Stephen A. reacts to Kobe saying he would have won 12 rings if Shaq were in shape | First Take

Stephen A. reacts to Kobe saying he would have won 12 rings if Shaq were in shape | First Take

Stephen A. Smith reacts to Kobe Bryant saying he would have won 12 rings if Shaquille O’Neal’s stayed in shape throughout his career.
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64 Responses

  1. tuggerjb says:

    Kobe basically said Shaq is better than me, he just didn’t work as hard. No WAY is that an insult! Max is absolutely right

    • isaac skitz cunt says:

      @Tod Wilkinson you definitely tripping

    • Wisdom101 says:

      @Tod Wilkinson You don’t make any sense Shaq was fat and lazy

    • InvictuZ says:

      Max is an idiot that’s just taking words literally without context. Kobe is saying the same thing he said back when they hated each other, so guess what the atmosphere is gonna be now that he’s saying these things about Shaq?

  2. All Alone says:

    *Molly back at it again with the ad-libs in the background*

  3. John Perry says:

    Dam I thought O girl was going to be off the show for a while ????

    • R BR says:

      How come. What did she do?

    • Edwin Colon says:

      R BR cause molly is annoying is it’s already known around the fans that we all find her annoying and find her to be horrible at the moderating job. Her annoyance heavily outweighs her looks.

  4. apetheape9 says:

    If Molly didnt marry Jalen id have a feeling she would of been let go from this position a while ago…

  5. Caleb Melia says:

    “Biggest guy who walks in a room”

    Yao Ming walks in…

  6. Chris Rivers says:

    Shaq said the same. It was his raw ability. Shaq knows he wasn’t a hard worker, but game time he was ready to go. No news here folks move along…

  7. mafriqaful says:

    First take needs a hype man instead of molly.

  8. Jonny Arnett -NBA YouTuber says:

    Ugh. I hope this doesn’t turn into a beef. I’m done seeing Kobe and Shaq beefin’

    • TheHomieHiro says:

      Deon Nelson Shaq was big mans could drop 40 in his sleep if he had Kobe mentality

    • Jaysmith says:

      Kobe needs to shut the fuck up. He already snitched to the cops about Shaq cheating on his wife. When it had nothing to do with him.

    • dabuilder - says:

      They’re beef been over long time ago they’re to old to even want to beef

    • TheJohnnystockman says:

      Danyal Kazmi check stats throughout finals. Shaq was able to dominate with horrible centres coming out of the East. Check out how Kobe dominates the tougher West. They were both unbelievable and needed each other at the time. But fact of the matter is Kobe was more successful without Shaq than Shaq without Kobe

    • Tevin McCray says:

      @Danyal Kazmi true but look at what centers Shaq was facing in the finals. Phil smart, he was not going to let Kobe shoot all day. Feed that shit to Shaq against them trash ass centers. But look at those stats during the western conference playoffs, those stats look much closer.

  9. matthew allen says:

    I thought Molly was gone for good.

  10. muffinfairy97 says:

    Molly: exist
    The universe: visible irritation

  11. Vinny T. says:

    “Welcome back Molly” said nobody ever

  12. Booty Full says:

    Kobe ! … (shoots crumpled up paper ball) ?

  13. Mike Mitch says:

    I miss those days when the Center dominated the paint , now you just find them waiting behind the 3 point line.

    • Deanz Beber says:

      Shaq was too unstoppable so they had to change the rules

    • Shadownesia says:

      Believe or not, it’s probably because that’s how players become more skilled and efficient. Guys like Shaq and other traditional bigs are very bad at defending stretch players and the fact that they themselves can’t stretch the floor makes them an offensive liability. We love to glorify players like Shaq but shit on players like Ben Simmons and Giannis for their lack of a jumpshot.

    • Issa Shooter says:

      Mike Mitch it all ended when Tim Duncan left the league

    • Deanz Beber says:

      @Shadownesia that’s a good point. It’s kind of a double standard.

    • dabuilder - says:

      @Shadownesia its different because ben simmons isn’t a freak of nature how just gets to the paint whenever he wants like giannis and shaq and no one shits on giannis for not having a jumpshot he was just the MVP

  14. DANE BATCHELOR says:


  15. Daniel Jansson says:

    Ugh Molly ,Where did Roz go =/.

  16. Jimel Quann says:

    You should call this show “Everyone hates Molly”

    • Edwin Colon says:

      Because it’s widely agreed at this point from the fans. Just give her her own show so she can fail in peace or send her somewhere else

  17. Ch'khan Hodge says:

    Molly Should Be On Pardon The Interruption” Because That’s All She Does!?✔?????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  18. Indifference2000 says:

    So shaq was a monster, got 4 rings , 3 finals MVP, and was out of shape. Hell that’s the life!!! Not an insult IMO

  19. Ari Kashton says:

    They should hire Kobe as a TNT analyst to analyze games with Shaq.

  20. jp3813 says:

    Shaq put those big macs to great use by bulldozing defenders in the paint.

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