Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers eyeing a trade for Russell Westbrook | SportsCenter

Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers eyeing a trade for Russell Westbrook | SportsCenter

Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers eyeing a trade for Russell Westbrook | SportsCenter
Adrian Wojnarowski joins SportsCenter to discuss the latest on the Los Angeles Lakers nearing a deal to acquire Washington Wizards star Russell Westbrook for Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and a 2021 first-round pick. Stephen A. Smith also calls into the show and reacts to the news of the potential move.
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45 Responses

  1. Unruly Rebel says:

    Just the trash talking alone when russ see KD now is going to be amazing 🤣 can’t wait

  2. Christ Alone 89 says:

    They need to try to bring back howard an some decent role players

  3. Arovian says:

    2k gonna be lit this year if this happens

    • Jose Carranza says:

      @Eddie W Faq it.

    • JO BIN says:

      1. 2k sucks 2. Why is it gonna be better? A player you could’ve traded to any team any ways because it’s 2k a video game… this is just bad for the nba, I’m tired of these players trying to make super teams…

    • Edwin says:

      @Eddie W nas x available

    • Sonyman Games says:

      @JO BIN Yeah even tho I’m a Laker fan and I’m really happy about Westbrook being on the team, but the creation of super teams is bad for the league. But in my opinion it’s KD’s /Brooklyn’s fault, because you can’t expect for other teams not to act against one superteam. That’s nature.

    • C L says:

      @Tristin Mikes facts, since 2k11 lmao

  4. Ichigo Reborn says:

    Now I REALLYYYYYY wanna see a Nets v Lakers final badly

    • art anderson says:

      @SIKEE BOY

    • Immortus Eternal says:

      @Eugene Caldwell dubnation fan playboy ,and words dont hurt wiseguys like me son .

    • Immortus Eternal says:

      @SIKEE BOY that’s nice but as a professional gambler and investor of a few small companies I dont need any business advice from you stranger .Independent and I never take orders from anyone foolish mortal .

    • Eugene Caldwell says:

      @Immortus Eternal 😂😂😂Calm down little man calm down. No one ever said anything about Golden State. So I’m not even sure why you got your feeling hurt. You just got emotional for no reason. 😂😂

    • Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children says:

      @Bangkit Sanjaya Bucks can’t improve they’re over cap a lot as a small market they’ll lose Forbes and either PJ Tucker or Bobby Portis.

  5. Hardworking Criminal says:

    I look forward to the looks on LBJ’S face from Westbrooks shot selections lol

  6. Brandon Saunders says:

    There’s no way LeBron James didn’t have some say in this. LeBron had to sign off on this

  7. David Howard says:

    Simmons highlights of him bricking is priceless .

  8. Antonio says:

    Rob pulled a Robbery 😂
    KD we know you in the comments somewhere

  9. Jay Caparos says:

    Amazing Highlights from Ben “Brick” Simmons. That is how you market your player.


    How epic would that be if the three OKC MVPs reunited in the finals.

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