Stephen A.: Kevin Durant looked like he wanted no part of LeBron James in Game 1 | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A.: Kevin Durant looked like he wanted no part of LeBron James in Game 1 | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith says Kevin Durant looked like he wanted no part of defending LeBron James in the Golden State Warriors’ Game 1 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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84 Responses

  1. pintofmiller says:

    Game 2. If KD scores 30 and LBJ scores 25. ESPN be like “KD has passed LBJ”!

    • Ferni says:

      those 3 rings just proves how much of a sellout and thirst for a new franchise the NBA is. They should have never allowed KD to go there period. they knew it would fuck the entire league up. Imagine if lebron joined boston with pierce,garnet,allen and rondo?

    • LOHX Jeff says:

      pintofmiller bro for the pass few months I dun see lebron scoring less then 30…fkin god

    • Ant live says:

      pintofmiller 😂🤣😂facts

    • Razor Jerzey. says:


    • Alieu Camara says:

      pintofmiller right 😂

  2. Gabriel Cassell says:

    Thanks for putting KD down. You literally are going to eat your words!!!!! KD is real as Real gets! Here he comes!!! Stephen is going to eat his words now

  3. Krishan Gandhi says:

    Lebron vs 4 all-stars, 3 refs, and JR

  4. digbick hohoho says:

    molly shut up!!

  5. LORD KEITH says:

    I’m sure if KD has a 40 piece next game then the NBA will be ruined like everyone says 😂😂😂

  6. Shann Anigans says:

    KD just had a LOW KEY NIGHT. THATS ALL. The brotha is money.
    Lebron is money . Curry is money.
    now lets talk about JR Smith lol . OMG !

    Shaqting the fool:
    tonights guest of honor JR SMITH

  7. Jesus Is lord says:

    Kd doesn’t need to score 50 to validate himself warriors play team basketball meaning they spread the basketball efficiently at all times

  8. KE TV says:

    KD was checking LBJ most of the game then the Cavs would make them switch with curry wtf he talking about???

    • CGGodKing says:

      KE TV KD will step up, but this game without a doubt just proved why KD is still number 2 and always will be and ur gonna have to accept that last year KD averaged like 36ppg, LeBron only had like 2 or 3 less points and averaged a triple double so in my eyes LeBron didn’t get owned stats wise individually

    • Virgil Hawkins says:

      Bruh fuck is you talm bout Bron was pulling up on KD n took him to da hole . Don’t be delusional

    • Haywood Jablomy says:

      KE TV checking lebron? He went for 51 stop talking you aound so fucking stupid. Wuit slurping snake dick faggot

    • HardWood TravisGang says:

      Chaos Magnifigo how is it sucking dick if your applaud a guy for dropping 51 in the NBA finals? lol

    • HardWood TravisGang says:

      kd can’t guard lebron… and LeBron can’t guard kd…. they are both superstars… u can only hope they have bad shooting nights. there’s no such thing as stopping them

  9. Sorryimtruthful says:

    KD doesn’t have to live up to LBJ. Just look at his teammates? They will show up. So he doesn’t have to carry the team like LBJ.

  10. Phil The Great says:

    Umm Lebron kept switching to everyone but KD while he was on offense. Then he didn’t want to guard KD so he could conserve energy. How is that KD’s fault? KD just kept taking dumb contested 3s against the person defending him. When KD was guarding Lebron, then Lebron was hitting wayback 3s and not driving at KD

  11. LAKER NATION says:

    KD can pass Kareem for points and pass bill Russell for rings, I honestly don’t care. He will NEVER be the goat in my eyes. I’m sorry but you went to the team that beat you bro 🤷🏻‍♂️ foh

  12. LORD KEITH says:

    Also this is KD’s 11th finals game and the first game where he scored under 30 points in his finals career, but “he always gets carried” 😂😂😂

    • DidYaHurd says:

      Jack Schwartz lmao so lebron should have relied and believed in Mo williams, boobie Gibson, and pavlovic is what you’re telling me. A Cleveland team that could attract no talent had no business being on the same floor as those 3 maybe 4 hall of famers,

    • DidYaHurd says:

      Jack Schwartz lmao fucking Jamario Moon

    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath says:

      Jack Schwartz Boston’s Big 3? I guess we could say Garnett ran from competition now?

    • GNB says:

      So why didn’t he win a ring in okc dumbass especially up 3-1 gtfoh he been getting carried since the 2nd round

    • GNB says:

      Mike M Kd has Westbrook harden and prime ibaka u simply can’t win with Kd as the best player on the team that’s exactly why he joined a 73 win team to begin with dumbass

  13. Patrick Corcoran says:

    Molly please keep quiet

  14. Dr Elite says:

    Legend says JR is still looking for Kyrie

  15. ckneasel says:

    Put KD on CLE and LBJ on GS…? CLE ain’t even in conversation, they would have been done a month ago… KD ain’t LBJ… #facts

    • Air 22 says:

      lebron has always pleayed with the ball in his hands and has always had better shooters then kd but kd making up for loss time and now has the best shooters lebron scored on curry and looney wow off college type offense coach lebron same style of play dont matter where he plays ball in his hands 1-4 iso stand around 15 seconds then try drive no ball movement other then lebron and no player movement because thats the lebron style just like nash got stats he led league in assist player but team assist the suns were not even in the top 10

    • Demario Wilson says:

      Kd has three scoring titles lmao y’all lbj dick suckers are insane

    • V V says:

      Demario Wilson congratulations on the scoring titles! Who is top 5 on an least 5 areas? points in playoffs, fgm in playoffs. rebounds? Assists? I wouldn’t go on. Google him, chuck.

  16. Alieu Camara says:

    Give LeBron a crown 50pts wow that was amazing like how can you hate on the man

    • Alieu Camara says:

      Alex Darby Regardless LeBron is still a goat

    • Christian Moreira says:

      Alieu Camara I guess even after losing lebron is still a winner since he has fans like you that suck him off

    • Alieu Camara says:

      Christian Moreira I don’t suck on him I’m just saying you can hate on him all you want he’s still a goat so stfu you dum bitch ass curry fanboy

    • Christian Moreira says:

      Alieu Camara damn you a little high maintenance hoe sucking off all the big ballers no one even mentioned scurry

    • Alieu Camara says:

      Christian Moreira I’m not you dum bitch ass nigga you’re just a LeBron hater you hoe

  17. J Crtz says:

    Kevin Durant the biggest coward in sports history

    • Beet Beet says:

      Says the bum on YouTube who is a12 year old kid who is fat and a out of shape blob or a 40 year old virgin on ssi or flipping burgers for a living

    • The93Reaper3 says:

      Joshua Jacobs no he didn’t you dumbass please learn something before you speak

    • MrMoneybagz813tv says:

      Joshua Jacobs lebron made the heat a power house

    • GNB says:

      Joshua Jacobs lebron created a “power team” if he went to one why did they win less than 50 games the season before that fucking idiot

    • Jack Griffin says:

      Mitchell Martinsky nah him and bosh both signed with miami that same summer. it’s 100% different. KD’s pussy ass joined an already 73-9 team.

  18. Vegas Golden Knights Coverage says:

    As warrior fans we are spoiled. I try not to get caught up on this stuff and just enjoy my team being this good and winning championships!! One day when I’m older curry will be gone and and the rest of this team and we will have bad years one day. Don’t get wrapped up in these little things. Don’t let individual performances distract you from your team winning championships.

  19. T-Dub says:

    Max should never speak on hip hop much less meek mill

  20. Offload Media says:

    LeBron James dropped the easiest 50 pts on 4 Hall Of Famers all in their prime. A man amongst boys.

    • L Grier says:

      CKMLMA8 say it again pleae, because they didn’t hear you or understand!! The King single-handedly manhandle them boys

    • Alex Darby says:

      Offload Media 50 points don’t mean shit if you still lost the game

    • Josh says:

      Offload Media what? Only 2 if those 4 players you mentioned actually guarded lebron, and lebron got half his points getting switched onto steph who’s 5 inches shorter and a hundred pounds less lmao get off LBJ’s dick he’s buns

    • Jack Schwartz says:

      Offload Media it was a blocking foul but I agree it shouldn’t of been called back. There were missed calls both ways tho, so it evens out. Every year the finals is rigged depending on who loses. People just love to complain

    • TheVintagePlayer says:

      KD and Curry and Klay aren’t “boys”

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