Stephen A. on Cavaliers’ NBA Finals Game 4: ‘It was an embarrassing effort’ | SC with SVP | ESPN

Stephen A. on Cavaliers’ NBA Finals Game 4: ‘It was an embarrassing effort’ | SC with SVP | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith joins SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt to talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers’ performance vs. the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the 2018 NBA Finals.

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97 Responses

  1. Darren Carter says:

    Worse Finals I have eve…. Hold up Bron got swept in 2007 too… Damn this is sadder than I thought

  2. Luc Grand says:

    LeBron quit. The Cavaliers never showed up. No one has ever shouldered his load.

  3. King. K11 says:

    Avengers defeated thanos

  4. Raymond Yeung says:

    “Regular season means nothing”
    “Cavs are a different team during the playoffs”
    “Lebron has no help”
    It just goes on and on … lol

    • jayjaysuave75 says:

      Raymond Yeung so they had a team is what you’re saying? And wtf does regular season have to do with this.

    • Free Kodak says:

      jayjaysuave75 Dumbass look at what Cavs fans continuously say, that comment went right over your head, and the regular season is important to the post season, it’s how you gel your team

    • budhound mcshout says:

      Free Kodak that’s too true about the regular season. Ignorant AF to say it means nothing, means everything; how else do you create/form cohesion and chemistry and test out lineups, plays, etc?

  5. Leftsideofthebrain - Topic says:

    Steven is right. They quit mid 3rd quarter!

    • JMK says:

      M Rodriguez Wrd who tf is that? Lol but lebron Isnt Jordan! The comparisons need to stop. Why isnt kobe compared to MJ? He copied his entire game!

    • M Rodriguez says:

      @JMK I agree! That’s what everyone like me, who watched the careers of all these dudes for almost 30 years have been saying. You can’t compare Jordan to Lebron. Jordan was on a whole different level. But kids today, because they’ve only ever seen Lebron, insist (in their minds cuz they weren’t alive to see anyone else) James is the GOAT. Such a huge disrespect to that title and to the entire sport. Last night’s performance wasn’t the first time James Choked or Quit either…

    • LordDragul Smitty says:

      It’s about effort in a loss. My coaches always used to tell me it’s not about whether you lose its about how you lose

    • IndependentJE1081 says:

      Leftsideofthebrain – Topic Exactly….I was in bar watching game & I said same thing mid 3rd Q 2 those around me they quit & game over.

  6. Farrukh Ali says:

    Rockets vs GS was the real NBA final series. Atleast the rockets made an effort

    • coolasianinja says:

      As a warriors fan, I’m glad we won but it was boring as hell to watch when the cavs gave up mid-third quarter. We definitely got lucky with that Houston series and definitely more entertaining to watch than this one.

    • M K says:

      coolasianinja I don’t think your a real warriors fan if you don’t know the iggy effect… #bandwagon if you ain’t from the bay DONT FUCKING SUPPORT THEM THIS IS OUR FUCKING TEAM OAKLAND BABY

    • coolasianinja says:

      M K dude, I fucking live in the Bay Area. I am a true warriors fan. Born and raised one. But that last game was boring as all hell. I honestly expected a game like the ones against Houston. Those were fucking exciting and heart racing. This was a poor excuse for a game but a win is still a win. And another championship win is still another great thing to bring back to the Bay. But if saying that this game was boring makes me a bandwagon, I’ll gladly be a bandwagon cause I’m speaking the damn truth
      also who the hell do you think you are to say what teams people should and should not support? God? Lol

    • FRE FLO DO says:


    • mirko djuric says:

      maybe,becouse warriors are far away from last year form

  7. Londondonny says:

    That lady in the back 00:47 thickkkk asf

  8. blanchecolombe1 says:

    GSW vs ROCKETS was the real final

  9. Juan Rangel says:

    A sweep wouldn’t have happened if the Celtics were in the finals instead of the Cavs

    • Chris Yu says:

      Juan Rangel sweep wouldn’t happen if the raptors are there… Lebron just being greedy not giving other a try

    • D.I.R Entertainment says:

      Lol they would have won in 3

    • Ohmy bama says:

      Celtics didn’t have officials in the pocket like Cavs did. NBA wants Lebron in finals so more people will watch. Cavs fan base empty without Lebron.

    • joe chrow says:

      15 years in NBA only “3” titles Lmaoo!!..Lost” SIX” times in Finals Lmaoo!!..1 and 8 in last 8 Finals games Lmaoo!!..Got SWEPT TWICE in Finals Lmaoo!!..Durant SHT in lebrons MOUF at the end of the 2 most CRITICAL close Finals games Lmaoo! Lebrons HOUSE too Lmaoo!..Ray allen saved this dudes legacy in miami Lmaoo!!..Kyrie had to hit game winner for clev only title Lmaoo!!..”Not 1 Not 2 Not 3 Not 4 Not 5 but 6 losses in finals” Lmaoooooo!!…Embarrasing Humiliating Shameful Pitiful Sad Pathetic Lmaoo!!…(Spurs SWEPT lebron in 2007 GS swept lebron in 2018 = Lebron got swept TWICE)

  10. Radical SatiRICKal says:

    The Cavs just wanted it to be over, why even drag it out?

  11. john mickins says:

    Man i dont blame them for quiting. They knew damn well they weren’t gonna win 4 in a row. I woulda quit too tbh…

    • john mickins says:

      People act like 3 rings is someting to turn your nose up at. Trust me when houston blew their load vs the warriors lebron shitted a brick. Its equivalent to when wilt kept running into bill russell. And he’s the sole reason why wilt only had 2 rings. Kareem and mike r the goats B.

    • Roy Sears says:

      john mickins Bro please don’t help them push the “ Black players Quitting” narrative!

    • Ali Kobaissi says:

      john mickins Thats why MJ is greater than LeBron, he never quit no matter the circumstance.

    • john mickins says:

      Yeah he never went up against a buzzsaw like the warriors either. Let us not forget…the bulls WERE the juggernaut of their time

    • john mickins says:

      Bro EVERYBODY’S ASSES quit! Black, white, asian! 😂😂

  12. Sham Wow says:

    Jesus Lebron played against an all star team by himself.

  13. mrslapside says:

    Damn people already yelling rolling back woods in Oakland. Lol

  14. Radical SatiRICKal says:

    I’m surprised J.R. Smith didn’t celebrate with the Warriors lol.

  15. Burger King says:

    Kd ruined nba…

  16. HT logistics3434 says:

    When you carry a Jr high school team to the NBA finals It would be hard to win against GSW LoL 😅😅😅😅😅 so I feel for LeBron LoL 😅

  17. Nephew Slim says:

    So we gonna ignore shorty behind Stephen A 🤔…thick asf

  18. Just Swift Ent says:

    LEBRON PLEASSSE GO TO THE ROCKETS It’s the only way man 🤦‍♂️

  19. Ian Clark says:

    Warriors are fr running the NBA no point in watching NBA anymore

  20. ballislife2351 says:

    I’m ready to see lebron leave

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