big deal if you play in eight straight finals and only win 3 and one of those was because of kyrie !

    • Sanji Allen says:

      Shannon Huard Facts the only shot he it was in the corner he was passive asf entire 4th!

    • Bill 11 Rings Russell says:

      Shannon Huard michae1-9ordan ist not the goat pls stop that yall talking everytime about rings lebron only 3 but don’t realize that Jordan only has 6 that’s not even double digits and that in 15 years I won 11 in 13 years

    • Red Demon says:

      Ronny Cunningham Ray Allen wasn’t even a all star around them years 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ that’s just like the joe Johnson on the Houston rockets situation….is he somehow magically still a all star???????? Shut y’all hating asses up

    • Damian Stevenson says:

      Please explain how Kobe is close? If you look at the accomplishments Lebron is closer. The only argument you can make for Kobe being better is because of rings. And rally last time I checked that trash Duke player has no Finals MVp so how did he win Lebron a ring? Don’t forget Kobe rode Shaq for his first three and the Lakers needed to get Paul Gasol in order for Kobe to get past the first round after Shaq left.

    • funkyflights says:

      Shannon Huard …. 100 percent, no one was as Jordan’s level, greatest ever …

  10. Truth Seeker says:

    Did anyone else catch Lebron shying away from guarding Durant with a minute left on that soft switch leaving responsibility on Rodney hood? Bad leader. Lebron gets too many passes and biased analysis

    • Itz_Ned says:

      Truth Seeker bad leader, man stfu. The only reason the cavs are in the finals is because of LeThanos, LeThanos is winning season mvp, and LeThanos is going to Houston and will bring them at least 2 rings

    • Sean Kerrigan says:

      Itz_Ned LeFlop is the LVP and he aint winning no more rings. We def dont want that man floppin around in Philly. Now have a seat and take his pipe out ya damn mouth kid

    • Red Demon says:

      Truth Seeker stop acting stupid,u crazy if u EVER say LeBron gets too many passes. U living under Patric star’s rock if you think so

    • Zy'Mir Cook says:

      Itz_Ned You’re clearly uneducated if you think rockets aren’t gonna have to give up Cp or harden😂😂 plus Ryan Anderson’s overpaid contract which no squad is taking off of there hands😂😂

  11. Kevin Durant says:

    Now he wanna praise me

  12. Mr Cain says:

    if Kobe is the black momba, KD is the Anaconda!!

    • Jon Arakawa says:

      Razor Jerzey. Lebron didnt invent super teams lmao stfu

    • Mr Cain says:

      63586jonathan , the Bull. cause Thats what he does, put his head down and Bulls his way to the hole. He has zero handles. ! and he is scared to check KD out top cause he’ll get broken down ,crossed over and hopefully just dunked on instead of the deadly pull up 3 in his face! I rest my case!

    • Mr Cain says:

      Jon Arakawa,imagine Mj, joining the Lakers? I had to just slap myself for saying that? People, first thing first, go look up what a goat is and what it does before useing the word. bron is great but not the GREATEST! get it right.

    • guitarman376 says:

      Not anaconda, Durantula!

    • Gary Johnson says:


  13. Jose Bravo says:

    All these excuses for LeChoke in the finals it’s getting old!!! Dude will never be Kobe or Jordan time to face the facts for all you Bronsexuals

  14. JRock Nelson says:

    Lebron never wanted KD guarding him either…switches on a screen every single time. The OGs, Kobe, Jordan…would look to burn their rival every chance. I didn’t see Lebron take it to KD once…I did see him get blocked by KD though. 😂

    • Kobe James says:

      JRock Nelson KD got bodied in game 1 though.

    • I Isaiah says:

      LeBrick Mayhitslikeafeather
      Lebron and Mayweather are legends within their respective sports whilst you’re just one bitch ass white boy living in your mommas basement hating on the internet.

    • Michael says:

      You also must of never watched game 1 cause bron bron made kd his bitch

    • david james says:

      It isnt Lebron it is Lebum… 3 and 6 in Finals

    • Lillard Time says:

      ThatOneSportsGuy I think KD would gladly play one on one with Lebron all night if he had to but when a brush screen gets him a matchup with TT or Love any time you want it you’d be stupid not to do it. If Lebron wanted to check KD he could get through those screens but he don’t want any part of KD.

  15. mrslapside says:

    Lebron’s going to houston next year with PG13. Game over for the league.

  16. Lexicon Prime says:

    KD forgot about the secret NBA meeting where they told Golden State to lose this game lol.

  17. Gabriel Burriel says:

    LeBron is one of the best all time that’s for sure but don’t be saying oh the warriors needed 4 stars to beat LeBron remember he needed wade and bosh to win his first ring don’t be a hypocrite warriors drafted their stars besides KD warriors deserve where they are at stop hating Lakers had their shine time too always in the finals and those are the fans talking the most crap I bet

    • Nikki Sandz says:

      Gabriel Burriel it’s not being a hypocrite LeBron left a shitty team to go form a great team to beat a great team, durant did a bitch move by leaving a potential championship team to go join a team that beat him, you simply can’t compare the 2

    • Omega White Nebu/Blob YT says:

      Fela Dodd bruh even if curry, and klay had a ad game, they can still spread the defense which makes it easier for gsw to score. So your point?

    • Mr Cain says:

      Gabriel Burriel,great point.. Not only that, ask bron about the Dallas Mavericks? lol Dirk, who did Dirk have? Man, these 20 something year old skinny jeans wearing, extra small shirt wearing blasphemers!!! bron is great but not close to kobe yet. Mj is sitting back laughing… How many people you know sporting lbj brand in the league? ill give you some time to gather up the numbers…… When is lbj having his ALL american high school game? I know somebody has to be getting their uniforms from bron’s brand right ? I rest my case!!

    • Michael says:

      TRUTH Untitled MC yeah bro you definitely don’t watch basketball haha wtf?

    • N!mble J4ck says:

      Gabriel Burriel

      4 warriors’ stars called kd for help after they got smashed by cavs in 2016. Crying for help when you are 73 9 team is just straight embarrassing. Lebron Wade & Bosh teamed up for only one reason & that is to dethrone the celtics at that time. Cavs 2016 in fact created this “hamptons 5” LoL

      And i state it again the Cavs 2016 is responsible why we have “hamptons 5”

      Win or Lose, it is a win win situation for Lebron”s legacy

  18. LoveThe PdMods50 says:

    King Durant Best player in the World

  19. Robert Gray says:

    KD been the best player in the league for years, he just never had the luxury of playing in the weakest conference like lebron. I been talkin bout this man since his days at Texas, the league aint never seen a player like KD! Show that man respect, aint nobody in the league can stop him!

  20. Noemi Estrada says:

    more weapons in the team+ team work thats why they are best team

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