Stephen A. on Duke’s blowout win vs. Kentucky: “My God” | First Take

Stephen A. on Duke’s blowout win vs. Kentucky: “My God” | First Take

Stephen A. Smith is in awe of how wide the gap was between Duke and Kentucky in the 2018 Champions Classic, led by RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson. Max Kellerman says this juggernaut Blue Devils team is good for college basketball.

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64 Responses

  1. MixTape says:

    Zion is the best prospect I’ve seen since Lebron honestly, I’ve never seen a player that’s 270 with this quickness, handle, passing or hops ever, and he has a decent jumper. Oh my lord. How is RJ Barrett ranked higher than him?

  2. Miguel Garcia LoveYourz says:

    Rj is on another level. I mean zion is great man but rj is something more than great

    • Donna Walker says:

      ❤❤❤ Hi Whō wants tô plaŷ witħ me? ❤❤❤
      See mŷ profǐle 18+ ⇒⇒⇒ ⇐⇐⇐

    • HoWdY says:

      Miguel Garcia LoveYourz I’m a Zion fanboy but you are 100% right. Zion’s Star shines so bright it’s hard to be objective sometimes, but if you can look past that it’s obvious that RJ is just the clear, run-away #1 pick. Zion is the clear, run-away #2 pick also, but RJ is just by far the best prospect available next year.

  3. The Devil Plays clash! says:

    duke vs hawks, who’s gonna win? lol

    • Common Sense says:

      If Duke is at home Duke wins, Don’t listen to people who say a good college basketball team can’t beat a NBA team this is not football, The best HIGH SCHOOL players use to get drafted and could compete but it’s out the realm of a great college team like Duke beating the Atlanta Hawks?

  4. I'm Player One says:

    I was today years old when I realized its WilliamSON

    • Frederick Williams says:

      Head up Memphis is the team to watch over the next three years James Wiseman want go to North Carolina just took Jeffries from Kentucky Chandler Lawson and his younger brother dont want to spoil it just watch Penny hardaway

    • KiLLBiLLNATiON says:

      shout out to Penny. im still Duke or Die tho.

  5. Sports Sidelined says:

    Lol Duke literally has the Best 3 players in the Class, a top 5 PG in the NCAA, and arguably the best coach ever. Don’t act like Kentucky isn’t a good team, Duke is just unstoppable

  6. J Alves says:

    Zion will be a Celtic and that’s the scariest thing ever for the NBA

  7. kingdomdominionalc says:

    Zion = Dominique Wilkins + Larry Johnson

  8. Jayden413 ! says:

    Cam Reddish is slept on, he super nice

  9. tashun` miller says:

    And we just not gonna mention Cam reddish 22 pts and 4 stls🤔

  10. Lokra says:

    Stephen A. got the wrong job. He should have been a preacher.

  11. Gio Rodriguez says:

    Need some of what Stephen A is on, DUKE doesn’t play kansas today!!!! Got me looking on google for 20 minutes smh

    • Daniel B says:

      What a fucking tease

    • Hammeraffe Jo says:

      Sunday is next game right?

    • keandre Laster says:

      Gio Rodriguez lol me too

    • Fuck Politics says:

      +Daniel B They play Nov. 13. The state farm classic is a double header. MSU and UK play Nov. 13 and Duke and KU play after. Y’all don’t understand how the beginning of college basketball season work do y’all? Only come around in March and now that Zion is in college y’all are gonna be paying attention all year. Enjoy it college basketball is amazing. The refs actually let them play hard.

  12. taha Siddiqui says:

    Comparing RJ Barret to Jalen Rose is an insult to RJ

  13. Todd Michaelsen says:

    RJ reminds me of D. Wade (but taller and lefty) and Zion reminds me of……The Hulk. 😳

  14. mack diddy says:

    No disrespect. But this Duke team will be better than the Fab Five

  15. Roberto Ruiz says:

    People keep forgetting they have the number 1 pg in the 2018 class tre jones

  16. Robert Mills says:

    Did Molly take a shot at Chris Webber? Lol I keep forgetting that she married jalen rose.

  17. Josh Lampani says:

    Lol imagine having the 3rd best recruit in the country being your 3rd best player. This is insane…

  18. Jordan Davis says:

    This is the best team since the 2012 Kentucky team with Anthony Davis

  19. WildHunt2020 says:

    Duke Big 3 gonna have the Miami Big 3 Heat type of hype. They about to slump everybody.

  20. De'Aaron Fox says:


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