Stephen A. is NOT SOLD on the Suns after Bradley Beal trade 🔥 | First Take

Stephen A. is NOT SOLD on the Suns after Bradley Beal trade 🔥 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Brian Windhorst and JJ Redick discuss the Phoenix Suns’ trade for Bradley Beal.
0:00 Stephen A.’s take
2:00 JJ’s take on the Suns’ new big 3
7:30 The state of the Suns
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54 Responses

  1. John Grass says:

    They’re making the same mistake that Brooklyn did. Choosing stars over depth & chemistry isn’t going to win a championship

    • Pimp named slickback says:

      The nets actually had some depth left over after the harden trade tho. They had nic claxton, blake griffin, bruce brown, joe harris etc. The suns have nothing and not only is this big 3 worse talent wise they dont fit either. Harden made the nets work bc he played the PG role. None of these dudes are great playmakers

    • MrGenexxx says:

      But if they win it all you gonna be crying how it’s not fair, they have 15 superstars, KD’s rings don’t count bla bla bla

    • Lv, Prada,Gucci says:

      Thier not making a mistake kyrie ain’t on the team u people always comparing situations like it matters when clearly they are all different players 😅😅😅😅😅

    • Colin Edelman says:

      The nets were unbeatable and unstoppable. If not for KD big toe, they win the chip easily. Let’s stop acting like it was a failure.

  2. wook1990 says:

    The Suns went from being 2 wins away from their first NBA title to absolutely desperate. Their future is gonna stink even more if they don’t win.

  3. Osman Shah says:

    The return the Wizards got for Beal is actually the ability to facilitate trades for any team whos over the cap. They are going to be involved as a third team for a bunch of trades going forward. They’ll pick up a bunch of picks taking on bad contracts

    • TuNnL says:

      That depends what happens with the Kyle Kuzma extension negotiations. 💁🏻‍♂️💰

    • Arthur Wright says:

      @TuNnL If they are smart they will sign Kuzma to a max deal so he is secured as the face of their franchise.

    • Anthony Mccormick says:

      i agree

    • Prince Dejour says:

      Why would Kuzman stay with Washington! They are going nowhere and they are not good at building a team that can compete for a Championship! Also Tanking does not work! Phoenix gave up nothing for Be but I would have moved beal to Atlanta for Collins and Murray or Toronto to look at OG and Pascal or Scottie Barnes! But I would have moved Beal to get additional pieces! I think they have to move DeAndre Anton in order to get multiple pieces!

  4. Maiya_len says:

    It’s definitely not the answer to handle Jokic 😂

  5. Sitrastic says:

    Chris Paul should go to the Celtics because they needs a true table setter badly. Tatum and Brown should be relieved and ball handling responsibilities should be reduced significantly. Booker should be the new point guard for the Suns. He is a good enough playmaker to hold it down. Plus, he should be great against bigger guards on his improved defense. I’m glad Bradley Beal has a chance to make the playoffs🎉

  6. SayLes says:

    That’s a great question? They just added another great scorer! Who will start playing on both ends of the floor. Can the Suns stop anyone? Why they didn’t trade Ayton too? He’s the problem. Now, Ayton becomes the 4th option. He won’t be happy just rebounding for the shooters.

    • Cee Lewis says:

      Once they trade him, who is going to revound and defend the rim. This was just a desperate move by a new owner that made no sense at all. He should have gone to Miami

    • Ishyameru says:

      @Cee Lewis he’s not elite at defending the rim or rebounding. They’d be upgrading 😂

    • Cee Lewis says:

      @Ishyameru he’s the biggest body they have. KD isn’t going to get on the block to get rebounds. Who are they doing to get?

    • Vincent Salamatino says:

      @Cee Lewis KD too fragile to be on the block.

    • Cee Lewis says:

      @Vincent Salamatino  it was a typo, I meant to write isn’t going to be on the block. He’s goof for 50 – 60 games at most.

  7. Damien843 says:

    It doesn’t make sense to me. Scoring was the least of there problems

  8. Dwayne Rowe says:

    Adding Beal in the mix seems questionable to me because suns needed depth on the bench in order to reach far in the playoffs. Without strong depth on the bench, i don’t see this team reach that far in the playoffs. Durant, booker and beal going to score at least 20 or more points but my concern is their defense will be tested. Them 3 will definitely be gassed on both ends of the floor.

    • nekaneka20 20 says:

      Y’all casuals acting like we traded giannis to get beal lol who we trade that’s important in THIS situation bruh?

    • apparently says:

      @nekaneka20 20 y’all traded one of the greatest playmakers in the history of the NBA for Bradley Beal. I understand that CP3 is older but still

    • nekaneka20 20 says:

      @apparently nah,he got hurt at the worst times in literally EVERY SINGLE playoff run we had. Every run….

    • Titus Lennon says:

      @apparently Come on now…CP3 is not in his Prime. Did you even watch him? It makes sense to give up CP3 and get Beal. CP3 was not helping the Suns…not at this point in his career.

    • Hidden Valley Farmstead says:

      The Sun’s get Goodwin and Todd in the deal also

  9. Pablo Garcia says:

    Putting Booker at the Point is gonna be deadly. I remember he was averaging double digit assist in the bubble before CP got there. Plus they’re gonna fill up there roster in the office season, plus Vogal to fix the defense. Definetly is gonna be interesting

  10. Haywood says:

    KD has a vast history of injury and has struggled outside of GS to get over the top for a reason. One of those reasons is his physicality is a serious limitation of his. It’s why he gets injured and can’t operate as the focal point of defenses. You can knock him off his spots and off balance into lower percentage shots. He’s lethal from below the elbows, but if you cut him from that area, his stats go down a considerable amount. It’s exactly what Boston and DEN most recently did. And I know guys like SAS make y’all think KD is neck and neck with LBJ, but he’s not. The norm for most players in their mid to late 30s is to decline. For the reasons above, along with others I didn’t state such as their lack of depth and interior defense, I don’t see PHX taking it next season.

    • Murad says:

      On top of that they added a buy in Beal who misses alot of games,suns due to injuries won’t even finish top 4 seed and most likely get bounced in 2nd

    • kevin sue says:

      well said!!

    • ThatDoesntWorkForMeBrother says:

      Yeah, the Suns are going to score a lot of points and will get to the playoffs barring injuries, but a trip to the NBA Finals, I wouldn’t bet on that.

    • Jack Hack says:

      Or cause he tore his Achilles

    • Slicks117 says:

      I knew this was a Lebron fanatic saying this lol KD doesn’t have anything left to prove as a player, He’s one of the greatest to touch the rock. he doesn’t compare himself to Lebron so why does everyone else? It’s weird at this point What superstars are the focal point of their defenses? Lol not many outside of Giannis maybe. Hold Lebron to the same standard you hold KD to, he’s been a disappointment as well the past few years. Be realistic, They’re almost 40 & neither of them is going to carry a team all season & throughout the playoffs 😭

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