Stephen A.’s Antonio Brown rant: He’s a disgrace, incredibly selfish and should be ashamed | Get Up

Stephen A.’s Antonio Brown rant: He’s a disgrace, incredibly selfish and should be ashamed | Get Up

Stephen A. Smith rants about the Antonio Brown drama during his chapter with the Raiders before signing a 1-year, $15 million deal with the New England Patriots. Stephen A. says Brown’s behavior is completely inexcusable for forcing his way out of Oakland and calls AB’s actions embarrassing.
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75 Responses

  1. Joaquin Venegas says:

    This was the calmest Steven A rant I have ever seen

  2. M.I.K.E ™️ says:

    I told yall I had to watch First Take today and see my man Stephen A have a stroke

  3. Mighty M0uzzz says:

    Don’t let this distract you that, JEREMY LIN got a RING before Carmelo Anthony. ?

  4. Deiiyu Lol says:

    i really want Stephen A Smith and Kellerman in 2k20, having debates instead of Shaq and Kenny pregame

  5. Ravens Fan 2052 says:

    Rex Ryan looking at SAS like how Collinsworth looks at Brady. LMAO!

  6. Victor Garcia says:

    Rex is having an orgasm just to looking at Stephen A. Smith i can see it on his eyes!! ??

  7. Dystopia Gear says:

    TO is watching all this being glad not to be the most hated WR in history any more.

  8. conflit1993 says:

    I wish i find someone that looks at me like Rex Ryan was looking at Stephen A.

  9. YoItsMeArwyn says:

    If Khalil Mack was in that locker room, AB doesn’t act that way

    • Red Planet says:

      Not worth the risk. Gruden can’t handle AB

    • p Sndkfmf says:

      Tf? Khalil dont hold his nuts

    • Paytc Pay The Creator says:

      @Red Planet Gruden gets rid of all the better players. And you can put money on it without the players the Raiders will be doing exactly what they’ve been doing the past 15-20 or so seasons. After at one time back in the late 70″s early 80’s being the so call winningest team in all professional sports. The Raiders miss Al Davis and John Madden like the Lakers miss Jerry Buss and Pat Riley. Both teams make bonehead moves since their owners have passed.

    • Cody Sterling says:

      Why and how would a defensive player keep someone who plays offense and deemed selfish keep him there?
      You seem like someone who doesn’t like that they traded away a dpoy candidate for a long time, but forgot that they didn’t have money at the time to keep him…

  10. David Porter says:

    ??AB played everybody and he’s going after the ring

    • OCPARKWAY says:

      @K. D. Agreed bad comparison

    • peoplevsradio317 says:

      @Laremy when did LeBron do anything like this?

    • Matt S says:

      David Porter – not if Eli Manning has a say in that. 2 for 2 against the Alleged best team in NFL history

    • Dechral says:

      @Todd Gurley SZN I would compare it to Nick Sabin leaving the Head Coaching job at the Miami Dolphins mid-season to begin his dynasty in Alabama after promising a city he wouldn’t leave. Nothing else in sports comes close, and the Nick Saban move still doesn’t compare to the lack of personal integrity, respect, trust, and humanity that AB has exemplified here.

  11. PS4&Beer says:

    We all just going to ignore the fact dude moved in with Tom Brady.

    • Karo French says:

      thats sick.He cant afford a hotel?

    • PS4&Beer says:

      @Karo French Tom Brady had to convince him lol. He’s rich he could afford his own apartment. Just weird. Tom Brady’s mansion is super huge though.

    • Jalen Nelson says:

      Not uncommon for players to live together. Chad Johnson was trying to move in with Carson Palmer after they had missed time on the field together.
      I think, Palmer’s wife was not having it though lol.

  12. Doh Chee says:

    Stephen A Smith said the C word twice, and Rex looking at him like “u serious?” ?

    • Ahmad Henry says:

      Joe Alvarez we have been called the “N word” which means “ignorant” and other derogatory names since the beginning of civilization addition to being slaves and treated unfairly since forever White people haven’t so of course the word is going to hold more weight to us or even anybody else than the word “cracker” be realistic

    • Colin Roll says:

      @Joe Alvarez because of the double standard. Fire him

    • my enterprise says:

      Lol???? 2x!!! I think it tasted gooooood to him! Lol. I don’t agree with racism but I’m proud of him!

    • Black Dynamite says:

      YoogiNation homie have you not heard what happened to the Jews? Smfh

  13. TripTheGamer says:

    AB: Coach

    Bellichick: Is it done?

    AB: I did it

    Bellichick: *in Darth sidious voice* Good … Execute Order #7 ???????

  14. Devin Giles says:

    This 30 for 30 is gonna be amazing 20 years from now

  15. Big Duke says:

    Cost the Steelers some $, cost the raiders a couple draft picks, all the gains go to Kraft and his hand jobs. Sad.

  16. this user says:

    You can call me a ‘cracker’,…just don’t call me a ‘Patriots fan’.

  17. Fidel Franco says:

    I cant’t believe i agree 100% with Stephen A. Smith

  18. X T says:

    Kevin Durant: I’m the biggest snake of all time

    Antonio Brown: Hold my Beer

  19. Rob Gleason says:

    Stephen I agree with everything you said    I will add Antonio brown your a clown

  20. GABOS says:

    “You can take em out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of em” – This phrase exist because of clowns like AB

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