Stephen A. praying Lakers land Anthony Davis | First Take

Stephen A. praying Lakers land Anthony Davis | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says he is truly praying the Los Angeles Lakers land Anthony Davis because LeBron James didn’t go to L.A. to be there my himself without another superstar player. Stephen A. continues that it’s great for basketball when the Lakers are legit title contenders. Stephen A. and Max Kellerman also outline what the New York Knicks trading Kristaps Porzingis means for Anthony Davis and the Lakers.

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106 Responses

  1. Paul George says:

    ESPN would pay the Lakers luxury tax if they could

  2. LowesMB says:

    Man they really milking this whole AD to lakers thing? “BOSS ANGELES” lol

  3. JD 1 says:

    Of course you’re Stephen a. You’re the most important person at Lespn.

  4. Howard Davis says:

    A media member praying fa a franchise ?

    • Jerreh Sanneh says:

      Howard Davis is not fro. His heart

    • Zero Two says:

      dont worry some more members of Lebron media are praying also for that to happen such as Shannon sharpe, nick wright and colin cowherd

    • truthseeker89 for life says:

      Because he wants the league to be competitive nobody is close to beating gs

    • jaydexe says:

      MrAVGNdude fam you sound really ridiculous.

      1) SAS is praying he goes there because the league is more entertaining and successful when they’re a title contender. Also probably the most important part, he’d be able to fly there more often to cover games.

      2) They constantly tried to give Kobe love. Every offseason there was a rumor a star would join LA. Second, Lakers were also a terrible team, Kobe was over the hill, and Kobe pushed free agents away

      3) They don’t have enough and you know it stop deluding yourself. You telling me that you think LeBron, Lonzo, Rondo, Ingram, Kuzma is enough to beat a team with Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Demarcus Cousins? Lmao yea ok.

    • Joshua Warren says:

      jaydexe Stephen A said nothing about that.

  5. w j says:

    Just yesterday he was blaming lebron ?

  6. Jacinto Garza says:

    The only Anthony the lakers are getting is Carmelo Anthony

  7. Live_Lif3 Right says:

    Tbh this AD is Annoying asf at this point Pelicans need come out Say wether they trading or keeping AD so we can move tf on! Either way It seems AD will go to LA no matter what

    • Pennywise says:

      Live_Lif3 Right New York is out of the trade so now it’s just the celtics and lakers

    • Cory Fessenden says:

      +Pennywise and probably 20 other teams who arent vocal about it.

    • Eile says:

      stupid, why would Pelicans need to do anything? AD is still under contract. If you want him, go make Pelicans offer. They have the right to reject or accept the offer. AD has no power, Pelicans owns him right now. AD can want to go to LA, that’s all he can do it. He shouldn’t sign the contract if he doesn’t want to play for the Pelicans to begin with. People(maybe Magic) think Lakers can low point the Pelicans. No way. I don’t think Lakers can wait for two year until Lebron gets too old.

    • junior peña says:

      Eile this superstars got power tho LeBron can make this happend.

    • Eile says:

      +junior peña “The Lakers have limited offers to two of the franchise’s top young players in every proposal, and resisted including more than a single first-round pick in offers, league sources said.” Lakers will definitely not getting AD with this kind of low ball offer. AD or Lebron has no power to force NO to do anything. Go wait until free agent and good luck trying to force NO to accept low ball offer.

  8. Brett Carter says:

    No New Yorker should wish the Lakers to get anything

  9. Vinh Tran says:

    that check from klutch sports cleared!!

  10. Lonzo Ball says:

    Just wait until I get back Laker fans we gonna be unstoppable

  11. Ayveel Robinson says:

    As a Lakers fan, I would love AD. I just don’t think trading the whole farm will work in our favor.

    • MadMax MMA says:

      Q M V More like uncontroversial.
      The dude should have been suspended from the Thunder series after kicking Steven Adams and they probably would’ve lost in 6.

    • MadMax MMA says:

      Adrian Rocha So what if you win a Chip in 2/3 of the next 3 seasons. It would be WORTH IT! Probably gonna win only one if that if they keep this young group and add AD so they may as well try to win while they have LeBron. Besides, AD could decide to spend the rest of his career in LA. So they get their next franchise cornerstone immediately, so long as he can stay relatively healthy, which would be the gamble. Which makes it worth it.

    • CodyS777 says:

      Lmao What happened to y’alls “young Lakers” and how they’re all just so good?

    • Earl The Pearl says:

      I would trade them everything for AD.

    • Bronson 475 says:

      Supporting cast are a dime a dozen but superstars are unicorns we have one now imagine two! Whooooeee!

  12. Whole Lotta Gang Shit says:

    Stephen A wants AD in LA…..The Lakers not get a damn thing now ?

  13. Cmholy says:

    3:45 You can really tell the Knicks hurt Max deep

  14. Julio says:

    4 years ago from today’s date the Seahawks should have ran the football.

    • Simon Watson says:

      Julio 4 years ago, the New England patriots won their 4th super , made their 9th Super Bowl appearance , and marked themselves as one of the greatest sports franchises of the decade, let alone tom Brady and Bill Bell marking their path to the greatest of all time, 4 years later, their at their 11 Super Bowl appearance and tom Brady will win his 6th Super Bowl making him equal to the Pittsburg steelers “team” number of Super Bowl victories

    • Lil LG says:

      Mane stfu with this lame shit already

    • KingMoe says:

      4 years ago Hawks and Patriots has a brawl on the field

    • Henry Street says:

      +TPTGopher people still out here talking about what if Pats stopped the run. If the Seahawks ran a QB sneak there is no stoppage but whatever

    • Caiden H says:

      Jesus Christ

  15. - TJ says:

    Soo is stephen a smith a knicks fan or lakers fan??

  16. FallopianJones says:

    How is this a topic? It’s obviously not going to happen til the summer

  17. lukecage33 says:

    These are the same people who say Kobe can’t be the best because he played with Shaq but LeBron needs top 5 players to win championships.

    • WillToNihilsm says:

      Pippin and rodman????????

    • WillToNihilsm says:

      +hector cervantes LeBron did beat them retard.

    • Gmannn15 Trollz says:

      lukecage33 so LeBron can’t have 2 other all-stars on his team but Kobe is allowed to have 3 all-stars (1998) plus Shaq, Magic is allowed to have Kareem and Worthy, MJ is allowed to have Pippen, Rodman, Grant, Harper, Kareem is allowed to have Jerry West but everybody says LeBron needs help.

    • lukecage33 says:

      +Gmannn15 Trollz Kobe made players better Pau gasol only won a couple playoff games go look at Kobe’s two rings without Shaq his teammates we’re not that good

    • lukecage33 says:

      +Rich Hall Kyrie Bosh Wade love

  18. Isiah Nunn says:

    When Zion gets to the league his hype will overshadow this AD talk

  19. Designz R Us says:

    The media praying lebron get help lmao

    • CodyS777 says:

      Triiippyfelix 303 Why? You have a problem with GSW and not Lebron Who brings TONS of Help with him everywhere he goes and gets players traded and coaches fired to benefit himself? The league has paved the way for Lebum to get to the playoffs EIGHT years in a row and you don’t see a problem with that?

    • Wis Dom says:

      People cheer for the underdog, until he becomes successful, then they pray for his downfall. #HipsterMentality

    • TheOrangefan13 says:

      THEY HAVe to obey God.

    • Caiden H says:

      Lmao MJ ain’t need no help and he still being the GOAT. LeBron can’t even win with all the help he has gotten in his career. Le3-6 is pathetic.

  20. ZMHighlights says:

    Espn: Warriors having all these all stars is bad for the league
    Also Espn: Davis, Kawhi, Klay, all of them should join Lebron and the lakers!!!

    • Justin Mopavich says:

      Yeah gsw needs competition other wise it’s annoying watching someone play a team you know they can’t beat

    • Justin Mopavich says:

      +YoGucci have you not been watching basketball because LeBron already has history with the warriors an he’s the best player on the planet

    • Justin Mopavich says:

      +Jay Edwards yeah because that team didn’t set the record for most wins or win an nba champion or anything like that ?

    • YoGucci says:

      Justin Mopavich That has no correlation to what I said

    • Jay Edwards says:

      +Justin Mopavich because no team plays hard in the first half of the season but non playoffs teams so for a great team it was easy

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