Stephen A. Smith on the 2018 NBA All-Star Game: I give it an A | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith on the 2018 NBA All-Star Game: I give it an A | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith comments on the 2018 NBA All-Star Game saying I give it an A.

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75 Responses

  1. Swagg_ Kidd says:

    Stephen A Not Complaining For Once

  2. Amstro says:

    The only thing that was lacking was the televised draft. It’ll make the ASG a little bit more interesting.

  3. Courtney Ellis says:

    all star game was great bout time

  4. Legend Gaming says:

    I loved it….better then planning to give Anthony Davis 50 oops the game for MVP when Russ just goes out there and gets buckets

  5. King Wani says:

    I give it a A+

  6. Emerson Herndon says:

    Comparing the summer time to a 4 day break mid season is dumb as hell.

    • Tupac Shakur says:

      The Tick of the NFL is rigged what makes you think the NBA isn’t? Lmao

    • Ricky Webster says:

      Dude seriously Stephen isa moron.
      Obviously players try harder during summer, they trying to show the coaches what they can do. Trying to get more minutes better role etc.. the all Star game, they have nothing to prove, they already ALLSTARS!!!! 😂🙄

    • Ricky Webster says:

      VrQz Silent #MarkkanenROY you retarded bro.. You think they don’t get rusty? Nfl players play like shit after a couple weeks off.

    • Codey Codeine says:

      Ricky Webster these guy are all starts they gonna get the playing time and he is talking about the pick up games they play don’t no coaches be at them pickup games

    • Jose Martinez says:

      VrQz Silent #MarkkanenROY get rekted kid

  7. Fly Daddy says:

    Stephen A Smith, the A is for “Arener”

  8. DirkKobefan 24841 says:

    Very good game, got a little boring at times, but I like seeing them take pride in winning the game

  9. Mirmoney Bryant14 says:

    That Game was Good Holy Shit The All Star Game is finally Back

  10. BigPapi 2K says:

    Packing areners

  11. Ian Towsley says:

    I give Fergie an A+

  12. Keith Testaverde says:

    Let’s keep in mind how many 3s they missed and they still scored 150…

    • Riley Dinkleman says:

      I think on the possession stats, no team held the ball longer than 15 seconds. It got down to 9 seconds 1x lol. Team curry was sorta getting locked up but it’s the all stars… of course they guna score 150

    • Hunter Voelker says:

      I don’t think the nba had ever seen a time where they had so many great scorers, it’s bound to be a high scoring game when the very best players in the world play a game.

  13. Michael Lopez says:

    It was cool. No complaints. They’ll adjust and make corrections for yrs to come. Salute NBA, a real league with a real commissioner…

  14. Paul Quito says:

    I love how Max just blames Derozan and not curry who driblled too much and didn’t pass to an open Harden and Klay.. Derozan did cause a turnover which he should’ve dunked but its just not Derozan and even Harden shot a quick 3, luckily “Derozan” got the rebound.

  15. Mig1997 says:

    I Give that national anthem an L

  16. Jibriil Ali says:

    How did Derozan iso at the end? Curry passed it to him while two ppl were guarding him in the CORNER! What is he supposed to do? If anything curry not passing it to an open Harden made them lose, it wasn’t DeRozan fault

  17. ESPN says:

    What grade would you give it?

  18. Maria Kamara says:

    What needed to be graded was Fergie’s singing

  19. Lor Dj says:

    Curry and Harden played awful should’ve been benched the whole fourth quarter

  20. TheKeivan324102334 says:

    WOW MAX just did the Jordan “spacejam” reach to blame the raptors for Curry giving the ball to derozan with 2 seconds left ….

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