Stephen A. Smith: Warriors’ Game 6 win vs. Rockets was an ‘unbelievable show’ | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith: Warriors’ Game 6 win vs. Rockets was an ‘unbelievable show’ | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith reacts to the Golden State Warriors’ Game 6 win vs. the Houston Rockets, and says watching Klay Thompson and Steph Curry’s second-half performance was an “unbelievable show.”

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114 Responses

  1. Anne HBurn says:

    I’m still shocked Klay Thompson stepped up like that

  2. Trevel The Critic says:

    Game 7s in both conferences it’s lit!

  3. riqo steel says:


    • quintin alexander says:

      Migatte no Gokui Goku shut the fuck up

    • Anthony Schibilia says:

      Harden is trash

    • Notorious BleezyB says:

      Not really.

    • I'm Sweeping says:

      Nigga WHAT?? He meant even if CP3 did play the game was rigged for Warriors to win so they let CP3 sit out so he doesn’t further injure himself even more. Basically saying both series are rigged to go game 7 for ratings views & $$$. Most likely its gonna be Warriors vs Cavs because that will bring in in more ratings views & $$$. If not then the NBA wants Houston to be the face of the NBA now. But I doubt it. We will see what the NBA has it in for us fans of the NBA. Its all About $$$ Keep buying Jerseys & other merchandise keep buying tickets keep gambling on the games etc. In the end its rigged.

    • Riffin' Remmy says:

      riqo steel Why would you say that? Harden is still young and they played this series hard. Chris Paul will have at least 3 more seasons and Harden will have several more seasons. Golden State isn’t going to be this good for the rest of Hardens career…the team will eventually HAVE TO break up due to cap space issues, luxury tax on contracts…etc.

  4. Limo Driver says:

    0 x 4 is not 4 tho

  5. NzOakaNismo says:

    scored 25pts in the 2nd half my god

  6. Mico Johnson says:

    This guy just said 4×0 is 4…. Tf

  7. Rap Cypher says:

    Stephen A has SO much more energy when he talks about the Warriors winning

  8. KingNat says:

    “I’m everywhere, come on man.” He ain’t wrong though, I’m seeing this man everywhere he doesn’t sleep

  9. BootherJr says:

    Them refs were too obvious

    • Adolfo C. Rios says:

      I disagree with his comment but dislike yours. Don’t be a dick

    • Midwest Protagonist 7 says:

      Okay, the Warriors played great. Thompson was ELITE, I will give them that.
      But The 3rd qtr… lets just face it; the officials made it damn obvious they were not going to let the Rockets stay in the lead, and every opportunity those officials gave the Warriors; The Warriors gladly delivered and D’Antoni and The Rockets saw that and backed off and welcomed a game 7, so ends the lesson.

    • Terpenator says:

      BootherJr so the refs made me lose by almost 30 points? Lmao cmon maybe if it was a close game. This shit was a blow out!

    • Maurice Hodge says:

      Legitt Par the important calls not the pitty shit

    • Garryn Shafer says:

      Qronic lol here we go again with that Draymond should have been suspended in the OKC series which means KD more than likely wouldn’t even be on the warriors now. Which would have been so much better for the NBA.

  10. Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP says:

    Hey, Kobe. You might wanna make another ‘Detail’ episode on Klay Thompson so the Warriors lose..

  11. garyfiasco1 says:

    “Blitzkrieg” – great adjective

  12. MaxJuilien says:

    This is realistically Chris Paul’s best chance to win a ring. He HAS to come back and lead these boys to victory. Harden cant do it, he’s simply not a leader at this point.

  13. james moye says:

    I wish technology was good enough too officiate the games. Cause they hella rigged this shit

  14. RicoSuaVe says:

    All I know is i do not want to see another got damn Warriors/Cavs finals.

  15. surya says:

    Welcome to the klayoffs

  16. M2K - LEARN ALL THE 2K TRICKS says:

    We may never see another player like Klay Thompson who accepts being the 3rd option on a team when he can be the number 1 option on any other team and get wayyyyy more money.

    He is also Quite , Humble , Great Defender, EFFICIENT OFFENSIVELY and seems like an easy player to be coached by.

    • Jordan Dekker says:

      They all make a lot of money off the court. And if they’re smart, they go for as many rings as possible if they want to make the most money possible. And long term, they will make way more if they have a lot of rings and took pay cuts while they were in the league.

    • Adolfo C. Rios says:

      I love his d. But he can’t lead his own team till he works on his handle. But smith is right, kd needs to pass to Klay. Every catch and shoot Klay shot is better than a contested 3 from kd fading away.

    • Kevin Javier says:

      It’s easy to be humble when you get snakes to pull in chips in for you with your least efforts.

    • chris moss says:

      Yano LeBron?, I think u meant *Kyrie* dickrider

    • skills1ent says:


  17. Domtheguam Materne says:

    Ive been saying Klay Thompson was the real threat in this series…everytime you think that the Rockets are taking off here comes this calm shooting motherfucker with a 3 and then they act like he doesnt matter 😩😩😩

    • Ouonouan Désiré says:

      Eric Gordon is pretty much the same. What a crowd silencer

    • Big Poppa Botch says:

      Domtheguam Materne I’m a hardcore Warriors fan, and I never expect Klay to go big in consecutive games. Not to worry, the Warriors are an arsenal after all

    • Timo Cruz says:

      KD got bailed out. LBJ and MJ never got bailed out like that lol. Thats the real reason he went to GS, so when he choked other players could pick it up lol. Thats 3straight games under 40% shooting.

    • JSSTyger says:

      Agreed KD was frustrated to all H when the Rockets were dropping bombs in the first quarter and he was laying bricks. KD has a horrific game and the Warriors still beat the team with the best record by 25? Do you think the Cavs are beating Boston if LeBron has that kind of a game?

    • UI ssj2 gohan __ says:

      Timo Cruz lbj never got bailed out ? You don’t remember Ray Allen /kyrie 3?

  18. Jesus Segarra says:

    Klay Thompson was on fire this guy is a truly elite shooter, GS should give him the ball more in the game 7, and if he continue on fire, GS will win the series

  19. Doggie says:

    I’m a Warriors fan but I ain’t gon be cocky whoever wins this series deserved it….May the best team wins! Btw Dubs better keep that lockdown defense..Rockets one of the best scoring team this sesson didn’t even reached 90 pts gotta say i’m impressed damn!

    • אלכסנדר says:

      I agree and I’m a Warriors fan as well but without Iggy it will be very difficult to beat Houston. Durant will need to have 30, Curry 30 and Klay 30 in game 7.

    • Troy St Julien says:

      Simon you a sick person u prick dubs in 7 can’t see the rockets winning with cp3 that matter he won’t be 100 GSW ready

    • Travis Mannix says:

      Lol try naming 9 better then kd

    • Joel G. says:

      The warriors still need to get some of their shit together, Houston had a ton of turnovers and the a lot of the time the warriors didn’t punish them for that.

    • Kiah Slayed says:

      Simon Corona yall should b thanking the refs all that walking and fouling the rockets get away wit ie game 4 steph had 3 fouls in do 1st quarter yall lucky it should’ve ended last night

  20. ROB says:

    I swear the Warriors always come back from 20 point deficits. Seen this shit happen 100x 🤦🏾‍♂️

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