Stephen A., Jalen Rose discuss Jimmy Butler’s potential trade destinations | Get Up! | ESPN

Stephen A., Jalen Rose discuss Jimmy Butler’s potential trade destinations | Get Up! | ESPN

In the midst of Minnesota Timberwolves’ All-Star Jimmy Butler’s trade request, Stephen A. Smith, Jalen Rose, and Mike Greenberg dive into possible landing spots such as the New York Knicks, LA Clippers, and the Brooklyn Nets.

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100 Responses

  1. Marcus Maxwell says:

    Jimmy pick wrong teams to be traded to unless he knows something I don’t. Non of those teams winning

  2. Ex Libris says:

    The Wolves are going to be a shit show if they don’t trade him..

  3. David Ellis says:

    Steven A helping faltering show. Dishing the dirt. Butler will at least make Clippers playoff team. Battle Lakers for 6 or 7 seed. Excite the fans. Speedy young team.

    • Julio Arroyo says:

      I’m a bulls fan and I would always say we cannot win a championship with butler as the leader. He is ok as a 2nd option star on a team the way they are building around multiple all stars, but he cannot be the number on option.

    • Dub Nation says:

      +Julio Arroyo that’s your opinion and your bulls couldn’t win a champuonship because king James was in the east wuth either wade or Kyrie ad his sidekick and coach thibideau us nothing more then a defensive coach with no offensive imagination whatsoever and the main reason butler is leaving is because he us tired of thibideau whose bright idea was to bring in two or three former bulls players to play defense that was idiotic abd u dint blame Jimmy for wanting out he has done this song abd dance with ciach thibideau and he knows he us going to get the same results .Stephen a Smith us wrong butler us tired of thibideau simple as that

    • Caleb Riley says:

      The Clippers won 45 games last year, only 5 games less than the T-Wolves who would (in this scenario) be adding Jimmy Butler. I think they could easily make the play-offs with the roster they have and Jimmy Butler. The Lakers are going to make the play-offs, but the T-Wolves and the Pelicans both got considerably worse this off-season. Why don’t you take your hate somewhere else because you sound like a fucking idiot.

    • MikloTopSlaya says:

      Clippers are and will always be a irrelevant team talk about trash yall lost J.J Blake DeAndre lol yall winning 30 games at best

    • Michael Fighter says:

      SAS bringing life to this show finally lol. Replace the white dude with that girl from the jump and we for something

  4. Darrian Woods says:

    “ I ain’t got no heart”- A.Wiggins (per stak)

  5. Tiito Motivs says:

    What if Timberwolves trade KAT And Wiggins 💀💀💀

  6. John Cervantes says:

    “Im now nervous”

  7. keef davis says:

    StephanA is gonna get slapped on day.

  8. Reinaldo M says:

    They killing Stephen A with this workload

  9. Anne HBurn says:

    Warriors in 5. The End.

  10. Romnys Gonzalez says:

    I love the way Stephen pronounce Jimmy Butler name LOL.

    Jimmy *BU*t*LERRR*

    Thibs: Why Jimmy?. We already getting the crew together!. We are trying to get noah too. Lets play 48 straight minutes with this starting 5!.
    Jimmy: Well…ehm…Im not about that life again. You once try to kill me in the court LOL. Aint letting you finish the job

  11. the real Reginald Smith says:

    Jimmy is not a true leader he pulled this same shit here in Chicago when things don’t go his way he throw his teammates under the bus rondo called him and wade out Jimmy and gasol use to take stupid shots instead of giving the ball to an open teammate it was frustrating especially when the game was on the line I was glad when the left the Bulls but I felt the Bulls should have gotten better player’s in return for him rose and Gipson.

  12. Trevel The Critic says:

    Stephen A Smith carrying ESPN like Bron out here 😂😂😂.

  13. JOSHUA Yancey says:

    LOL this thumbnail 😂😂😂

  14. Steve Bannon says:

    SAS is so damn dramatic

    • Victor Thompson says:

      +Jonathan Collins He’s the most notable employee ESPN has right now and gets paid millions to do it. That’s why he’s on about 3 different shows and has his own radio show. The man is popular af right now lbs!

    • Justin Y. says:

      Just like leBitch

    • Steve Bannon says:

      Justin Y. LePEDs

    • timothy alphonse says:

      +Jonathan Collins Stephen A is ESPN’S most valuable asset. I’d say his job is pretty significant.

    • CPGoat #3 says:

      +Jonathan Collins would someone tell u that ur only a nigga on YouTube? He worked for years to get position. He went to school for this. He played his just due in society to become one of the upper echelons of sports talk show host. Who are u, random YouTube nigga, to tell a multi millionaire sports analyst with an extensive journalism resume his job has no significance? FOH.

  15. jayLBJ23 !! says:

    Jimmy is a good player but just good. He’s not a leader and he’s not a veteran that you listen to, until jimmy proves he’s more than a back and forth all star den he can make demands but he didnt prove nothing yet i say victor Oladipo has more power to make demands then him

    • Cappa says:

      +Shmakkah Dagawd 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • giovanni villatoro says:

      jayLBJ23 !! One of the best leaders in the league Id say he’s the best 2 in the league I’d take him over harden any day!

    • 00bob000 says:

      Bro what are u talking about?? If u gotta guard the best offensive player on the opposing team and ur known to be a lockdown defender then nobody can say sht about your toughness… that’s just half of it. On the offensive side of things he can create his own shot and give u 20+ points a night.. if u can do that for your team I got power on the team. I swear if he just improved his passing skills and became more of a team player on offense then he would be in the MVP conversation but it would mean lesser ppg which I’m sure players like him wouldn’t risk on a contract year

    • Noah R says:

      This statement whack Vic had one good season and y’all go crazy; jimmy been a consistent and solid as they come for the last 4-5 years and not to mention one of the best defensive players in the league at any position. Jimmy is one of the toughest and hard working guys in the league if the young kids don’t wanna Win and have heart then who would want to be there

    • Michael Khatib says:

      Nani?!  i don’t understand peoples notion that signing two stars makes you a contender

  16. Christudpher 03 says:

    Jimmy butler is overhyped. He’s had 2 teams to prove he can lead and failed. I think he’s the problem.

    • mmbeas says:

      Emmanuel Segun You sure about that bro?? I’m pretty sure it was Rondo that got injured. Butler played the whole series

    • Emmanuel Segun says:

      +mmbeas Butler was playing with an injury. Hoiberg said it his press conference and it was known that he had an injury that series possibly 2. Ankle and back injury. Rondo has been an awful regular season performer for like 5 years now. I watched him every game on the Pels and he’s awful. Just cause he showed up for 2 games doesn’t change that. Butler’s best players were an out of prime Wade and Rondo and you’re saying that isn’t carrying? You think any decent player can make the playoffs just because it’s the east?

    • Emmanuel Segun says:

      +Christudpher 03 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 all good seasons. Bulls didn’t make the playoffs in 2015-16 because they lost drose AND Gasol who was better than Rose in 2014-15 and had a change in coaches yet Butler still kept them at 42wins.

    • mmbeas says:

      Emmanuel Segun I guess we just gon agree to disagree. I’m not arguing that Butler not a good player, but he definitely not great. You won’t win a championship with him as your best player.

    • ColonelZeta says:

      I said this the very moment reports came out he wasn’t happy with his teammates in Minnesota. You can’t be in two different locations and your teammates are the issue in both spots

  17. TheButler DidIT says:

    JIMMY BUTLER TO THE CLIPPERS AND KAWHI SIGNS MAX WITH LA clippers calling it now Rest In Peace laker fans

  18. Elex says:

    Lol he talking about Jimmy like he’s a real goon or some shit 😂

  19. Cgizzle Da Great says:

    LeBron A Smith..leads all statistical categories in network carrying.Leads the ESPN league in minutes, assist, rebounds, turnover ratio per minute and shows and podcast played.

  20. Pebos says:

    jimmy butler is not good enough to lead a team for a ring

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