Stephen A. reacts to LeBron striking Isaiah Stewart: ‘He’s got to be suspended’ | First Take

Stephen A. reacts to LeBron striking Isaiah Stewart: ‘He’s got to be suspended’ | First Take

Michael Irvin and Jay Williams join Stephen A. Smith on First Take to discuss the altercation between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart.

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42 Responses

  1. Ezhon Dave says:

    Gonna appreciate Cade’s effort to hold Stewart. Exerted his entire earthly strength.

  2. Carson Claws says:

    Cade Cunningham locked up defensive player of the year

  3. Joseph Matthews says:

    Someone cracked me in the eye once on accident. It’s weird, this flash happens and next thing you know blood is just streaming and all you see is red. I immediately came up swinging and I’m a chill dude but it took someone grabbing me and pulling me back to calm down. I still think he should be suspended for running people over though. My wrestling team had this thing where we’d sneak up on each other and land a body shot as a joke, one time I got it while bent over picking up my books and I cracked my orbital bone on the corner of a desk. You just snap like a fight or flight response and it takes a second for that adrenaline to dissipate and calm down. Isiah didn’t start hot and then calm down, he escalated.

    LeBron should obviously be suspended. What he did was completely unacceptable but he’s not a dirty player and honestly I chalk it up to a bad day or whatever.

    • Joseph Matthews says:

      @TertiaOptio that’s an understatement. Initiation was getting tied to a bench and pink bellied. I don’t know why they call it pink belly cuz mine and everyone else’s was deep black and purple and swollen for weeks.

      At the time we thought this kinda stuff toughened you up but now I just see it as adolescent BS. Kinda fun though.

    • Joseph Matthews says:

      Oh and if it’s any consolation my class ended a lot of those shenanigans (well the initiation at least we still liked to beat on each other lol.) Freshman year this morbidly obese kid joined the wrestling team. He was so big he knew he was never going to actually wrestle but he saw how fit the wrestling team was and figured we could help him lose weight and maybe wrestle a bit junior or senior year after he shed the pounds.

      Well seniors decided if he was on the team he had to be initiated and I never heard anyone cry like that then or since. It was soul shattering so we ended it but athletes are just weird and have a different relationship with pain than most people I think.

    • seulgisbayang says:

      no one is calling him a dirty player, ppl are saying he took a dirty cheap shot/play in THIS game. two different things. bad day is downplaying it, bron was frustrated from the contact and made an intentional swipe to his face. its okay to admit he did sumn wrong, instead of blaming it on a bAd dAy. accountability please…

    • Joseph Matthews says:

      @seulgisbayang lol where did I say he shouldn’t be held accountable? I said he should be suspended. By your logic you’re just blaming it on him being “FrUsTrAtED” accountability please! Lol.

      Maybe you’re having a bad day eh?

    • Que Rico Mambo says:

      He didn’t snap in the first place. Probably (if not obviously) Le Bron told him something midcourt after the hit (you can see them exchanging words). At least it doesn’t look like he was apologizing to him. Unfortunately Le Bron is protected like a precious gem by the NBA.

  4. Cardinals2021 says:

    JWill hit Michael Irvin a little too hard there on the demonstration 🤣

  5. Channel says:

    Noooo you’re looking at LB..

  6. Mehul Bhole says:

    4:30 Careful Jay that man once stabbed his own teammate with scissors. 😂😂

  7. Xavier Steel says:

    We all know Bron meant to hit him. He may have not thought he would cause that facial damage. But he definitely meant to hit him. You can clearly see him look back and then add extra force to his swipe through and he closed his fist.

    • Quiet Storm says:

      ..yup and Isiah meant to hit him….just couldn’t get there fast enough.

    • Kyle Simmons says:

      @Quiet Storm it looked like to me Stewart wasn’t tilted like that until he saw his own blood. Add that to the Lebron and the lakers probably saying things he didn’t want to hear at the moment

  8. thehumburger says:

    If the NBA keeps suspending the reaction more than the initiation, then they only incentivize initiating these kinds of incidents and are going to get a lot more of them.

    • A Very Late Tv & Movie Review Avlreviews says:

      So players can start throwing temper tantrums? nah bro

    • A Very Late Tv & Movie Review Avlreviews says:

      @euthyphro dilemma I think in your example since duke didn’t mean to kill that’s why he got off

    • A Very Late Tv & Movie Review Avlreviews says:

      @euthyphro dilemma I think your arguing semantics

    • A Very Late Tv & Movie Review Avlreviews says:

      @Ease same thing in soccer

    • euthyphro dilemma says:

      @A Very Late Tv & Movie Review Avlreviews I spoke nothing of whether he went to jail . I just asked is there a threshold for want one can do once they’ve been wronged . Some people believe you are allowed to even kill someone for being called a racial slur and some believe Stewart had the right to knock over people possibly injuring other people for being wronged.

  9. TopGT says:

    Isaiah: I’m ok, I’m good, I’m ok….. then charges entire Lakers roster. 🤣

  10. Showoff says:

    Are these the same people who say the league is soft and how this was being “physical”in “M.J’s era” but now they calling for suspensions and it’s a big problem. 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

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