Stephen A. reacts to the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade | NBA Today

Stephen A. reacts to the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade | NBA Today

Stephen A. reacts to the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade | NBA Today
Stephen A. Smith joins NBA Today and reacts to the Brooklyn Nets trading James Harden and Paul Millsap to the Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and 2 first-round picks.
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46 Responses

  1. Sean Henderson says:

    Imagine Ben Simmon’s first game back in Philly. The heat is gonna be nuclear

  2. Carson Claws says:

    76ers vs Brooklyn in the playoffs make it happen

  3. Henry Sinchi says:

    i love when someone says “IT WAS ONE SERIES” for Harden or any other superstar but when it came to Ben Simmons…he got dragged for it

    • suave.ass.kneegrow says:

      @Mack That’s the beautiful thing of Simmons on the Nets. He doesn’t HAVE to be that guy anymore. Someone of Ben’s caliber would fit like a glove as the 3rd option.

    • Nicholas Kreider says:

      Ben got dragged for the Atlanta series true but he stunk up the joint every playoff series he’s ever played in

    • Abraham Bisrat says:

      It’s bigger than just a series. He gets dragged because of a mind set and how he reacted to criticism

    • Mack says:

      I mean Simmons is an absolute coward, you can’t really argue that. I think he’s a really good player but he is definitely not a superstar, he showed the whole world that he’s not the guy you lean on in the playoffs.

    • Kobe is the goat says:

      Ben Simmons is a superstar that’s why

  4. 99overallco says:

    It makes for a good rivalry, especially in the playoffs. Ben and James against their old teams

  5. Desmond Booker says:

    “Have James Harden ever let Daryle Morey down?”

    They would still be in Houston if that was the case.

  6. Riceman says:

    None of this would happened had Kyrie just took the shot

  7. Hillel Gorin says:

    I think the most important part is the first round draft picks. The “big 3” was clearly not working, so a trade to try and revive the nets chances at a title this season is smart. But more important is to ensure a future.

    • mark d says:

      Big 3 was working. They barely played.

    • Hillel Gorin says:

      @The Raging Cajun not working to consistently get all 3 together or to build an effective team that works without the core of the 3. A team needs good role players more than it needs a superstar or 3

    • YungEmmakulata says:

      @Kusanagi How? How many three point shooters do they need?

      Sixers now have Harden, Maxey, Korkmaz and Embiid from behind the arc. Even Tobias Harris can hit a 3. I think they can recover from losing Seth.

    • Kusanagi says:

      @The Raging Cajun I think meaning in general with the whole kyrie situation, kd being injured and the losing streak. Harden clearly wanted out, during the losing streak you can tell he didn’t want to play for the nets anymore

    • Paul Hibbard says:


  8. X-2357 says:

    Lol Stephen a killed me with, “when you’re wearing glasses like that, you’re supposed to be able to see”

  9. jg complex parallel enigma says:

    Perk: “That’s why he’s so close to the screen because he knows about to read him his rights. You have the right to remain silent..!”

    SA Smith “with those glasses your supposed be able to see!”
    And the rest of the crew was getting weak😂😂😂😂

  10. Jean Serrano says:

    Perk killed me when he said “I’m about to read him his rights”

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