Stephen A. ‘saddened’ by Chris Paul’s injury | First Take

Stephen A. ‘saddened’ by Chris Paul’s injury | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of First Take discuss Houston Rockets’ point guard Chris Paul’s hamstring injury and explain why CP3’s career has been diminished by his many injuries.

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103 Responses

  1. TJL 69 says:

    Chris paul aint been the same since ingram hit him with that dhalsim street fighter punch

  2. Legod is the best ever some legends got no rings says:

    Cp3 hamstrings are made from string cheese??

  3. Legod is the best ever some legends got no rings says:

    Cp3 cant catch a break.?Feel bad for him lowkey.

  4. Christopher Law says:

    Point guard is a position where players decline the fastest and unfortunately it’s only downhill from here for cp3

    • BlueWave says:

      Plus, small guards have to work really hard to create space. There’s a reason its always his knees, legs, etc. He has to move so fast just to get open. Bigger guards can post up are just shoot over guys.

  5. Stephen A Smith says:

    His hamstring takes more Ls than my hairline, and I ain’t joking about that!!!!

  6. 38 Baby says:

    Saddened? It’s a regular thing with CP3 every year the fact that the Rockets maxed him out and he’s getting older is hilarious, the Rockets should’ve not maxed him out on the summer they should’ve let him walk he isn’t worth it.

    • Chaunceyadams230 says:

      Jay can’t just let him walk. Is there a better option out there? No. & CP3 & his agent knows that. So u just might have to pay the man if u in win now mode. Deal with whether it’s a “bad contract” or not later.

    • Female Body Is The Hottest Thing Ever says:

      Anthony DePaola

      3 of these 6 wins were when Green and Iguodala were injured.

    • Chaunceyadams230 says:

      garry brown I don’t think the rockets organization will be “behind the 8 ball” for years to come. They had a choice obviously, but they almost had to pay cp3. Rockets are in win now mode & will deal with whether it’s a “bad contract” or “being behind the 8 ball” later. Cp3 is a game changer & I know paying him over 40 million in the last yr of his contract, when he’ll be 37, with his well documented injury history, but last time we checked, the rockets were 1 game away from a chance at a chip. Sometimes you just gotta push ur chips all in. Is there a better option out there than him right now? The answer is know. There hasn’t been many better options over him for over a decade now.

    • 38 Baby says:

      Diogo Costa I’m not happy because CP3 got injured I’m just not surprised.

    • 38 Baby says:

      Chaunceyadams230 man shut the fuck up get over it they lost move on their best chance to win a Championship was last season and what happened CP3 got injured, this year they lost Ariza replaced him a G League player and Carmelo, CP3 isn’t getting any younger he’s older this contract will tie up and hurt the Rockets long term mostly in Harden’s best years they won’t be able to get any better.

  7. King Wani says:

    Rockets gonna regret giving him a max

  8. Zachary Ally says:

    Might as well let Melo play

  9. BWillTheAddict says:

    His injury doesn’t really matter this year, they’re not the same team and can’t apply the same pressure the way they applied it to the Warriors last year.

    • waka flocka flame says:

      For the last 6 games they have the exactly same thing, just because there record looks mediocre doesnt mean they are. Remember they had a 1-5 start so that is obiously gonna hurt there record

    • amjan says:

      THey have been getting back to their former selves, whereas Warriors have been sucking this season AND they’ve got a lot of internal turmoil going on.

    • Female Body Is The Hottest Thing Ever says:


      Warriors have best record in NBA when Curry, Green, Durant, Thompson play.

    • quan Brooklyn kid says:

      +waka flocka flame right

  10. wicked_gamer says:

    Why is he calling cp3 a kid? Lmao

  11. Sanctimonious Max says:

    lol everybody knew this would happen

  12. Lil Dagga says:

    He will be injured again come playoff time

    • 10AK_RedRanger says:

      YSL.Slimee Bruh he literally misses a playoff series nearly every fucking year. I’m getting tired of this shit because he’s the best pg in the league come playoff time, when he’s actually available. He fucked over the Clippers and now the Rockets have to deal with Glass Paul

    • poolfans says:

      CP3 can’t play high pressure high intensity Basketball. His body couldn’t take it. And will injure if he plays more than 3 times a week

    • quan Brooklyn kid says:

      +poolfans wow

    • Andre Staten says:

      sad man. cp3 is great man. just wish he wasn’t so injury prone. it’s really hindering him pray he recovers swiftly ?

    • ZThe Real says:

      +YSL.Slimee Cp3 was injured on the Clippers and Hornets which stopped both teams from advancing

  13. M D says:

    Max always explains what happens last year in game 7 with the Rockets, Every time!!!

    • Nick Velasquez says:

      Yeah and he mentions Chris Paul’s injury but doesn’t say a peep about Andre Iguodala’s injury. You can say “oh well he’s their 5th best player” but anyone who watches the NBA and pays attention to stats knows that the Warriors production dropoff with Iguodala off the court is huge. He’s a lot more valuable to them then a ton of people give him credit for

    • Tc Grant says:

      +Nick Velasquez keep putting out those facts People ignore

    • L C says:

      +kefkapalazzo1 Iggy and CP3 do entirely different things for their team. Iggy is the warriors BEST defender, CP3 is a floor general for Houston…they were BOTH need on their team. Even swap ain’t no swindle. Iggy may be the 5th best player but he’s the #1 defender on the team.

    • L C says:

      +Nick Velasquez exactly its called defense…Iggy is their best defender.

    • L C says:

      +Bkc 14 max is a hater for real tho.

  14. Sheng Guo says:

    CP3 is the most injury prone max deal player and the 2nd oldest one in League..

  15. BootherJr says:

    Chris Paul is living his absolute best life at the Rockets expense, secured the $160 million dollar bag state taxed free ?

  16. Unknown Hero says:

    Well at least he has “State Farm” insurance.

  17. BLVCKØUT says:

    The Rockets probably regret giving him that contract.

  18. DeMarcus Jones says:

    Steph Curry Is the Greatest Small Guard Of This Generation It’s Not Even Close

    • Female Body Is The Hottest Thing Ever says:


      Warriors 2015 NBA Champions
      Warriors 2017 NBA Champions
      Warriors 2018 NBA Champions
      Warriors 2019 NBA Champions ( most likely )

      Nobody will remember the current Rockets. Last season was just a lucky season, a fluke season. Warriors are number 1 contender for 5 seasons now.

    • Marvin M. McIntyre says:

      +alan shelly koshy Curry out performed westbrook, kyrie, mike conely, james, drue holiday, harden, and Chris Paul etc.

    • Marvin M. McIntyre says:

      I actually think isaih thomas from the pistons because he’s 6’0 and under. Steph is close to 6’4. He’s actually taller than russ a little bit.

    • redpilllifesaver says:

      +Female Body Is The Hottest Thing Ever Anybody with half a brain knows why golden state won in 2017-2018..Better to be lucky than good.

    • Jordan Davis says:

      DeMarcus Jones Curry is 6”3 how is that small? Foh

  19. Nathan Jordan says:

    CP3’s contract is going to be one of the worst in the NBA

  20. Richard D says:

    Chris Paul’s contract makes John Wall’s contract look like a bargain. Houston is screwed for the foreseeable future.

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