Stephen A. Smith: Dwane Casey rescued DeMar DeRozan by benching him Game 3 | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith: Dwane Casey rescued DeMar DeRozan by benching him Game 3 | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith says head coach Dwane Casey came to DeMar DeRozan’s “rescue” by benching him during Game 3 of Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers NBA playoff series.

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111 Responses

  1. Masked Kyrie says:

    Raptors are the worst number 1 seed of all time

    • nikosvault says:

      There has been so many candidates in the east since 1999. Ugh

    • ASSASS1N says:

      Dallas in 2007, losing to the 8th seeded warriors in 6

    • 윌러 says:

      its funny how last years celtics, and that hawks team were just lucky to avoid lebron in semi, raptors would’ve made it to ecf last year and this year if they didnt face lebron in semi.

    • Hand down manDown says:

      2017 celtics were down 50 in a playoff game lmao.

    • Stephen A Smith says:

      Masked Kyrie didn’t Celtics get blown out by 50 last year? Hawks got swept year before that, the one same factor is Lebron going playoff mode an destroying these number 1 seeded teams.

  2. Dt Finesse says:

    It was a risky call honestly. I would’ve still put DeRozan in just because he my star but who knows .. They still could’ve lost with him in lol

    • Jorge says:

      Dt Finesse Raps were playing good without him though. He struggled & his team picked it up & lost by a last second floater.

    • Your_Mom_Asked About_My_Pipe says:

      with Derozen raptors was straight trash on defense and on offense…without derozen team came back from 16 points deficit…so wtf put player back who was cancer on defense and on offense??makes no fucking sense…

    • Lee Jr says:

      Dt Finesse I’d rather lose trying than just get a beating

    • b rob says:

      It’s still a panic move that reeks of desperation. You have the best team in the east, you should not be desperate (best record).

    • Ash Ketchum says:

      The team came back after he got benched

  3. Nate Grant says:

    as a raptors fan I see this shit every year and I’m honestly so tired of seeing this… we can’t beat lebron… PERIOD.

  4. The TD Project says:

    Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep the north! Sweep t

  5. Mario Joiram says:

    Trade DeeRozan

    • Monkeyboy Games says:

      isidroundercover bro he was 3rd in he league for most points with 2 mins left under the clock only behind kyrie and bron

    • isidroundercover says:

      I’m sorry my friend but he doesn’t have it in the playoffs. It’s not only this year, he has a history of disappearing in the playoffs.

    • Nathan Britton says:

      Oyster Skins how many weak players dropped 50 this year?

    • Rebecca Odu says:

      Monkeyboy Games I consider the end of your prime 29 when you’re not really known for shooting you’re more athletic so he won’t be able to offer much once he turns 30 which is in 2 years 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • isidroundercover says:

      30 is the middle of your prime players start slowing down 32 and above

  6. Chris Blasta says:

    Why does Max wear so much make up? It’s too much. Stephen a doesn’t wear any lol

  7. Chicagoempire 91 says:

    Best Raptors team yet and Lebron’s worst Cavs yet and Raptors can’t even compete. I wanted an entertaining series.

    • Razor Jerzey. says:


    • Michael Land says:

      Cavs won the first game by 1 and the third game by 2 so the Raptors are competing. Just are just getting anything from their star player Demar Derozan!!!!

    • PlatinumPengwin Music says:

      Chicagoempire 91 worst lebron team was the finals 2015 when love and kyrie were hurt

    • Gwynbleidd says:

      Raps just never play to their potential when faced with Lebron, and Lebron just has the confidence to blow past them

    • killerqueen2000 says:

      lebron is too much for the Raptors

  8. Masked Kyrie says:

    This proves that the raptors are just a regular season beast

  9. Jason U says:

    Snatched the heart right outta his chest

    dont even wanna joke about DeMar on Suicide watch because according to his bouts with Depression it could actually be a thing

  10. Bryan Nunez says:

    The raptors are the most pathetic fraudulent organization of all time.

    • Yuh says:

      Go look up the words in the dictionary before you use them dumbass

    • LeBronto James says:

      uh the nets

    • Great Value Bleach says:

      Youre fucking retarded. What fraud?

    • Kevin Byfield says:

      Most disrespected team ever is more accurate and you proved with that ignorant statement. Nobody mentions Washington, Milwaukee, Memphis, Sacramento……. can I keep going but let’s make Toronto the worst of all time.

    • Jansen Ravioli says:

      Kevin Byfield disrespected team? Give me ONE reason why they should get any respect to be taken seriously. All the trash talk from their fans and team every single year about WE THE NORTH. THIS IS OUR YEAR. WE COMING FOR LEBRON. Uh huh. Yeah. Why should anyone respect that? They’re a regular season team in the trash East. As soon as the playoffs come around, DeFrozen and Major L-owry turn into one of the the worst playoff duos ever.

  11. Ayveel Robinson says:

    Trade DeRozan? Oh wow. I guess he’s coming to the Lakers now as well. We are going to have so many stars and still can’t win a ring.

  12. Omar Chowdhury says:

    forget about molly stephen a. looking fine today.

  13. Cameron J says:

    LMAO Jalen Rose wishes coach would’ve benched him the night Kobe lit his ass up for 81

  14. Heraldo Jacques says:

    It cost 7$ to take an uber from Stephen A hairline to his eyebrows.

  15. Rahul Aedula says:

    If the Rockets make it out of the west and Cavs make it to the finals LeBron James might be winning his next NBA title. It might go 7 games but LeBron will close it, no way Harden and CP3 won’t melt at the sight of playoff LeBron.

    • Rahul Aedula says:

      Movie Muscle This was the argument made for the Raptors when Cavs were struggling with the Indiana series. Cavs match up really well against rockets, nothing bronsexual about it.

    • Robin Celadilla says:

      Rahul Aedula I agree

    • TjRich says:

      LoftyXsWaGX34 no they aren’t difference is they don’t have a guy like KD who can light you up for 40 anytime he wants

    • Stone Village says:

      This actually has been my thought since the trade deadline(even losing to Houston after). The game is about matchups and mentality. That late(pressure) in the playoffs against Harden/CP3 I’d favor LeBron for sure. Plus, Houston doesn’t have Draymond to make Kevin Love wet the bed! 😅

    • MrZpilot says:

      If the Rockets come out of the west.. by beating the Warriors.. there is no way in HELL they will be losing to those garbage Cavs lol.. Rockets ain’t afraid of no one!

  16. yolkipalki711 says:

    Smith is right but he also defending the coach because he hates to see black coaches fired….irony

    • Justin Scott says:

      yolkipalki711 I do think Casey would get pick over DeMar if it can’t be resolved, or they may just get rid of them both & then the process begins lol

    • bebei0000 says:

      The other day he was blasting 76ers coach for losing Gm3. N little being said about how Casey allowed this team to get beat up so badly… biased.

    • LoftyXsWaGX34 says:

      bebei0000 Brett brown dropping the ball is a little different from Dwayne Casey. Brett basically lost game 2 because he wouldn’t call a timeout. I think the other games were just immaturity from the 6ers. Casey can’t really do anything if his star players are scared of Lebron. He made a great move benching derozan and they almost came back.

    • Roxie Jones says:

      yolkipalki711 He has been advocating for Marvin Lewis to be fired for years… Years.

    • dre d says:

      Roxie Jones he’s been calling for Marvin Lewis to be fired for over 5 years and he said Hue Jackson should have been fired 2 years ago.

  17. Compton 187 says:

    somebody explain how the east isnt weak

    • Scary Spongebob says:

      Compton 187 both conferences are top heavy don’t be stupid

    • Katakuri says:

      Compton 187 the east is weaker than the West but Lebron is just that dominant he can beat a conference by himself weak or not that’s impressive but he wouldn’t escape the first round in the West Let’s be honest

    • justland2000ify says:

      Miguel Rivera no, but i believe the Pacers did sweep the season series against Warriors this year

    • King Kendrick says:

      DHighroller1998 my man, lebron is about to progress to the conference finals with pretty much no help, he has carried them fellas consecutively and at the age of 33. and the Boston Celtics are very well coached and I love brad Stevens but they’re missing they’re biggest stars and are about to proceed to the conference finals

    • tclass99 says:

      3rd seed Blazers got swept by a team that never won a playoff game coming into this year…. Minny got absolutely waxed by HOU… and the Thunder got embarrased by a team led by a rook… Western Conference ain’t nothing special either.

  18. Red Leo says:

    “Demarilized” ha

  19. Bankgarmo says:

    It the right call ’cause after he got benched Raptor catching up to 103-103 if it not for that Lebron lucky shot game winning they might go to OT and even win it!
    So yes it good thing to bench DeMissed Defrozen.

    • Luca Figueiredo says:

      Facts because if he was on the court the last shot that OG made fkn cluch roty the last shot would of been by DeMar and he likely wouldn’t of made it cuz he can’t close games w pressure in the playoffs and finally someone said that… Brons shot was the most lucky buzzer beater shot I’ve ever seen or that’s one of the best shots all time in playoffs history

    • Mike Pipeson says:

      DeWayne Phillips I beg to differ. No fanbase is as terrible as Boston’s for any sport…

    • M D says:


    • Jordan Rangel says:

      Mike Pipeson I agree

    • flightjjfish says:

      Shazayum W these little ass kids are probably trash so they don’t know

  20. nbamv says:

    Disagree with Max. Raptors have ridden with DeMar last 6 year and in playoffs like you’ve all been talking for months the Raptors’ “stars” have choked. Washington, Cleveland have swept this team when reign was given to DeMar and KLow with other guys told to just stand around or get out of their way. It hasn’t produced anything. If this game was 2 minutes longer, and Raptors had taken out CJ Miles earlier, to prevent all that switching that happened after Korver made screen every time down the floor, those guys out there could have pulled a W. I don’t care who you are, if you aren’t ready to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of the team like the rest of those guys on the bench who watch you play instead of them every night, you shouldn’t be on this team. Team goes above any individual. I’m with Stephen A on this one.

    • nbamv says:

      F 8 Word! He’s been improving every year, I hope he doesn’t stop, takes these things into account. However I did hear that he and Kyle objected to the change to teams philosophy at the start of the season. However with this team nothing comes easy, so I guess this is to be expected. I just hope they can build new habits within the franchise for years to come. Toronto is still in the identity building phase. Which is admirable, huge respect to the ownership and management for keeping the continuity and letting these guys figure things out themselves. Many other teams have been blowing up their rosters and staff trying to go for the home run, which hasn’t translated in any consistent success or direction. If anything, Raptors should get respect for that. It’s not easy to be good year after year in this league. At least they are facing The King 3rd straight year, where are all the other teams talking trash?
      Guys like DeMar have the talent, I hope they will keep building on the foundation they laid this season, going forward. This game don’t stop even when the buzzer sounds.

    • F 8 says:

      I really thought James would be tired and the Raptors would win. But it looks like I won’t ever be able to use my “LeBronchitis” line I’ve been saving up. Instead, Lebronto. Well at least if they lose to the Celtics I can call him “LeBronze Medal James”.

    • nbamv says:

      Luca Figueiredo Who knows. Maybe if they won it would have given a false sense of comfort, leading to even more frustration once LeBron would have finally started winning games. You can’t short cut the game, or the game will short cut you. Especially when you face someone like LeBron who has pretty much Mastered the game. He will expose you sooner or later. So it’s just up to DeMar and KLow and others, what will they do, will they go down again, try to flee the situation (in turn themselves as well) or face the adversity, and go back to the drawing board? Staying honest with oneself and figuring out how to move forward. I think this group has that gene in them. That they even take pride at this point facing the best once again this year. Beating LeBron is the step they must take if they ever dream of lifting that trophy.

      People might forget, but Michael Jordan had it rough his first few years as well. He had his own cryptonite, which was the Detroit Pistons. Several years in a row his Bulls would face Pistons and lose the series. But eventually he overcame that obstacle and never looked back, this is what Toronto are facing, The King.

      Funny enough LeBron was in this position himself 10 years ago. He even made a joke about this in his LeBron IV’s (“Nike LeBron IV Commercial” check it it’s golden) commercial, playing role of “Wise”, comparing himself to Michael Jordan because Pistons, as for MJ in the late 80s were his biggest threat at that moment, in 2007 Detroit Pistons were the premiere team, “You can’t get through Detroit training in no pool. You think Michael trained in the pool? I don’t think so!”.

      So next step for DeMar is to learn to be a leader that gets guys around him better, and start growing in a mentors role, to keep this franchise and the new youngins coming each year moving in the right direction. Learning of letting other guys pick him. I still have faith in these guys.

    • nbamv says:

      F 8 Lol 😀 keep em coming!

    • jalheel jalhe says:

      nbamv, I agree with you but it seems you are saying the exact things Demar Caroll reproached to his former teammates. I remember when he left, he was angry with the Raptors’ style of play and when he spoke about these issues the fans base called him salty and all bs in the world, to be fair he was right and you are confirming it too.

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