Stephen A. reacts to Kevin Durant requesting a trade from the Nets | NBA Today

Stephen A. reacts to Kevin Durant requesting a trade from the Nets | NBA Today

Stephen A. reacts to Kevin Durant requesting a trade from the Nets | NBA Today
Stephen A. Smith joins NBA Today and reacts to Kevin Durant requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets.
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49 Responses

  1. K J says:

    Kevin Durant leaving the Warriors to prove he could lead his own team and then requesting a trade the same year Golden State wins again is… wild.

    • 75ryanh says:

      Ya wild… lol

    • Mike Tyson says:

      Never thought it was going to work. Here’s the irony. KD left Russell Westbrook for all the things he did on the court. Now he’s leaving Kyrie for all the things he does off the court. Kyrie can’t be trusted. If the stars align Kyrie might take half the season off lol. The same reason James Harden wanted out they don’t want to play with a part time player. KD is about basketball Kyrie is just a headache at this point.

    • ll nn1 says:

      Lets not act like Kd wanted to leave GS solely on wanting to prove himself. Kd doesn’t have to prove himself to anybody.

    • Glenn McKnight says:

      On god

    • Austin Weed says:

  2. La Cucaracha says:

    🤣🤣🤣 They scared KD with that Westbrook for Kyrie trade nonsense . He’s like nope I’m out.

  3. bm says:

    Kyrie didn’t ask for nash, kd did cause he was the assistant coach when he was on the warriors. Just get ready kai they gon put 100 % blame on you.

  4. James Lombardo says:

    KD to Dallas. Luka & KD would be amazing, cmon Cuban. I’m not even a Mavericks fan but would love to see it for the NBA!

  5. Pat Sayjack says:

    KD could literally be on the Golden State Warriors right now celebrating another championship with great teammates, a world class GM, the best owner in the league, a hall of fame coach, and a second to none culture if he FELT like it. But instead he chose this. Some people are really their own worst enemies.

    • ll nn1 says:

      Yall went from saying his rings dont count and he cant win elsewhere to lowkey yall wish he woulda stayed, lmao make yall mind up. Fym, this real life he getting paid millions to hoop. Who cares what team he on and if he winning or not. You saying he his own enemy like he losing in life rn

    • iatealready says:

      Then you’d be on here with the rest of the bandwagon people claiming he needed a superteam to win.

    • Jason Songs says:

      Nah if he stayed and continued to win, people would have shut up by now. Winning championships after championships with the golden state warriors would have made him in the Michael Jordan conversation. Instead he’s a spoiled brat of the nba

    • DeRoss Davis says:

      Hall of fame coach, ……we know who really put this team together. I’d like to see Steve Kerr with another team, I want to see if he’s another Pat Riley or John Gruden.

  6. Jordan Davis says:

    Stephen A can’t get 1 week on vacation without the nba doing something crazy 🤣🤣

  7. blue freese says:

    Suns trading Booker, Bridges and Ayton for Durant would be the worst move possibly in NBA History. It would destroy their franchise for a decade and then Durant will ask out in a year or two anyway.

    • S Irwin says:

      @Mark Jackson yeah that would defeat the purpose of getting Durant. No chance of getting Booker.

    • S Irwin says:

      @Daniel M. to be fair – I don’t think they would be that bad with Bridges, Ayton & Simmons. If they get a bucketload of picks and pick swaps they can set themselves up. That Houston situation is honestly not great. Incredible they’ve potentially managed to do it twice in almost 10 years lol.

    • S Irwin says:

      @KN Byam I think you can do a pick swap though right?

    • KN Byam says:

      @S Irwin You can’t trade back to back first round picks, you have to skip a year unless they aquire a pick from a different team.

    • Mark Jackson says:

      They’re not trading Book or Paul.

  8. SuperTeamVideo says:

    Hmm… and why did KD leave the Warriors? To build his own “coach-less” superteam. I guess it didn’t work out. He tried to destroy the Warriors on the way out and now he destroyed the Nets. He’s a team killer. Same said for Kyrie.

    • ll nn1 says:

      Kd never said that, all great players have some type of relationship with the coach. Kd loved Steve because he helped him in GS. He definitely didn’t try to destroy a team purposely, and one person cant destroy a franchise. If he was a team killer then everybody in the league wouldn’t be tryna recruit him rn. Definitely not the same with kyrie so lets stop with the nonsense

    • Etched Memories says:

      Kd mainly left cuz Green was being dumb and pushing his buttons the wrong way.

    • The Mayor301 says:

      Correction… Kyrie destroyed the nets

  9. D A says:

    Here are the facts Curry won a chip before KD got there and after KD left. KD has not won without Curry.

  10. Black Sector says:

    Every time something happened I just feel sorry for Steven A. I think about him first

    • ll nn1 says:

      Stephen A not in that locker room. Stephen A not a hooper, tf we feeling sorry for? He get paid to talk, analyze and other stuff like that. Who cares?

    • Michael Rimmer says:

      This was negotiating in his contract that why they pay him all that 💰.

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