Stephen A.: Kevin Hart ‘got his feelings hurt’ by Dwyane Wade vs. 76ers | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A.: Kevin Hart ‘got his feelings hurt’ by Dwyane Wade vs. 76ers | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith says Kevin Hart “got his feelings hurt” by Dwyane Wade’s historic Game 2 performance of the Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

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110 Responses

  1. marshall Selvarajan says:

    Kevin Hart the new Spike lee

  2. Nick Foles Fan Club says:

    Remember when Kevin Hart talked shit to Harden and he went off for a 51 point triple double? Sorry Kev but you’re banned from every Sixer game ever

  3. GrindTime says:

    He got his feelings hurt? he should be happy to be alive Goku and the z fighters brang back all the universes.. I gave my energy to them I did my part job well done Z fighters thank you 😀

  4. Irfan Kermally says:

    the way stephen a changes his opinion every Also honestly anyone that watches basketball knows this sixers team isnt that good, and these analysts are “professionals”. Thank God for Max Kellerman

    • Corneil Madison says:

      Cris Curtean bro y’all are not that good please, I’m a heat fan, yeah we are mediocre at best, even if y’all get past us y’all not beating Cleveland or Toronto they are way deeper than y’all and more talented than y’all.

    • Corneil Madison says:

      Malik Holmes man please, Joel against Cleveland no chance.

    • T says:

      Max Kellerman knows nothing about basketball lol he thought the warriors were gonna have a lot of trouble without Steph….and they aren’t struggling one bit.

    • Juex Roastee says:

      Exactly this sixers team looked sorry as fuck… did anyone see them in money time? Damn they were ass

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      the 76ers are rellying on fultz covington mccconel johnson aka bums on their bench…people who think the winning streak mostly vs tanking teams proved they didnt need embidd and they found a better faster stretch 5 style without him proved their all idiots cause his offense was sorley needed in that 2nd quarter and the last 4 minutes …good god as usual in the playoffs need him to be one of the best bigs on both ends …miami in 6…they have the 76ers number…without embidd no chance on the road…4 of your best 5 players are saric redick bellinelli and ersan?..and your led by a non shooter…meanwhile miami has 5 guys their comfortable guarding him one on one every other play… good luck

  5. Jamil Abdulrahman says:

    Heat in 5

  6. blinkMATIC says:

    “sIxErS iN fOuR”
    Imagine tanking for years only to be taken out of the 1st round by a Heat team led by 36-YO Wade.

  7. tonja manigo says:

    D Wade had to shut those mouths up!! Lol!!

    • The Uncreative Memer says:

      D wade made bandwagon fans stop taking applications from the 76ers

    • happy_ jack24 says:

      The Uncreative Memer lebron did not wade tf

    • Corneil Madison says:

      tonja manigo yeah he did, I know he’s gonna bring the business Thursday night, I wish dragic and company could put up, dragic gets paid to much to put up 19 a night, needs to put up 39 or 40, same for Richardson, Whiteside is just plain childish he just isn’t meant for this team, hopefully Wade won’t be by his self Thursday night, i believe we getting kicked out first round because we are not as good as we should be

  8. Devon Smith says:

    Philli overrated

    • Wayne Blassingame says:

      Tyron Wells if it does go 6 it will be because D Wade has another flash back game.

    • Walter Taylor says:

      Wayne Blassingame aint no way in hell yall winning in miami lol better ask lebron when was the last time he won here… 76ers havent seen a second round since the early 2000s lmaoooo SECOND ROUND!!!! miami always handed philly an L… sooo used to it now

    • Glen Belcher says:

      The Sixers just had a good Game 1. That’s all. On a night when you’re hot, you’re hot. Some of those shots they were shooting would’ve helped them win a game of HORSE because there’s no way it should’ve gone in. Diving for a lose ball then SIMULTANEOUSLY pull up for a 3 and make it….c’mon…c’mon…Curry couldn’t even do that. They were making shots like Lebron’s game tying 3 last year against the Wizards. I knew that they wouldn’t be that hot for consecutive games so I wasn’t bothered by it one bit. The Heat will win in 7. I’m not being biased because I’m a Heat fan, I’m watching the games and seeing what’s unfolding before my eyes. Sixers have sucked for so long that they needed a game like Game 1 to give their fans something to cheer for.
      Sixers fans saying “This is our year” is about as believable as hearing a Cowboys fan say “This is our year” year after year
      after year
      after year
      after year

    • LA Lakers says:

      Devon Smith EXTREMELY

  9. Bryan Vazquez says:


  10. Jerome Yudiet says:

    Sixers needed an answer..but “the answer” already retired

  11. Rahaman Awelenje says:

    D-Wade himself is gonna beat 76ers in this series dats the funny part watch😂

  12. Big LeGoat James says:

    Max says something then forget the point of it. He says “Miami stole home court!” then proceeds to say “Miami had to work harder to beat the 6ers than the 6ers had to work to beat Miami” 😒 dude when you’re on the road you HAVE to play your heart out to steal one. Shit is the playoffs

    • Walter Taylor says:

      J Circ yall say that every year!!! I bet you’re that purple shirt gay guy!!!

    • Revivalism HQ says:

      J Circ You are dumb

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      whiteside winslow tyler and bam were non factors on offense…the fact miami won with 3 bench veteran guys going off and 3 starters playing average was kind of shocking….james johnson stepped up…big shots that shut the crowd up ended 76ers runs momentum…dude was a killer..

    • Revivalism HQ says:

      Asmosis Jones Have you ever watched a heat game? Winslow’s job is defense which he did a good job, he has never really shown offense

    • I dont get likes says:

      Eric Samuel-Hunter lol triggered

  13. Aaron N says:

    If Lebron makes everyone better why is dwade better without him 🤔

  14. jake baptiste says:

    Top 3 shooting guard of all time.

  15. yougoBoy says:

    I love when they all sleep on Miami..

    • Wadedashit says:

      I’m an eagles and a heat fan. I know how it feels to root for a very slept on team. Everyone said Nick foles had no chance to win a playoff game. Now they count d wade out easily to the Sixers. Media is so quick to think they know what’s gonna happen.

    • Kareem Codling says:

      kody scot I stop liking Whiteside when he let’s Embid Bully HIM! LMAO and look who going to vs each other on the 19th!

    • Mr Ed says:

      yougoBoy who sleeps on them? Lol stop thinking something thats not happening.

    • Nihility says:

      Joe Momma LMAO

  16. Jimmy Recard says:

    Hey LeBron, D-Wades 28pts in 26min looks pretty good right about now.

  17. DeMarvelous DeChosen says:

    Kevin Hart want to be Drake so bad. Sorry Hart, but Drake is winning 16th man of the year with his trash talking not you.

  18. Alton Johnson says:

    Like I said a few days ago, the Heat will bounce Philly in game 6 or 7. Philly needs to pray for a win in miami, who rarely loses at home.

    • MrStensnask says:

      I always wondered why people would start a sentence in the YT comment section, of all places, with “Like I said…”. Do you think we millions of viewers sit at the edge of our seats reading everything you write? That we care what you write? Because that’s just adorable <3

    • Alton Johnson says:

      MrStensnask well, I posted on the last video on this topic and I had about 100 people respond when the 76ers won.

      I was talking to those who are following this particular series, who may be reading this now, who responded to my last post.

    • God King Bob Ross says:

      MrStensnask Get wrecked normie

    • LA Lakers says:

      MrStensnask mind ur own bitch

  19. Jonathan Williams says:

    Dwyane Wade was like “allow me to reintroduce myself” last night!!!!!

  20. Jdot 408 says:

    Top 3 SG 1.Jordan 2. Kobe 3.Dwayne wade

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