Stephen A. on Cousins-Warriors criticism: What the hell is wrong with everybody? | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. on Cousins-Warriors criticism: What the hell is wrong with everybody? | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith is not convinced DeMarcus Cousins will return to his old self as a member of the Golden State Warriors after suffering an Achilles injury last season with the New Orleans Pelicans.

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78 Responses

  1. Nee Doc says:

    Stephen A Smith is the ultimate flip flopper. That ain’t what he said when he first found out. Sometimes this man just needs to shut up. He makes no sense to me sometimes. Just shut up..

  2. Rom DS says:

    Lmao see all this media trying to put this thing aside cause they all know nobody will watch their shows when we all know whos gonna win. What’s there to debate about? Whos gonna be the runner up?

  3. James P. Jones V says:

    Steven a smith sold the hell out smh. I’m not watching nba next season. Bc all there going to do is trick you into believing that this shit is normal. It’s not

  4. Conjurs says:

    Completely buries KD for going there but when DeMarcus goes “we’re all trippin”

    • jy de says:

      elliott miller nobody was interested that’s why nobody didnt offer him nothing. Lakers an all passed up on him

    • Conjurs says:

      He is a 7’1 full grown man he shouldn’t be getting his feelings hurt because no team wanted to pick him up.. he was fine with AD anyways

    • jy de says:

      Conjurs if none of the teams in nba want to touch you? Mind you that’s how he makes a living this is his job. He was going to stay with the pelicans until his agent told him they’re trying to trade him. After that I dont think AD staying with them

    • Mike DiMat says:

      jy de That’s been debunked so many times, the Pelicans had a 2 year, 40 mil offer on the table ad he walked away. Fuck off all you Cousins cock-suckers

  5. Josh Hannibal says:

    Every Time Stephen A Smith says some stupid shi like this on First Take his hair goes back one inch

  6. G-Dub 85 says:

    I’m gonna start watching hockey

    • Timothy Julien says:

      G-Dub 85 I love hockey

    • Ray Ray says:

      St. Lou so you’ve never seen a football player with a cast on his hand cause it’s broken so he can continue playing…or a NBA player with a face mask because his nose got broken the game before or a knee brace on an offensive lineman because of injury… Maybe NBA players playing with broken fingers…🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Patrick Chen says:

      Pretty much a bunch of men who never grew up getting into women’s figure skating while carrying a stick. Can’t even see the puck on TV. Then they have their periods and whack each other, then they cry about it. Why not just watch the Jerry Springer show then? That is why hockey belongs in the same category as golf, chess, and spelling bee.

    • Jesse Pinkman says:

      Even pool is more exiting than next season nba

    • Ray Ray says:

      Jesse Pinkman no argument from me I actually play pool… I’m the 8 ball king..👍🏾

  7. Nicholas Martin says:

    Kobe was also ancient by the time he suffered the injury. Demarcus Cousins is 27 (bout to be 28) and in the prime of his career.

    But yeah, it’s completely the same thing.

    • Andrew Williams says:

      I’m glad someone else said it. Kobe was in year 17 with wayyyyyyyyyy more mileage on his body when he had his achilles injury and Stephen A has the nerve to try and compare the 2

    • RAD-Bandz Official says:

      Brandon Jennings was younger than that when he tore his and was playing at an allstar level In Detroit until he went down he’s 6’1 200 pounds and was never the same not as fast or as good.

    • Technicide says:

      thank you for pointing this out. this is the most ignorant position ive ever seen stephen a. smith take in my life. two days ago he tells us not to watch the season and now he says it doesn’t matter LMAO

    • Jett Heinrich says:

      False equivalence they saying bs to try and deceive fans to watch NBA like saying dynasties like this happen all the time no they don’t not with 6 all stars

    • Justin Muller says:

      10000% Facts. Kobe was damn near 35 and coming off his 17th season. Add in playoff games and he’s played 20 seasons at that point.

  8. AG says:

    Stephen A.’s corporate masters at ESPN told him that he needs to toe the line, that’s why he totally changed his tune

  9. j Law says:

    Unrestricted means he can go wherever he wanted…….nuff said..

    • Gavin Dhaliwal says:

      j Law true but to go to the most stacked team of all time, a team you clearly dislike…. man when KD went the competitiveness almost died out there was still a bit, now Cousins has gone to GS who gonna beat em when Cousins is playing?

  10. abhishek patil says:

    Din’t this dude say why watch the NBA anymore yesterday?

    • Aaron Caldwell says:

      abhishek patil why can’t you pay attention dumbass he said in that video yesterday that he made this video before that one

  11. J says:

    Wait.. when this broke, wasnt’t Stephen A saying we why even watch the season?.

  12. dustinj217 says:

    Stephen your the only punk around here.

  13. blachubear says:

    July 2-Stephen A: “Why even play the game”
    July 3- ESPN President & NBA Commish shows up at Bristol during First Take production meeting: Stephen A. we trying keep viewers watching our games and putting butts in the seats, you need to change your opinion
    an hour later Stephen A. “What’s the problem”.

  14. Patrick Khoury says:

    Everyone hates on the warriors so much, I hope you guys remembered how bad they were before.

    • BEATmyguest31 says:

      Nope, we have all forgotten, because it has been replaced for the most overly stacked, pathetic excuse for a “team” i have ever seen in all of pro sports. Were all a little distracted right now.

    • Insanity NBA says:


    • ChanceTD says:

      Won a championship with a team they drafted. Then added KD and now Cousins. Yeah, there is no need to watch the NBA unless you’re a Warriors fan.

    • Dukedevils320 says:

      Grant C. People love to hate on success

    • Klaymond Durry says:

      BEATmyguest31 warriors run the nba go cry to mommy 😢

  15. kiqxr says:

    Molly stop interrupting

    • martyg23 says:

      They need to let her go, as in “let” her go find a job elsewhere. Her constant interrupting is ruining this show.

    • Patrick Chen says:

      She needs to stfu. Why is she yelling and trying to talk over the actual guys who are supposed to talk on the show? She needs to take her unibrow and unprofessional behavior somewhere else, like the dan debetard show.

  16. Sillyrits says:

    You are replacind Mcgee wirh cousins. You’re replacing a nothing with a something, which is a plus

    • Brandon Brown says:

      They’re actually not because Cousins won’t even begin playing any kind of basketball until February, and then it’ll take him a few months to get in basketball shape and up to speed with the Warriors offense. He’s really just a playoff rental. That’s it.

    • nuke018 says:

      mcgee is worse than nothing

  17. Jack Meoff says:

    Molly is there strictly to perform oral sex on Max and Stephen A.

  18. Simshine95 says:

    Nowadays only players willing to play with lebron are his overpaid klutch buddies. His fanboys should be mad at him for scaring all stars aways due to his selfish play that prioritizes stats over wins, belittling teammates so much they only take blame and never credit. Warriors culture is different because players are as unselfish as great. Lebron can only function when he dominates the ball and the headlines, that”s why he leaves teams in the dust once he jumps ship

    • Jett Heinrich says:

      Nobody cares about LeBron this ain’t about him I actually respect that he’s trying to build something out of nothing on Lakers the problem is bitch ass players who don’t want to compete

    • jdzspace33 says:

      Juanderful – the list of players who don’t want to play with LeBron is growing by the day. Every single free agent this year had an opportunity to play with him. So far Rondo, Lance and McGee are the only ones who wanted to. George didn’t want to, cousins didn’t want to, ariza didn’t want to,JJ didn’t want to, kawhi is starting to say they he doesn’t want to, Chris Paul didn’t want to, Durant didn’t want to……So what exactly are we waiting for?

    • jdzspace33 says:

      Michael Fosnaught – nope, James reached out to George just like he did with Durant and kawhi, they all didn’t want to play with him. Stop acting like these guys had no idea James was going to L.A. Before they made up their minds, that’s just a lie you tell yourself because you don’t want to believe that nobody wants to play with James other then role players

    • jdzspace33 says:

      Jett Heinrich – if a player stays on his own team and doesn’t want to build a super team, that means that they do want to compete. They don’t want to win easy, they want to earn it.

    • T McDonald says:

      Simshine95 stop sucking Lebrons dick. Tis video doesn’t even say LBJ on it. Jesus get off his nut

  19. Bushido says:


    • Pedaissance says:

      Big baller he posted a video after the news broke and said “why even bother playing next year?”

    • A R says:

      Pedaissance exactly

    • Bushido says:

      Big baller you didn’t see the video that he posted, he even say why even bother watch NBA next season

    • Coinraker says:

      Yeah but then he probably saw Brian Windhorst’s speech for everyone to calm down and realized he overreacted like everybody else. Stephen A is a hypocrite but what he said about Boogie today is absolutely true.

    • leofunkhowser33 says:

      He has a legit point. Doesn’t make him hypocritical Bushido Malenko.😑🤔😖

  20. Prince Tae says:

    Stephen… We know ESPN wrote your stuff, we really know how you feel

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