Stephen A. Smith: LeBron James is texting Kevin Durant about teaming up | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith: LeBron James is texting Kevin Durant about teaming up | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith says he has sources telling him LeBron James is texting Kevin Durant about teaming up for next season.

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73 Responses

  1. I am Jesus Father says:

    SAS hasn’t been a creditable source since AI was in the league.
    Lebron pays your bills and keeps the lights on at LeESPN? Stop creating false narratives for views/clicks

  2. Anthony Welmaker says:

    SAS is losing all credibility, and this is why players dont like him.

  3. DameTaylorTV says:

    Stephen A. Smith is annoying af. I can’t stand this dude, never have been able to stand him and never will I ever be a SAS fan.

    Trash reporter.

  4. TheDreday410 says:

    SAS: “Any information they giving me has never, ever, ever been false”…….That’s a false statement right there

  5. Jakeem says:

    who the hell is Lebron showing his personal texts to? lmao this has to be a fabrication

  6. Rojelio Castro says:

    SAS back with the fake news smh quit controlling the narrative bro

  7. money makin' mitch says:

    funny how Stephen Smith thinks he knows more than actual NBA players

    • Raymil Campbell says:

      money makin’ mitch this so silly , most of the times he is wrong

    • Mo Jo says:

      He wasn’t wrong about SOuth Beach not one bit he wasn’t wrong about LBJ return to Cleveland 2for2 I’m going with Stephen at this point even if he is wrong ??

  8. iotaken says:


    • underrated deku says:

      Ben J why u acting like that thunder was trash. They beat everyone in the west

    • robby morton says:

      michael lee: Spoken like a Grown Man, and #facts….. And i like how you told the guy to KEEP IT CLEAN, that’s what i be trying to tell people, if ya wanna debate, then let’s do it, but just keep it clean, because at the end of the day we all are entitled to our own opinions. And you told the TRUTH about EVERYTHING!!!! #GoodStuffBro

    • robby morton says:

      Phan Nguyen: #BIGFACTS

    • robby morton says:

      Ben J: Would KD have gotten this Cavs team to the Finals???? #NuffSaid….

    • Matthew Bullock says:

      Lol Max is ridiculous. He has no shame.


    James needa be texting and teaming up with his barber

  10. Jose Martinez says:

    Who are his sources? kevin durant and Lebron James! lol

  11. Patrick star says:

    LeBron making himself look bad bro ???

  12. Brett Maverick says:

    BS story

    • POLONEEF on gta says:

      Brett Maverick yes.
      Soon as I seen title I thought fake news

    • POLONEEF on gta says:

      Alexis Mercado every championship anytime had a minimum of 2 all stars

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      Being favored in the Finals comes from who has a better record in the regular season. It has nothing to do with super teams.

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      Alexis Mercado – To add to that, the reason why he wasn’t favored was because his team didn’t have the best record. The Spurs and the Warriors had better records than those Heat and Cav’s teams. It was not because of who was on the team.

    • Fong says:

      Stephen A is full of shit. KD’s been on record saying his people don’t talk to Stephen A. lol… and Lebron’s been on record saying Stephen A. ain’t a real “reporter”.

  13. Ross Best says:

    Windhorst broke this weeks ago. Old news. Brian Windhorst said this 3weeks ago.

  14. TheSneakerRobot says:

    This dude Stephen A just be lying for no reason

  15. EyeCandyGalore says:

    I don’t believe Stephen a smith…name your sources or that shit is just rumors

  16. Alexander Mac says:

    KD is the Bill Russell of this era. Wilt was considered better however, Bill always bested him.

    • Arthur Glover says:

      Alexander Mac “KD the Bill Russell of this era” No….just no. KD ain’t even Larry Bird.

      None of these dudes would’ve joined the team that beat them while holding a 3-1 lead.

    • Arthur Glover says:

      Sam Smith exactly! Fuck wrong with this nigga?

    • Johnny Jones says:

      Alexander Mac tell me then what was KD winning before he joined a 73 win team?? Not shit?? take this L

    • Arthur Glover says:

      Ballin Too Your opinion is now irrelevant….you clearly don’t understand what made Bill Russell an all time great player.

      Smh, it’s best you keep your opinions to yourself for now on…..

    • robby morton says:


  17. Derrick Williamson says:

    LeBron is so soft its actually sickening to me . I mean this guy is just so soft its irritating! he has been joining super teams to win championships and you guys as sports commentators have been ignoring this fact for way to long . and the cold hard facts are LeBron James can not win a championship with out being on a team that is purposely souped up to win championships and you guys had the nerve to say he was even in the same state as Michael Jeffrey Jordan y’all need to go somewhere and slap the cowboy crap out of yourselves because LeBron was ibmn the same predicament that Jordan was in when he was in Cleveland the first time Michael Jordan needed 2 years to get past Detroit LeBron James lost the Conference Finals twice in Cleveland the same way but Michael Jordan being the extraordinary basketball player that he was chose to stay with the team he started with and by hooker truck he was going to win a championship and lo and behold he won three in a row the first time left for a whole year and a half play baseball came back and a year-and-a-half later one three more what did LeBron James do he went and joined a super team in Miami won two back to back but at the first sign of trouble he tucked his tail and ran to another super team in Cleveland with him love and Kyrie Irving and y’all talking about he makes players around him better . every player that left there respective teams averaging good points and three point percentages to come and play with LeBron there everything as far as ppg 3 point percentages and every thing else dropped dramatically and since when did making players better consist of him just driving to the hole and passing the ball out and telling them to shoot it ? I mean do you guys even know what it takes to make players better around you because for you guys to say that LeBron made players around him better it’s just Preposterous now you lying and the truth is not in you he makes everyone around him look bad

    • fernando terrazas says:

      Derrick Williamson nigga shut up

    • Linda Thompson says:

      Derrick Williamson shut the fuck up you dumb bitch Lies is all it is.

    • Brian Gore says:

      pj duque Magic and James Worthy were 30 and 32 in 1991 and both All Stars with young players around them. The 1998 Jazz beat Shaq and Kobe and Spurs with 2 superstars in Stockton and Malone. In 2010 Garnett and Allen were 34 and 35 and Pierce was 33. Cavs had home court advantage too. Bulls did not in 1998 vs Jazz. And Jordan NEVER lost a series with home court advantage like Lebron did twice in a row 2009 and 2010

    • rumple stilts says:

      1991 bulls

    • rumple stilts says:

      Exactly lebron didnt evn make playoffs 1st 2 yrs & the year he finally made the playoffs dwade was the finals mvp that year beating dallas the same team bron had biggest meltdown ever playing along side wade lol…. I say bron wld have 0 rings cus if ray allen dsnt hit that shot is over done period & if kyrie dsnt avrg 27ppg along side his 29ppg & hit clutch iso shot they dnt win & if bron isnt the 1st PLAYER to ever create a super team in miami he dsnt mk it, he wld literally have zero rings & 1 finals appearance (swept by spurs 07 finals) if none of these facts occured

  18. Warriors FC7 says:

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This story prob isn’t true, but if it is, it would be funny if KD stays with the Warriors and releases this text to the public ?

  19. Tony Hemetona says:

    Lebron James taking his talents to the Bay Area

  20. SC00P2O8 says:


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