Stephen A. says Serena Williams was wrong for 2018 US Open controversy | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. says Serena Williams was wrong for 2018 US Open controversy | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith says Serena Williams was wrong about the way she approached the chair umpire, adding that when she brought the issue of sexism into the argument, “that’s where she lost.”

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79 Responses

  1. Son OF Jor'el says:

    she choked … and got beat.. and started arguing with the umpire… that’s it… no more excuses… !! stop being so PC…. OMG>. !!!

    • Tres Gongs says:

      When she was arguing with the umpire the game was not over…. Osaka win wasn’t assured at that point. So Serena supposed to accept defeat in the middle of the match????

    • John Berlinski says:

      josh hart don’t know if u were watching but it started to become evident that Naomi was gonna win that match as Serena was losing momentum, while Naomi kept getting better throughout. I get ur probably a huge Serena fan as I am, but it was getting obvious. Also using the gender card for this event is kinda ironic considering they’re both female and the same ref gave men tennis players similar penalties.

    • Lord Frieza Christ says:

      +josh hart stfu no he didn’t you Sissy faggot

    • Verymadd Maxx says:

      Tres Gongs no she is suppose to shut up and work her way back to win instead she gave up

    • Josh White says:

      John Berlinski pussy

  2. Ayantu Oluma says:

    Serena should have accepted defeat gracefully instead of throwing a tantrum.

  3. Debbie Allenc says:

    Serena acted like a spoiled brat on the court. She was just angry because she lost and she’s use to winning. Osaka acted with class. Serena tried to put the spot light on herself and take it off of Osaka because she WON. All this talk about her being a woman and black is just an excuse because she LOST. Serena should be ashamed of herself. This was Osaka 1st Grand slam and she won many. She acted like a brat.

  4. Thomas forde says:

    At the end of the day if Serena has a problem with how the game is being managed she can take it up with the US Open after the match. What she cannot do is verbally assault the umpire for games on end and expect a change. For once the umpire wasn’t intimidated by Serena and gave her the proper penalties and the world erupts. He literally followed the rules of the game and she didn’t, and it’s on her that she couldn’t control herself. The fact that she is black or a mother is completely irrelevant to this, she just couldn’t control her behaviour

    • tfc G says:

      Thomas forde , well said. Totally agree. I am a Serena fan, but what she did in the final was so disgraceful to Naomi Osaka and the umpire.

    • Tres Gongs says:

      Calling someone a thief is verbal abuse??????

    • Thomas forde says:

      Tres Gongs spending half a set berating the umpire over and over and suggesting he is lying would be considered verbal abuse in virtually any other sport, the umpire doesn’t have to put up with it Serena just assumed he would because it’s a big game

    • Jo Buck87 says:

      +Thomas forde Yet at this same US open Murray dropped the F bomb on the umpire and raged for the entire 10 minutes of the set break for the heat and not one person yelled about verbal abuse or a code violation…the same tourney shows an umpire getting out of his chair to basically coach Kygrios and no code violation was issued…Nadal threw his drink after he lost the set and the ball boy had to come get it and clean it up yet no code violation….yet Serena gets slammed for everything for what?? Its obvious to those with an ounce of common sense that there is some unfair things that went on in this match and this tournament.

  5. Shaun Wallace says:

    I feel sorry for her when she comes to the Australian Open. Us Aussies don’t like bullies n spoilt brats.
    You won’t be able to call racism beacause the Aborigines don’t like her aswell

    • Don Nickell says:

      Shaun Wallace kick her ass Again n Again

    • romey70able says:

      Hell! U know what I meant all of sudden Australian’s like yourself support that racist cartoon character your paper reported! I’m against both you people.

    • Lil Shiba-su says:

      funny I see so many videos of Australians during sporting events calling blacks and Aborigines (the original Australians) some of the most disgusting racial slurs I’ve ever heard. Keep the bs out of this all of these countries have a history of racism towards dark players especially if they are good.

    • Big Reds says:

      And who are the Aborigines They are also a race of Black PEOPLE so what are you trying to say Australia was always a Black Country Just like America was a Black state that was inhabitants by a Race of Indians not white man state. Native Indians in America is a Black Race. By the COLOUR of the skin.

    • Big Reds says:


  6. Richard Pei says:

    The reason it was a game penalty and not a warning/point penalty was because it was the THIRD code violation. Other men who were given code violations usually didn’t receive game penalties because they knew to stop after the first or second violation. Serena would not stop badgering the umpire for several minutes on end until he finally gave her the third violation, which per the rules, is an automatic game penalty. If you’re going to claim Ramos shouldn’t have intervened because this is the biggest stage of tennis, then you should also expect the same of Serena to act in a professional manner under those circumstances.

  7. Maribel Catague says:

    Serena Williams is a bully. This is not the first time she did this. I lost my expect totally. She thinks the rules does apply to her.

  8. Jaime navarro says:

    For the first time in a long time, I agree with Stephen. This wasn’t about sex, the umpire is known for being a strict guy towards EVERYBODY.

  9. 719sikora says:

    kellerman is an idiot! This is completely Serenas fault. The umpire was doing his job, her coach admitted to coaching!!! Serena should apologize to the umpire and Osaka! I know she wont because Serena has no class. Good on Smith for telling the truth.

    • Autumnleaf2011 says:

      719sikora kellerman is a weak beta male.

    • Kevin Cifuentes says:

      He’s just playing it safe. Smart move on his behalf. He’s a commentary on many things and must not only state his opinion but weigh the odds on them. He can’t really sit there and say Serena is wrong. Now a days people will scream racism/ come on , think before you say the guy is an idiot

  10. J Delgado says:

    “EVEN THOUGH TONS OF MEN DO IT”. Listen you excuse of a journalist: The throwing of a racket only warrants a warning, which TONS OF MEN GET EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY DO IT. THE THING IS, most Tennis players (male, female, black, white, asian) tend to start behaving after 1 warning. Serena took it to far. Dimitrov got a game penalty in 2016 as well, and lost the game because of it (he accumulated 3 warnings like Serena).

    • Ryan G says:

      Additionally, a game loss in tennis is more like being penalized a freethrow in high-scoring basketball than it is like a free shot in hockey or soccer.

    • Michael Jordan says:

      yeah but that game point put her in the position to take the next set to win. And plus Dimitrov aint got 20+ grand slams so this is on a way bigger stage

    • J Delgado says:

      Michael Jordan
      1- Serena lost because OSAKA outplayed her. That’s it. Don’t tell me Serena won 20 grad slams because referees helped her
      2- It doesnt matter if Dimitrov does not have 20 Grand Slams. Thats the worst excuse you can put forth. Not even Federer gets away with misconduct. Out of here

    • Michael Jordan says:

      no doubt. Osaka was a beast & earned that win but that ump was trippin. Did the same shit with Venus with that coaching violation bullshit. Good look calling that in a Grand Slam Final.

  11. J Delgado says:

    What People don’t understand (including Max) is that any individual action by Serena wasn’t worse than anything any other player does (although the “I have a daughter” routine was manipulative and cringy). The problem is that she accumulated 3 warnings. That’s it. She could have smashed her racket 3 times and she would have had the same penalty.

  12. Admir Halvadzič says:

    serena pulled out all the cards, the race card, mother card, gender card, trans card, religion card, every card but the truth card

  13. Uma Madabhushi says:

    This is not sexism stop it max

  14. blazinpyromaniac says:

    Kellerman is an apologetic clown. The second he hears that someone has had their civil rights violated, he goes into white male guilt mode. It doesn’t even have to make logical sense like in this situation. Lmfaoo

  15. Mike Hunt says:

    Serena melted down because she realized that Osaka was going to whip her again. I say again because Osaka beat her months before in a tournament in Florida. The youngster Osaka has her number. It wasn’t even a close match.

    • Mayu Jones says:

      Exactly. Last time she had an excuse for her physical condition with baby birth and all that but this time she said herself she’s ready. And lost again. Serena was the one who knew how strong opponent Naomi was

    • Trinity Joe says:

      Can we stop talking like serena’s never lost before? This isn’t a regular thing for her. There were plenty of times where she has lost and she hasn’t said a peep.

  16. Joaquin Ames says:

    Molly stop with the bs the men get called for that too

  17. Octopus Man says:

    Totally agree with Stephen A.. finally someone man enough to say it!

  18. Korya Iine says:

    Lol typical WHITE knight in his glorified soap box.

  19. not creative says:

    Max is the picture of SJW/white guilt …. if you dont like certain rules that’s one thing but a rules a rule. Stephen A keeping it real…. molly stop talking and moderate.

  20. Convicted Mike Perry says:

    Max is such a cuck. It was clearly Serenas fault all this happened. Why is Mac bringing up the chair ump? He conducted the situation perfectly. God Max is an idiot

    • Brian Ezell says:

      Well this is a guy that keeps playing the odds every year that Tom Brady will hit a wall or “fall off a cliff” and has since his first day in Skip”s chair. He says it like he’s making some giant prognostication and he’s ahead of his colleagues in his thinking. Of course he will hit the age wall at some point. Since Max says it every season, his odds are increasing of getting it right, of course if you toss crap on a wall enough eventually it will stick too. Numerous times I’ve heard Stephen A. call him out for being all over the place on a topic, almost cutting down his first point on something. He didn’t think a group of Bruins should be suspended for more than a game for embarrassing their school, team, and nation on an international visit and then when they got a severe hit from school, Max started with some garbage about it being acceptable because it fits a standard from similar issues from college teams. Basically being all over the place. I can’t take him serious and honestly can’t watch the show anymore because of him. Have to watch clips like this, can’t handle 2 hours of it.

    • wsanders7915 says:

      Max tries so hard to be accepted. Lol

    • JKnifeXXX says:

      It’s because he’s white male and if he said anything against her he’s deemed a racist / sexist

    • jonny davis says:


    • J N says:

      You finally see what I have known for years. Over the top liberal moron

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