Stephen A. reacts to LeBron James joining Lakers & describes impact on Kawhi | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. reacts to LeBron James joining Lakers & describes impact on Kawhi | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith reacts to LeBron James choosing to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, describes his late-night meeting with Magic Johnson and how Kawhi Leonard’s contract situation plays into it.

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103 Responses

  1. Jabrony Lin says:

    Dwayne Casey legit got fired for nothing 😂

  2. Vampirerockstar says:

    Its going to take more than kawhi and lebron to get the past the warriors and rockets

    • Sanamac1 says:

      Kawhi being traded is unrealistic all of the young players will disappear literally

    • F R says:

      Chris Pretty sure he did it with both of them in 2016…

    • Ryleigh Epps says:

      Carlos Wood yes.brad is a dogg

    • Alex Drew says:

      I disagree. Houston is already past GSW in my opinion. If Chris Paul didn’t go down Houston would be champions. And Lebron James alone was the third best team in the NBA add kawhi and they have a shot

    • Braxton Marshall says:

      The real championship game was warriors vs rockets,
      Because you know rockets would have beaten the Cavs too if they beat the warriors

      Telling y’all, LeBron isn’t going to the playoffs every year now, the east is a much easier conference than the west

  3. Chris Hernandez says:

    JR Smith be like, “yes, we will definitely go to finals next year again. But this time me and bron putting up legendary numbers!”

  4. Blake Benham says:

    Raptors still gonna lose to the Cavs next year! Lol

  5. Lone Surviver says:

    Nice looking squad full of young talent warriors in 5

  6. Caliwarlord 40831510 says:

    Lavar ball told you LeBron was coming to LA

  7. greenday103921guns says:

    Thought for sure he’d go to the Kings… #KingJames

  8. Lor Dj says:

    As a Laker fan I have to become a Lebron fan now he’s with my team now and he will bring us back to the playoffs where we belong💪🏽

  9. criminal roy says:

    and thus, the bandwagon moves to los angeles

  10. Jenqy Cfw says:

    No way in hell Lebron going to the finals again. They aren’t going to beat the rockets and the warriors. It’s IMPOSSIBLE!!

  11. Timothy Marland says:

    As long as KD is playing for the GSW, the Lakers aren’t going anywhere with LeBron simple

    • Anthony Chalkley says:

      Facts cause who LA got to guard KD??? Not Lebron lol. When them 4 years up Lakers fans will wish Lebron never came.

    • BrandinJoseph Sanchez says:

      Anthony Chalkley yup lechoke aint gna do fuck but fatten his pockets cuz he sure aint winning no title he not playing for the weakest conference in nba history anymore

    • BrandinJoseph Sanchez says:

      Anthony Chalkley i agree bud

    • BrandinJoseph Sanchez says:

      So now hes gna cry in la i hope laker fans realize hes not a goat or a sheep but a fucking llorona means crybaby in Spanish lmfao

    • BrandinJoseph Sanchez says:

      Xo Iggy lol the east is so weak i bet lechokes dont even make playoffs welcome to the west real teams like the teams jordan played in 90s eastern conference only diff is in 90s u can fuck someone up like for real lecries aint gna last sorrt la

  12. Armon Naraghi says:

    Nance and Clarkson the unluckiest dudes ever

  13. mrslapside says:

    Gotta love it!

    • Benjamin Hakim says:

      BrandinJoseph Sanchez So when the Cavs were down 3-1 Lebron just quit and the Cavs magically won in 7 games. I dont think so.

    • BrandinJoseph Sanchez says:

      Benjamin Hakim draymond suspended pacholia hurt and honestly kyrie won that title

    • BrandinJoseph Sanchez says:

      Benjamin Hakim kyrie irving balled his ass off lechoke doesnt take big shots he chokes cries them quits boston dallas warriors i am sorry yall live in the moment but jordan the goat lebron the king of choke

    • BrandinJoseph Sanchez says:

      Benjamin Hakim please domt say lebron carried the team he didnt that year was kyrie fool

    • BrandinJoseph Sanchez says:

      Benjamin Hakim ur probably a young pup but what lebron did this year jordan did his whole career

  14. EMANeleVenElevEn says:

    LeBron don’t wanna win, he went there for a holiday

    • Leon Allan Davis says:

      He lives in Brentwood. Maybe 10 miles west of Staples Center. That’s a 15-minute drive in his limo. Probably less since the LAPD will block traffic and close the on ramps five minutes before he leaves the house. Give him a 95 mph escort with lights and sirens….that’s in his contract…

    • RAP1D EQUAL1ZER says:

      Leon Allan Davis…..finally someone with their head actually still attached to their body

  15. Jun Michael Antenor says:

    this is the biggest difference between KD and LBJ…he could have gone to a stronger and better team but didnt…people always hating on LBJ but always watches his games especially now that he’s in another team…everybody wants to know what’ll happen…that is excitement that LBJ bring inside the court….when kd went to GS….it was like….okay theyre still gonna win….its boring….

    • myasswithacherryontop says:

      He went to Miami and formed a big 3. When they got old he ran back to the cavs and formed another big 3. This is the only time your statement aplies

    • Xavier .A says:

      Jun Michael Antenor LeBron didn’t go to a better team cause he wanted that 💰💰

    • Mizta Dirrty says:

      Jun Michael Antenor what’s boring is watching this Bitxch make excuses for being Swept & hopping from Team to Team just to get a ring. Warriors or Rockets still gonna wear dat Old Ass Out.I hope he brought that fake hand cast with him to LA kuz he,s gonna need it again 😂😂

    • Camilo Pérez Arrau says:

      Jun Michael Antenor totally agree

    • Ravenous says:

      He couldn’t have went to a stronger team actually. No cap space on them. Try again moron.

  16. I Scott says:

    Poor Isaiah Thomas

  17. cuzzinjay says:

    Now lakers need to grab Mark Jackson as a head coach. Move walt to assistant

  18. bert fromarketin says:

    Cleveland has JR they will be cool

  19. Beezy Mcgeezy says:

    Golden State will still win the title…

  20. theking says:

    Thank God! No more Cavs-Warriors NBA Finals.

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