Stephen A. reacts to Russell Westbrook joining LeBron and the Lakers | Get Up

Stephen A. reacts to Russell Westbrook joining LeBron and the Lakers | Get Up

Stephen A. reacts to Russell Westbrook joining LeBron and the Lakers | Get Up
Stephen A. Smith and Kendrick Perkins react to Russell Westbrook joining LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Los Angeles Lakers.

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52 Responses

  1. John Ferguson says:

    The real question is which big three is less injury prone?

  2. Paco A says:

    Lakers offense isn’t going to be stagnant after LeBron James goes to the bench I can guarantee you that.

    • BRUH says:

      @C S AD at five Lebron at the 4 Russ at point will be the closing lineup.. nobody in the NBA leaves AD open from three whether us fans believe it or not the only player teams dare to shoot is draymond green and Ben Simmons to name a few.. so with AD on the three point line spacing the floor the opposing teams big man will be out the paint and when Lebron has the ball he will pick and role with AD or just iso AD in the post and when the double comes pass it to a slashing Westbrook or lebron… it’s easy to understand at least it should be…

    • Tre Ford says:

      @Yo Go excuses excuses he wasn’t tired when they won that default chip in 2020 y’all bronsexuals is something else

    • C S says:

      @BRUH nah I understand that would be the most ideal lineup, but AD complains about playing the 5 and he shoots 26% from three lol. I guess I may just be biased against Westbrook’s play style, but we’ll just have to see how it turns out

    • Joshua Rebolledo says:

      @Urbain Delva kuzma is not a knockdown shooter like kcp can be so they really lost one shooter

    • Paco A says:

      Kuzma was very inconsistent as a shooter, when lebron and A.D was out he didnt show up with scoring. KCP is very underrated he will be missed. Herrel is good but too small and happy to pull him away from the clippers. So we’ll see who they fill the roster with, but for now I see A.D, lebron and Westbrook, lebron takes his rest at the 5min mark, Westbrook does his thing, lebron comes back in. That’s not bad, and lebron is 37 man, he’s gonna call it soon. Westbrook and A.D will still be around if they stay.

  3. psp785 says:

    I find it hard to believe Perkins played in the league sometimes with his takes.

  4. J Aye says:

    They call SAS in like he a active duty soldier

    • donjohnswaggert says:

      There’s no pressure on Westbrook the pressure is on LeBron James because now the bron James has a bona fide superteam you have LeBron James ad the best big man in the league and now you have Westbrook a dude who averages triple-doubles who are dunk on you who will run up the floor while LeBron is aging

    • Derek Dissell says:

      @donjohnswaggert Jordan’s teams were still probably deeper with better role players

    • laupnaes says:

      @Arkham Knight Faxxxxx😂😂😂😂😂

    • EarthWormJim says:

      That’s why they pay him the salary he’s paid the man certainly works for it

    • Goat Reacts says:

      @donjohnswaggert they been saying that for the last 5 years.

  5. wilsonsmanz says:

    Russell Westbook knows the Lebron James System very well. The only problem is, he plays the Lebron James in that system.

  6. Tripp McGee says:

    A Russell Westbrook vs kd reunion in the finals would be legendary

  7. Jonathan Johnson says:

    SAS went from not wanting to hear about Westbrook, because he’s not in contention for a championship. Now that he’s got a real opportunity again, you’re already bashing him. Yall deliberately leave out variables; will LeBron vanish the way PG did on Russ in the playoffs. So long as he’s healthy. Nope.

    • Jonathan Johnson says:

      @Shanado Moss 7 of the 11 playoff games with OKC he shot below 45% and scored 5 points in an elimination game. They lost by 5 points(had he scored his usual amount or career average they win….)

    • Shanado Moss says:

      @Jonathan Johnson you’re right won’t deny that, now let’s talk about what happened the following year in the playoffs.

      PG averaged 29 while Westbrook averaged 23 on 36% shooting from the field

    • Shanado Moss says:

      Had Westbrook not taken as much shots and made better decisions/shot selections than he did then they wouldn’t have lost

    • kingjaydex says:

      Paul George was the one that showed up in 2019 stop making excuses for Westbrook

    • kingjaydex says:

      FG% is the most garbage stat for shooting efficiency. Paul George averaged 29 points on 58 TS% against the Blazers and Westbrook 46 TS% which is like 10% below league average and got cooked by Lillard

  8. Bryan Starke says:

    “Lebron is willing to take a backseat” – Perkins
    “wait, what?” – Lebron

    • Xavier L2R2 says:

      @Martin Q23 dawg I had an aneurism reading that. And that was 2 years ago. Lebron is slowing down and calls for subs more often. Y’all so quick to forget AD can put up 46-15-4 on a good night. That’s why they also got Russ too

    • Xavier L2R2 says:

      @Martin Q23 they have solid core pieces to also trade away if they’d like. Off-season isn’t over.

    • Fat Tony says:

      Lebron will act surprised, but everyone is missing his master plan. He will give Russell his book of best plays, and will sit back and watch his mini me attack

    • Martin Q23 says:

      @Xavier L2R2 Lebron was putting up his finals numbers this year too only reason why he slowed down was because of the injury . Just watch Lebron will prove once again he’s the best in the world . AD is the train for the lakers but lebrons the conductor

    • Martin Q23 says:

      @Xavier L2R2 and the finals wasn’t even a year ago what are you talking about “2 years ago” NBA fans switch up too much . 2 years ago Durant was on the warriors

  9. Treason University says:

    “Rob, you the real MVP.” -Lebron James

  10. Monsuta Man says:

    “Their odds did not change”
    That tells you everything about this trade……..

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