Stephen A. ‘scared’ Anthony Davis is Lakers’ only option | First Take

Stephen A. ‘scared’ Anthony Davis is Lakers’ only option | First Take

Stephen A. Smith is “officially scared” that the Los Angeles Lakers may miss out on the chance to sign Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker in free agency, leaving Anthony Davis as the only option.

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108 Responses

  1. This bitch loud in every movie says:

    Stephen As face in the thumbnail is mine after I get some wack?

  2. MAJIN BUU says:

    more like yall scared he wont go to LA and thats why yall keep talking about it til it gets done for yall ??

    • Thedarkb says:

      +LAKERS GURL 2019 Yall saying you will get Kawhi, PG, Dame, Cousins etc. And you got only LBJ. So shut up

    • airadam13 says:

      So much truth, they’re praying for him to go there. Why are the media (ESPN especially) obsessed with concentrating the stars in a few big market locations?

    • Thedarkb says:

      +airadam13 I can understand that, like KD to NY, and so on but the media just want to see Lebron win vs everyone so bad that they make up things. Sure, every team would want AD and those big stars but those stories about every star going to play with Lebron is ridiculous.

    • ReplayTheBeatz says:

      +Rushking20 #Cheesehead They will get a star. It just might not be Anthony Davis

  3. Bam Bam says:

    I bet if lebron was Still In Cleveland every star would be linked to the cavs

  4. Stephen A Smith says:

    My league and inside sources are never wrong, he wants out and Hollywood Venice beach rodeo drive downtown LA with palms trees is what he wants and there’s nothing wrong with that

  5. j0epark1 says:

    Honestly, AD and LBJ would be the scariest thing since Magic and Kareem

  6. Michael Jordan says:

    LeEspn is really trying to give LeHelp every superstar in the nba lmaoooooo

    • Kevin Willis says:

      Michael Jordan facts but these leborn dickriders and casual fans don’t see that

    • Kevin Willis says:

      David Muller nigga your stupid the warriors build that team and added KD and Cousins shut the fuck up casual boggie had to call the warriors up to get put on the team no other team wanted him like stop it’s not there fault the fucking nba gm’s are dumb

    • long live king james says:

      +Gerrard Israel Laraga oh yeah the billionaire star basketball player is a looser… Who the fuck are you nigga? Sit you’re hating ass down

    • Chucks churro eating face says:

      Chief you gon cry if that happens too

  7. Bryan B says:

    I was told = I saw in Google
    Cmon Stephen A

  8. Patrick fröse says:

    AD always said he wanna stay and yall makin Videos every week sayin he goin 2 LA not namin any sources yall trippin 4 real

    • Benjamin Acosta says:

      Patrick fröse would you trade AD for Warriors Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Jordan Bell?

    • Benjamin Acosta says:

      J Money not unless the Warriors trade Klay, Green and Jordan Bell.

      New Warriors Lineup could be…



    • Da GOAT says:


    • Łeone says:

      +Meme O’Julio bruh what happens to big men who join lebron? They turn into spot up shooter who get blamed every time and get the blame when LeBlame loses gtfoh

    • Malachi Jackson says:

      Patrick fröse stay hip on ur nba news bro lol this comment was ridiculous

  9. Marco Evans says:

    His agent is rich Paul doesn’t that mean Lakers have the better shot though?

  10. Jordan Davis says:

    Lebron gon turn AD’s 28 and 12 to 17 and 9 if he joins the Lakers. Look at Kevin Love and Chris Bosh numbers before Lebron and Once they joined Lebron. LeBron gon turn AD into a 3 point shooter in the corner

    • B Robinson says:

      +TruMusic89 the fuck does that mean they was also third options something AD wont be lmao u sound stupid af quit watching basketball tired of arguing with dumb ass kids like yourself

    • TruMusic89 says:

      +B Robinson Kuzma is already the second option. LeBron has turned TWO PFs into the 3rd option. How do y’all think this is going to go different with AD? He’s going to be the 3rd option too! PFs are always the 3rd option on LeBron’s teams ever since he played with the Heat. Y’all want this to be something different, but it won’t be. AD’s gonna become trash, then y’all gon blame him when LeBron doesn’t win.

    • B Robinson says:

      +JERU ok so u just confirmed how dumb you were Bron in his prime always guarded the best player just shut up please

    • JERU says:

      +B Robinson Typical response from a fanboy.

    • JERU says:

      +Knowledgeispower 90 Somebody who sees thru LeBron bs he’s a fucking stat padder. 2017 finals he did all you stated to secure his shooting pct. and to avg. a triple double. Then the media said look LeBron did his job everybody else didn’t step up

  11. Bdentz E.J. says:

    I must expose Espn, they tried to put KCP contract on LBJ, They should be ashamed of themselves because Woj reported the true reason of his trade clause in his contract!
    They tried to put the blame on LBJ?

    • Scottie Pimpin says:

      Bdentz E.J. What was the true reason

    • AfroCrew2022 says:

      Scottie Pimpin They did the same thing for the Ariza trade rumors. KCP/Agent wanted out. He’s averaging the fewest minutes/points of his career. He’s also a free agent next season, that’s not good for his wallet. I don’t think Lebron was trying to force KCP out.

    • Maver1ck says:

      +Scottie Pimpin It’s a CBA thing about restricted FAs other players in the league have it too, it’s by rule not by choice

    • SDTheGhost says:

      That’s what happens when you put someone like Stephen A Smith behind a camera trying to make false narratives. He is the Joe Budden of sports just yells to try and put things in peoples mind

  12. ShowTime says:

    Why should he join the Lakers. Not everyone wants to play second fiddle to LeBron.

  13. Ronaldhino D says:

    Kawaii doesn’t like Durant. KD onces said Kawaii is not a superstar he is just a system player. Kawaii would join the lakers with Lebron before he join KD

  14. Khalil MIA says:

    If he’s not there before next summer, the Celtics are going to get him. To be honest, AD, Kyrie, and Tatum would be nice

    • Meme O'Julio says:

      There’s literally no way the Pelicans trade AD to Boston without getting Tatum back

    • Timothy Stewart says:

      +AfroCrew2022 That is not jayson tatum fault the laker dont have near as much talent on the wing as the Celtics do, so finding a way to make all of it fit is the problem, every team in the league would take jayson tatum over kuz and they both nice, but u want tatum first. He also play with more passers than tatum, lebron, zo, rondo. U gotta look at his circumstances, cuz i dont think kuz out playing him.!

    • AfroCrew2022 says:

      Timothy Stewart They are both getting up shots, that’s my point. Kuzma is more efficient/scoring more. Hayward is only averaging 10 lol. That’s not a good reason. They are also getting nearly the same amount of minutes. He’s getting the shots to score 18-20. He’s underperforming.

    • Cole Lutz says:

      LAR Rodriglu if they trade for Davis, Tatum is gone kiddo.

    • KD’s 69th burner account says:

      Kyle kuzma is 3 yrs older than jayson tatum i think it’s unfair to compare them at the moment

  15. Jay Lee says:

    Bron and AD will be like magic and Kareem but different skills that Kareem had

  16. Jay Lee says:

    Just imagine if Bron and AD and Kyrie was together

  17. Zatora11 says:

    ESPN is so obsessed with the Lakers, it’s not even cool anymore. I really did look forward to LeBron & the lakers this season but my God was that a mistake. Last night two teams were involved in this article, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. All I see today is Anthony Davis & the Lakers. Shame.

  18. MsMrapplepie says:

    What happened to developing all that young talent? Oh, they’re not as good as you thought they were? What makes you think the pelicans would want them then lmao

    • Keith Turner says:

      No way in hell the Pelicans trade AD to the Lakers for the scrubs if I’m a get rid of AD I’m doing business with Boston and get Tatum and then some are you nuts!..

    • Tibor Szabó says:

      +Keith Turner AD can’t go to the CeLtics till Kyrie’s there. Contact thing.

    • Keith Turner says:

      AD not going to Boston either i was just saying hypothetical but AD staying in New Orleans he not going anywhere and the Lakers don’t have any assets anyway..

    • Do VS Don't says:

      +Impervius actually they would just trade for Bostons young players and 4 first round draft picks . Jaylen brown + Daniel theis+ time lord (NBA leading blocker per 48) + Jabari bird+ FOUR first round picks that will all be a higher selection than the Lakers one pick.

      1 draft pick for AD? Lol Eliminate yourself they already said it’s gonna take the most assets in history to get him and nobody wants lonzo bust

    • Do VS Don't says:

      +Tibor Szabó not until kyrie opts out of his rose rule contact to make room for AD. The pelicans won’t trade AD by the deadline anyway because they would want to see whatever young players the Lakers have to offer in the playoffs. Bostons young core went toe to toe with the same LeBron that the Lakers young core are bowing down to.

  19. Babs says:

    The point is that if AD wants to win he needs to leave the pelicans

  20. Charles Hill, Jr. says:

    No, as a Pelicans fan I do not want Lonzo Ball, I don’t want Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart Terry Rozier Jason Tatum or any of those players. Not, that I don’t like them or, their respective games because I do but when you have a franchise player like A.D u don’t give him up for anyone u build around him.
    And as of late Dell Demps has shown a willingness to put quality pieces around Anthony Davis for instance, DeMarcus Cousins, Juilus Randle, Nikola Mirotic Rajon rondo and etc.
    My team when everyone like Elfrid Payton, Juilus Randle, Jrue Holiday Nikola Mirotic E’twan Moore and others were healthy they started the season 4-0 with quality wins over the Rockets, Clippers, Kings and the nets although the Nets are not very good.
    They also have quality wins over the Nuggets, Thunder, Raptors and Mavericks.
    They are still in contention in the west because outside of the Warriors and maybe the thunder or Lakers no one is really running away with the Western union right now.
    The only problem with my pelicans is that they rely entirely too much on the starters, if they can go out during the trade deadline and acquire someone like a Jamal Crawford, Otto Porter, Kent Bazemore that can in and provide them with quality defense, three point shooting, and most importantly bench scoring they will be fine.
    I have nothing but love for the NBA media and all of the work that they put in. However, as a native of Louisiana as well as being a huge pelicans fan. I just don’t like the thirst, panic, desperation and sadness being shown by certain people in the NBA media who are so desperate to get Anthony Davis out of NOLA it’s aggravating, it’s annoying, it’s irritating and it gets worse and worse every day. Now, I get it the pelicans have not been a consistent winner, I get that they have not always put great pieces around Anthony Davis and Dell Demps has a lot of questionable moves. However, last season as well as this offseason Dell Demps has shown he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that the pelicans are a winning team and A.D is happy.
    Louisiana has no love for the NBA media at all. We get franchise players out here every once in a blue moon stop being so obsessed with trying to lure him to the Lakers, Celtics, Knicks or any other big market team. As long as Dell Demps and the pelicans organization makes the right moves and they are winning he will be happy.
    Dell Demps is not crazy you don’t get rid of a bonafide stud like Anthony Davis for anyone especially when you know that the package or, packages that you will get in return will not amount to the quality of A.D
    And besides winning a championship in New Orleans especially with my Pelicans would carry more weight than it would with the Lakers, Celtics, Knicks Warriors or whoever else. Look at everyone who won a championship with my Saints they are loved, cherished and treated like royalty in Louisiana. Look at Drew Brees he is treated like a king out here.

    • Charles Hill, Jr. says:

      +Dren Theman I am a huge Pelicans fan first but, I also like the Lakers n the reason why I said winning a title would hold more weight in New Orleans as opposed to Los Angeles is because it would be my Pelicans first NBA championship and A.D who is already loved here not only in New orleans but, all throughout Louisiana would be loved even more.
      Look at all of the people who won a SB with my Saints they are cherished, loved, and treated like royalty out here.
      Whereas if he goes to L.A, Boston, or new York you have to compete with the legacies of guys like Kareem, James Worthy, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain Jerry West Shaq and Kobe. Or, he would be under the shadows of Bill Russell, Robert Parrish, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and others. Where as if he wins one in New orleans he’s in a league all his own and he would be the standard bearer that’s what I mean.

    • Charles Hill, Jr. says:

      +Lesser Miles preach

    • Splash'n'Skillz #37 says:

      +Charles Hill, Jr. not saying that nobody offered him a contract, I said the Pels front office had a chance to get a superteam but were incompetent to do so

    • Daniel Moore says:

      That long as comment and AD fasho leaving the NOLA cuz he not winning there

    • Lor Bmoreflow says:

      Charles Hill, Jr. lol problem is all yall got is ad and that alone wont do shit pelicans are trash

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